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How to make a hoverboard | Do Try This At Home | We The Curious

How to make a hoverboard | Do Try This At Home | We The Curious

The 21st of October 2015 is an important date
in the history of time travel, because that is when Marty McFly goes back to the future
in Doc Brown’s flying Delorian. Now, we may not have flying cars or self-drying
jackets yet, but hoverboards… they are very real. Companies like Hendo and Lexus have
made some impressive prototypes which utilise magnets and quantum levitation.
And if you haven’t seen quantum levitation before, then check out this mind-blowing video
from our friends at the Royal Institution. But what if you want to make your own hoverboard
at home? Well, to make a miniature one all you’ll need is an old CD, a sports bottle
top, plasticine and a balloon. Stick a ring of plasticine around the hole
in the centre of the CD and push the bottle cap on top, making a tight seal.
Inflate the balloon and place it over the closed bottle top. We’ve added a customised
hoverboard design to our CD, check the video description to download a free template. Now
you’re ready to hover! Place the CD on a flat surface, pull the bottle
cap open and give it a little push. As the balloon deflates, it creates a cushion
of air below the CD. The CD floats on top this air, hovering above the surface.
Because our mini-hoverboard is gliding on a layer of air, there’s no friction between
it and the floor, meaning it can travel much further. I wonder… could we make this big enough
to ride? Do you think we could take our hovercraft out
on the road? Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need
roads! If you enjoyed this video, hit the like button,
share it around and click on my mini hoverboard to subscribe. Check the video description
for a link to download the hoverboard template. And if we’ve inspired you to try some science
at home, send us your pictures and videos on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks for watching! It creats a cushion of air below the CD… Aww what!? [Laughing]


This is MARVELLOUS!! Love the snazzy post prod and all!! A great make at home one and the giant one was spectacular. Good work folks!!

Please tell me where you got your leafblower… when I asked the man in the garden centre if he had any leaf blowers that could fold the 4th dimension through the 5th he just looked at me as if I was mental.

excuse me but self drying jackets do exist there was a Kickstarter on it, power laces do exist. as far as hover boards they do but they don't exist, the hendo is not exactly it, as far as the Lexus that's not it either and until there is a standalone fully functional hover board that we all have dreamed of you're just wasting your money.

as far as hover boards, at this point they are just a work of science. we all wished by now that we would have hover boards that we can go to Toys R Us or any toy store and buy one right? just hang tight something more tangible is in the works no further comment.

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