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How To Make An Air Pump | മീനുകൾ ഇനി തുള്ളിച്ചാടും | M4 Tech |

How To Make An Air Pump | മീനുകൾ ഇനി തുള്ളിച്ചാടും | M4 Tech |

Hi friends. Welcome to M4tech. Today we are going to make using the aquarium globe we have at home. The fishes in it die when the oxygen is less in it. So we are going to see how to make an oxygen filter at home using a syringe. So lets move to our video Friends. We first need a motor which is 300RPM that works on 12V motor. These are cycle rim strings. First lets push on string into the motor shaft and tighten it with the head of another string Use a plier to tighten it as much as possible. After that we have to bend it. Its not as easy as bending a normal wire or string. You have to use a plier and use force over it to bend it. From 5cms cut it and discard the rest of it. Now we have to use 2 strings. Always store few extra strings with you while doing this. Use a plier and swirl it like this. We have swirled one over the other. Now cut off the rest of this string. Cut it at this point I am using a plier for this. Only if you have a sharp plier, you can cut a cycles rim and other hard objects Bend at 2cms from the cut portion just like I have done. Insert a head into the shaft that we had made earlier. Glue it in such a way that it stays there and then lock it using another head. Glue it and stick it. Now after that it might spread. So to avoid that rotate this for around 10 seconds. Next we need a wooden piece which is around 20cms. To place our mini motor we shall stick a small wooden piece over it. I am using fevi quick here. You can use super glue or any gum I have drilled and made a hole here. Thats to place and fix our motor easily over the wooden piece. You can screw or glue it. Its upto your ideas. Make sure this is rotating comfortably. Only then move to the next step. Next take a big syringe. There will be 3 layers on the rubber washer. Leave one layer there and cut off the other two thick layers. So use a very sharp blade for this and cut it carefully We have cut the two layers and now we have only 1 layer. We have cut it off so that it moves easily inside the tube. Now remove the bush and make a hole in the tube like how I am doing. We will be using the valve tube like we use in a cycle. The hole should be suitable to insert the valve tube in it. After that insert it like this and make another hole That should be in front of the tube. Now we are inserting the screw part of the valve tube.Before we had inserted the head part. Make sure the holes are of correct size. Only then it will remain air tight. We will anyways be applying glue. First we have to fill glue inside the syringe nose and close it. After that apply glue around the valves that we had inserted. The valves should be airtight. Its not necessary you should have a glue gun. You can use araldite too. Glue gun is also fine. Air will not pass through this with much pressure. Air will enter through the valve we have inserted above and the air is released through the bottom valve Only that much of working happens in the tube Now we need a piece of cotton bud to fix with our lever. You can even use a refill Apply some glue on the syringe lever and place the piece of bud on it and stick it. Now the syringe has to be fixed onto the wooden piece. Before that we should insert the shaft inside the bud piece See how smoothly it is rotating. You can hear the sound of the air that is being released. Now we should stick the syringe to the wooden piece. Stick a small platform of wood on the other wood We have stuck a small piece of wood on the big wood. Use more glue over the small wooden piece Before the glue dries, place the syringe over it and press it well Let this dry well Once it has dried we have to give current to it. We have to apply voltage to it I have taken a 12V female port of an adapter. Connect the wire to it using a soldering machine. Now the wires are soldered. Now lets place the female port over the wooden piece. In such a way that it doesnt move from its place. Now the filter work is done. I have taken a 12V adapter to work it out now. Lets connect this to the female port. When you connect it to current it works like this. When the filter is working air is released here. To see that look here I have used the tube and head that we use for oxygen in aquariums That should be connected to the valve tube. After that switch it on When you insert this to the aquarium you can see bubbles coming. Hope all of you have liked this video If you liked the video do press like or else dislike Do send us your suggestions and feedback. Now its christmas thats coming. You have any ideas, post them in the comment box We shall accept good ideas from that Dont forget to subscribe to M4Tech if you havent Along with our camera man Praveen its me Geo Joseph signing out.


Are you an engineering graduate or more than that…im a telugu person i can't understand the language but i do keep watching even i doonno why…and all the best,Your videos are awesome.😊

ഇത് തന്നെയല്ലേ നോർമൽ അക്യുവെറിയം എയർ പമ്പും 😉


আপনারা এই ভিডিওতে যে মোটরটি ব্যবহার করছেন সেই মোটর কোথায় কিনতে পাব তা পিলিজ লিখে পাঠাবেন।

ഞാൻ ഒരു ഫാൻ ആണ് പക്ഷെ വീഡിയോയുടെ ഇടക്കുള്ള പരസ്യം ഒഴുവാക്കിയാൽ നന്നായിരുന്നു I am ollvays like you👍👍 അടുത്ത തവണ പരസ്യം ഒഴുവാക്ക് അത് നന്നാവും m4 tech

Hahaha "hi friens banana-mungah thingy-tinny-bing-bong-pow licka-ma-potata" The End 😂😂😂

ചേട്ടാ ഈ എയർ പമ്പ് pravin മച്ചാന്റെ ഗോൾഡ് ഫിഷിന് കൊടുത്തോ😃😃

Oxygente അളവ് കുറക്കാൻ മീനെ വില്ക്കുന്ന കടയിൽ ചോദിച്ചാൽ മതി

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ശബ്ദം സഹിക്ക വയ്യാതെ മീന്‍ ആത്മഹത്യ ചെയ്യുമോ?

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You are doing nice. Keep it up bro.

But I feel cost wise buying from shop itself will be cheaper…

Will be more reliable too

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