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How to Make a Land Paddle With No Tools

How to Make a Land Paddle With No Tools

Hey, hey! I just wanted to make a short
video about how I made my Kahuna stick because obviously my long-board, as you
see, is very wide and very long. So it’s hard to push.
So a kahuna stick is pretty much necessary with this one. I looked online and
they are ridiculously expensive – like $140 and I think that’s insane. So I decided to
try to make my own – but I had a lot of struggles along the way. I wanted to make a
video to help people out if you are interested in making your own for cheap
with no hassles. Here we go! Alright, so I used one inch PVC pipe. To me, the
one inch has enough flex, but is firm enough to give me a good push. So I think it’s
perfect for a land paddle or a kahuna stick – whatever you want to call it. When, how I
measured it – pretty much until it was comfortable. Make sure you’re on your
board when you’re measuring the height. Mine, personally, comes up to my
shoulder before the tip and the bottom are on So for the handle, you can just use a
t-joint. Make sure that it is one inch as well – so it will fit on. I used
PVC glue, but you can probably use any kind of plastic glue to keep it on there
because you definitely don’t want it falling off when you’re using it. So for
the tip, if you have ever tried to make a kahuna stick I know, for a fact, that this
was your biggest issue. It was my biggest issue as well. I tried everything – so many
different things and nothing worked. The only thing that did work is a dog Kong. I’m
not sure this is smal, medium or large, but I’ll put, I’ll find out and I’ll put
a link in the description. But this fits onto the end
absolutely perfectly – the one inch PVC. I’ll be honest, it’s hard to get on – you
have to force it. But once it is on, it is on.
It’s sturdy and you don’t feel like it’s going to fall off. It has never, in the two
years that I’ve been using it, it has never fallen off. It took me probably 45
minutes to get it off of the pipe so I can change out the – to take the whole thing
apart. I took it apart because usually my PVC pipe is not showing – usually I have
contact paper around it or some kind of tape.
I am currently going to switch to kind of like a faux wood and see how that
looks. I will put, I’ll post a picture of it when
I’m done – I will try to anyway. But I hope this video helped… and happy long-boarding!


Sweet job, doing similar but with fibreglass rake handle. Keep skating, BTW did you buy the Hamboard? If not then look at these funny looking boards Onda Longa. My kids just got me one for my 52nd borthday, been riding my own home made invention but gotta say that this thing is a blast and very cost effective, couldn't buy a set of decent wheels for the same price.

I use two ball shape kongs on each end of an 8 foot long bamboo pole and paddle kayak style as well as wheel bite or paddle bite with that board.

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