How to Install Shredlights to your Arc Boards Electric Skateboard

hi guys, i’m weide from the arc boards team today i am going to show you how to install the shredlights
onto the arc board or the arc aileron big shoutout, thanks to the shredlights team
it’s an awesome product made in USA, so if you want to have lights
on your electric skateboard your arcboard, arc aileron, please do get
them on our website have a look and check it out when you open the shredlights, the box, you have 3 lights
basically for the arc board, you have 2 front lights the black ones and the back light which is the red one
and of course you get the mounts for you to mount the light to the electric board itself what are the tools you need? you need a 3mm allen key which you can get
from most hardware stores and we need a skate tool, which is given in
the box itself what do you have to do? you just have to flip the board over how do the mounts work? the mounts are being attached to the front
trucks 2 mounts for the front truck and 1 for the
rear what to do with it? you have to unscrew one side of the truck first you just have to make sure the screw doesn’t move using an allen key and you turn (using
the skate tool) and detach the nut so you do one side at a time right now, we are doing the right side of
the truck, 2 screws, please unscrew them it takes some time right now, we’ve removed 2 screws (before you attach) make sure the wing is facing outwards, away from the truck itself you just have to place, align the round holes
onto the screw itself after you’re done put back the cap (the nut itself) the inner nut is a bit challenging so you
have to align it make sure it sits nicely after the mount is attached on you just have to tighten the nut so that is for one side for the other side, we do the same thing again (music plays) tadah it’s done for the (front) truck for the rear, for the arc board you will only have one rear mount
you attach this mount to the side that is away from the motor
away from the drive train same thing, remove the nut
using skate tool and allen key oops, butter fingers k, the next nut again the mount
install the wing outside, away from the truck and screw back the cap (the nut itself) tighten using the skate tool now that it’s done you can see
there are 3 mounts 2 mounts on the front and 1 on the back how do we actually install the lights onto the mount? for the rear (red light) you can see on the shredlights, there’s 2
slots, rubbery slots here what you have to do is … you have to align
the back first, pull the light and make sure the front slot is slotted in same thing for the front light oh, i forgot to mention!
… to charge the shred lights there’s a usb port here
we just use the usb cable given in the shredlights box to charge the light itself
so when it’s charging, there will be a red light similar for the front light slot the back first, pull it the other side alright it’s done! to (turn) on the shred lights, you just have
to press the button below you’re ready for the night ride alright, this is how you install the shredlights so hope you have fun skate fun life is short, let’s go!

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