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How to make an Old School Skateboard

How to make an Old School Skateboard

Hey Guys, It’s Mike from The Geek Pub! And
Connor! We’re going to show you how to make an old school skateboard, right in your garage! In the old days, you couldn’t just drive dive
to your local big box store and buy a skateboard. You had make your own! To make our old school skateboard we’ll need
a roller skate and a piece of scrap lumber. In this case, oak. Look for an old roller
skate at an antique mall, and try to find one with good bearings. On piece of paper larger than our board, draw
a design for your skateboard. It can literally be any shape you want, so have fun with it.
Only draw half of it though, because we’ll flip it to make the other side. Now, cut out the half pattern carefully using
some sharp scissors or a knife. Find the exact center and then draw a line
down the center of the board. We’ll use this line and a piece of tape to
attach our paper template to the board. Then using a pencil, carefully trace the paper
pattern onto one half of the oak board. When you’re finished, carefully turn the board
around and flip the pattern over. You can then trace an exact mirror image of our pattern
on the second half. Now using a scroll, band or jigsaw, cut out
the pattern from the oak plank. Take your time and go slow, but don’t worry too much
about accuracy here. Just cut about 1/8″ to the outside of line
to leave room for sanding and clean up work. Using a belt sander, gently sand the board
to the template lines. You’ll also want to use this opportunity to
gently round all of the sharp corners. If you want a nice look, it’s really important
to take your time and slowly refine the pattern. Using a router with a round-over bit take
the edges off of the board. You’ll want to flip the board, and round-over the bottom
side too for a really clean look. Then gently hand sand the whole board. And after a little paint and stain of your
choosing your board should look something like this. Now take that old roller skate and remove
the plate and trucks from the bottom of it. It should just be 4 lock-nuts or similar.
Once you’ve removed it from the shoe, remove the trucks from the plate. Put it into a bench vice and cut the center
section of the plate, but don’t cut into any of the supports or slots for the trucks. Then
remove any burs or sharp edges using a standard bench grinder and wire wheel. To attach our newly halved plates to the board,
we’re going to need two addition screw holes on each one, so drill those out using a drill
press. Mark and pre-drill 8 holes on the bottom side
of our board. Then using some large pan-head screws attach the plate sections tightly,
but be careful not to strip out the oak board. Finally, reattach the trucks to the plates,
and that’s it! You’ve got your very own old school skateboard! and Connor can’t wait to
try it out! Well that’s it for this episode. If you liked
this video, please like, subscribe and comment below if you have an idea for a future project!


it doesn't really work that well, I did mine about 7 years ago I think, exactly the same, thing is, if you're using a plank like the one in the video the board will break really fast. You won't be able to jump or do anything except riding it. I broke mine in one afternoon after doing a boneless on flat ground

The funny thing about this is that no normal person has that many tools, personally my family doesn't make things at home a lot

thats not old school thats a crueser. theres a big difference between cruisers and old school skateboards. old school skateboards are skateboards from the 80s to early 90s. any skateboard that is older then 1983 or so is a crueser hence that would be a crueser board.

Im defently going to take some tips of this video but I've just one question what tools would the do all of there cutting and drilling with because I guarantee that most skaters back then won't of have an electric drill and a router

I'm not hating just wondering because I really like this sort of 70s to 90s skate history

Or you can just buy a Santa Cruz mini longboard on Amazon for 50$ instead of getting a old roller skate and all those power tools.

im from the philippines and i want some skateboard or penny board but i dont have any money!? :(( sadd

me and my dad took ceder and birch and cut them into 1inch wide strips glued them to gether for the bord could u do that dor a vid plz

should use some powerful glue along with the screws. To hold the wheel section to the board.

Better yet use through bolts, washers and nuts instead if screws. screws will eventually wear out the holes they are drilled into.

Cool,In order to make an old school board,first u have to have all of these machine and of course a capable hand.But not am I.I would rather buy an Ancheer cruiser board on Amazon directly.A good deal.

The main problems are: The width of hanger truck is too small that makes the board wubble on fast speed and also you can't turn well. the deck has no layers so that can easily break. also the bearings are crappy

But it is better than nothing

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