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How to make 12V Battery Charger Urdu, Hindi & English CC DIY

How to make 12V Battery Charger Urdu, Hindi & English CC DIY

Best Channel in Electronics World. Subscribe Maaz Electronics and press bell button to get notification of new videos Assalam Alaikum , Hello Friends you are watching Maaz Electronics Friends if you didn’t subscribe and like our channel, please do now. Press Bell icon to get notification of videos. Benefit to press bell icon is that you’ll get
videos instantly. Today we bring in front of you 12V Charger. You can charge any 12V battery that use in daily basis, Car battery or motorcycle battery or any battery. Today i’ll tell you how to make 12V battery charger, how you can make it. What is require to make it. not difficult to make it, you can make it easily. i’ll tell you all in detail how you can make. if watch the video till end and follow all steps then you can make it perfectly. this charger not only for charging, you can run any product that use DC 12V current. you can turn on any DC 12V light. you can turn on China LED TV. you can turn on DC 12V air cooler. formula is the same for all transformers, you can make 3 ampere or 10 ampere charger. just change the transformer on ampere basis. Let’s start. First main thing you need a transformer. this transformer you need its power is 12+12 as you can see written also 12+12. below these wires are 5V or 12V current. i told you on my previous video. if you didn’t watch previous video of Transformer info and use. watch that video then you know which transformer is this. on top these 3 wires on secondary side. this is center tape transformer. in center ground wire and both side voltage wires. which transformer have center ground wire is called center tape transformer. which transform have not ground wire in center, that is not center tape transformer. after that you need 2 diode. you can use alt east 3 to 5 ampere. the current we are giving to transformer is AC 220V, diode convert it in to DC. very improtant to use Diode because all 12V is use DC current to charge or operate. you need this capacitor. at least use 35V capcaitor. as you can see value is written, 3300UF and 35V. if you use capacitor below the value from 35V , then it cause accident, on low and high current. use capacitor high capacity in UF, because your DC voltage convert from pulsating to pure DC. if your voltage is pure DC, then it is good for battery charging and goof to run appliance on DC current. after that you need battery clip. these are 12V battery clips to attach with battery terminal. you cannot charge battery without these clips. because cable cannot solder on battery terminal. to catch the terminal need these clip. the clip grip the battery and then you can charge easily. you need AC 220V wire. you can take any cable who have plug and at least 1 or 1.5 meter in length. plug side insert in electricity socket and other attach with transformer. you need this wire at least 1 or 1.5 feet long. one side attach where transformer giving DC volt, and other side attach the battery clip. after that this will be your 12V cable to charge the battery. i’ll show you now how to do wiring. fist we solder the diode on both voltage wire of transformer. this is diode, before attach diode you should know which side is positive and which side negative. the white grey line you see its negative side. without line positive side. from here you voltage in and from here voltage out. solder positive side with wires of transformer. for 2nd diode do same. solder both diode done. cut the extra wire of diode. joint both diode together. after solder both diode this wire is our DC positive. and this negative wire is DC negative. on both cables joint capacitor. this white line side is negative. where line is not, positive side. if we see the wire more in length is positive and other is negative. joint capacitor positive with transformer positive and negative with negative. after joint, solder it. we did soldering. after that let’s check the all wiring we did is working or not. now check the voltage from meter. attach meter positive terminal with positive wire. and negative with negative. as you can see the meter. this transformer giving voltage between 13 to 14. we select the DC in our meter so transformer is giving DC current. after that we do more wiring. attach this wire side with transformer. other side with battery terminal to attach the battery. peel of the wire and solder it. wire have red indication line solder it with positive. other side of cable peel of. then red induction wire attach with red terminal positive. after that black clip joint with negative wire. we make both these terminal. attach transformer with AC 220V. let’s test battery charging or not ? to charging we need any 12V battery. as you can see we have this battery 12V , 7.2 ampere. for check voltage we use volt meter. while charging voltage should increase. with this club meter we check ampere. to see that battery getting ampere or not and how much ampere getting. first positive clip attach with battery positive terminal. negative clip with negative terminal. after that attach voltage meter with battery terminal. now you can see voltage 13. now turn on the transformer, see voltage increasing or not? as we turn on the transformer voltage increasing continuous. transformer charging the battery. now check the ampere how much battery getting. first choose DC, then see. check ampere from positive wire. as we can see it taking 0.53 ampere. it taking half ampere. battery is near to charge, as you can see voltage 14.50. that’s mean battery is getting ampere low, if battery is low then battery take 3 ampere. because we are using 3 ampere transformer. i’ll show you the ampere while short the wires. now attach both terminals. it is giving 4.5 ampere. it’s mean giving 4.5 ampere complete. you can charge from 7 ampere to 25 ampere battery. you can run also appliance that use DC 12V. after make it , you can fix in any empty box to avoid from children and short circuit. hope you like this video. please like share and comment, so we bring good videos to you. thanks to watch. please subscribe ” Maaz Electronics ”


Maaz Bhai 45 amp ki battery charge kartay waqat transformer bohat garam ho jata hai. jal to nahi jayey ga. Any solution?????

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