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How to Make a USB LED Light / Lamp at Home

How to Make a USB LED Light / Lamp at Home

If LED gets too much hot, then use 5 Ω resistor in series For more creative videos – go to end of video


hello bro how are you ap sy thri infrmtn leni thi k ye jo ap ne kight bani he ye me ne bi bnai he lekn cel me nai chal rahi

this is nice but they will burn out if you use a usb port that gives more than standard 500mah current.(1-3A usb charger for example) white 1w leds need 3-4.2V and max ~200-300mah each. you need a resistor if you give them higher voltage. putting 2 of them in parallel like this would divide 500mah so they would work fine on 500mah port, until either one fails. if one fails, the other will burn out too. but if you put a resistor it would be safer.
If you dont want to use resistors and also don't want to risk your leds, RED LEDs can work without resistor on usb if you connect 2 them in series. they need 2-3V each so 4.5-5.2 usb is perfect without resisitor. you can't make this with white leds since they would need 6-8.4V in series. but you can put 4 white leds in series on car battery. the work fine between 12-16.8V.

great work, congo…
but two things
1. these led's need a heat sink to run constant for hours, or else this will burn. attached the led's to thermocol, this led's produce a considerable heat at 3.7 volts coz these are 3 volt led, and at that heat the thermocol will collapse.
but the process is all very good keep on with your experiments, best of luck.

Tengo una pregunta.. estube averiguando.. y los led de 1 watt trabajan con un voltaje aproximado de 3,6 v a 350mah.. los conectaste en paralelo.. probaste enchufarlos a un powerbank?? no se quemaron?

Brother I would like appreciate you for your efforts amazing stuff, hopefully your various ideas may help some poor and needy who cant offord. Great Keep it up make it easy as you do…

wow man this was awesome . Thanks for the video I am gonna make one for me…

BDW which led do we have to use

This USB led light is amazing but I think  you can also use a magnifying lens to make it brighter it is better than only aluminium foil….

Hello , I wonder if instead I connect the cable from the point with the LEDs would be to put a switch ? and what and what kind of special glue you use ? just to take curiosity , and loved this your project.

please ans sir..u hv used thermocol and plastic but sir with a constant use of lamp it produce a high level of heat to burn the thermocol and melt the plastic…please explain…i want to gohead shall i ??? or there is a best alternative to be on tge safe side

Hi , your video is very nice. LEDs are very heat with in seconds , how much ohms resister is need for this.?

Wow how creative you are! Using just recycled/cheap materials you build an awesome items. Good job to your team! 😀

sir meri to ek hi led jal rahi he …kya everedy cel she check nahi hoti he kya ye sahi he ya kharab …kyu ki mene check ki thi to to ek b nahi jal rahi thi…plz ans…ek led kyu jal rahi thi ya use check kese karu..

Hey Awesome LED light I have also maked a video on How to make a USB led light
Please check it out i hope you will really like it 🙂

can we devide the current of the usb into two paths and make both usb fan and light using one usb? someone please answer

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