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How to make a DIY Longboard

How to make a DIY Longboard

Randomly found your channel and I love your work, how are you not bigger?!

Also I could swear I recognize that bg music but my thoughts just keep dragon on….

does it have flex tho. longboards need flex
also she is really unnatural talking to the camera, talks fast and robotic like she’s reciting a speech. not natural, breaks the 4th wall

your Longboard looks awesome and you did amazing job there no like design and create own fabulous longboard
enjoy your ride pal :-))))

This is how *not to make a longboard. There will be absolutely no flex or contour in the deck with this fabrication method. It will also be very difficult to carve or even take the board over bumps because of the lack of flex.

When you put on griptape, you take of the non sticky paper from the griptape and place it on your griptape. You won't ruin your hands while rubbing it down this way.

My personal favorites are/were "Churchill RKP" trucks. They are still sold by Funbox Distribution, though I don't think they are called "Churchill" anymore. They are very low priced, but very strong and more cleanly finished than most. I have beat the snot out of them for years now, they are tough.

I would advise (in all my infinite wisdom granted by the YouTube comment gods) that you use spacers and "speed rings," or use a set of "built in" bearings (Zealous brand are my favorites) to give maximum alignment/speed capabilities for the bearings.

I only have one thing to say on how to improve the board. Instead of clear grip tape, go to your local marine/surf shop and buy some surfboard resin. Mix the 2 part resin, spread a thin coat on the top of the board (after masking off the sides), let it dry for 5-10 mins then get yourself some coarse white sand and sprinkle it on top. Too thick of a layer will take forever to dry and the sand will sink to the bottom and be non effective. This is also why you let the surface dry a bit before putting the sand on, it will help it stay on the surface. Epoxy/sand will be more effective, more durable, and your wood or image on the top of the boards will be clear as day

There is (same company) a spray that is waterproof and U.V. proof. I use it for outdoor furniture. Looks almost exactly the same as the satin poly just a little thicker. Good build. Referencing for a custom for my son.

im not a huge longboarder but im pretty sure you put the trucks on backwards, it supposed to be opposite from a skateboard, just an fyi

Aesthetically its really nice. Not very practical because its is just single ply lumber but its a cool wall piece. Also the grip job killed me inside.

Awesome video! If you add bearing spacers to your wheel set up, you can properly tighten the axle nuts all the way, it fixes the issue of overtightening the nuts and also creates the proper space for your bearings and they will ride better and last longer. Try it out, be amazed and keep making riding!

Looks great. Reminds me of my first longboard. I do think this one would be better on the wall. That's because board does nothing. It literally is a board with wheels and I don't like a rigid board like that.
But like I said, it looks great, anyone would be lucky to have it decorating one of their walls. 🤘🏼🤘🏼

Beautiful job, I love my gullwings too, they turn on a dime and look trippy because they look like they go on backwards due to the double turn, they sit a little high though (especially for someone who has never ridden a board before) and you probably have room to sink them into the that deck a few millimetres, it'd make a big difference to the ride as long as you avoid wheel bite and should due to the shape you've chosen, love your work and think I might give one a go myself, I have a couple of long boards, but never made one from scratch, thanks for the inspiration!

looks cool but how well is that glue gonna hold together? seems like it's gonna snap down the center after a few rides.

im not a skateboarder by any means, but i do wear all the brands and like the thought of skateboarding. I just built my own skateboard last night and the finished product looks great i believe, I wanted to come here and learn what it would take to actually build one. I'm excited.

Yeah, its nice all this material to have a so thick skateboard that is probably really heavy. I wish you used all of your tools to carve in some concave. Its looking good though.

I guess I could do this next year for an elective class if I like Wood Tech this year

You forgot to put bushings inbetween the bearings.. that is why the wheels bind if you overtighten them..

The music and the intro are so annoying and cheesy, it looked like a really cool video but I couldnt go past the intro. I’m not leaving this comment out of hate but as a creator you might be wondering why people leave at certain time frames. You might be losing possible subs because of that, you do cool stuff

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