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How to Make Prison Style Sweet and Sour Pork With Andy Roy

How to Make Prison Style Sweet and Sour Pork With Andy Roy

[NOISE] 500 club dude,
that yeah, that was the, like where
all the skaters went back in the 90s and stuff. We all walked in there,
and this English dude was like, man,
you guys faggots? And we’re like, what? What are you guys
talking about? What?
What are you talking about? And oh man, you guys
are like faggot, and he just kept
laying into us. You’re like what? And I just kept drinking,
I’m like [BLEEP], I’m gonna get this dude. And I finished
my beer and I stuffed the bottle
right here. And I was like, what’s
up, do you wanna go? We’ll go take care of
this down the street. And he’s like, all right. So we walked outside and
I was ahead of him. I’m walking and I heard him all, I heard
footsteps like that. He was gonna come up and
get me from behind, so I pulled the,
the bottle out and cracked him right in the,
in the, in the face. [MUSIC] Hi, my name is Andy Roy
and today we’re gonna be cooking up sweet and
sour pork, or it’s my version of sweet
and sour pork that we make when when I was
locked up in jail prison. You get bored of stuff
that you eat in there. It’s the same shit
every day, so you try to come up
with anything you can. We’ve got our pork rind,
we’ve got our meat longs. We’ll cut these up. Cherry kool-aid, and this is gonna give it
the sweetness right here. You’ve got Sriracha,
it adds good value. Pop Ramen,
$4.20 in prison for a case of Pop Ramen in
jail you always hear this all day long. [SOUND] See,
we’re breaking them up. All day long,
you’ll hear this. [SOUND] Okay, so then
we’ve got our meat logs. We’ll cut these up. Eat, eat, eat, that’s all
there is to do in there. Tattoo, eat,
cause a ruckus, jack off. I got free teeth. Free teeth from going to
prison and, and tattoo. They the last time
I went they’re all. You could get a year and a half drug court, or
16 months in prison. I’m gonna get me 16
months in prison. I’m gonna go get some
free teeth, and tattoos. Okay, I’m gonna throw
these Pop Ramen’s in. Oh. We got a brew? Can I get a beer?>>[INAUDIBLE].>>Tecate. Would anyone like one?>>Sure.
>>Bam up. There you go. This is something
that we don’t get in there, you know? So this is a little, a
little bonus right here. Yeah, we’re good. Noodles are going. This is the only think I
know how to cook, too. I know how to make
peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese,
this sweet and sour pork. It’s soup. Smash ’em up a little
bit like that. Okay. Meat logs in here. And we’re gonna add
a little bit of Sriracha, just a little
bit in there. Sweet and sour pork,
where are you at? Right here in
the kitchen. Cuz I haven’t made this
stuff in a long time, you guys, so. [NOISE] It’s
kinda gnarly.>>[LAUGH].>>I dunno,
what you guys wanna do. Hey taste it,
taste it you guys. Here.
Just come in here, it’s gnarly. [NOISE] Huh,
you almost threw up. Rad! This will make you
not wanna go to jail right here. You the, you know,
what I mean? Should we give it
to some bum then? Okay, let’s go. Oh my feet are still
all [BLEEP]. [NOISE] This is
a lot of weight man. This will keep you full. Hey you hungry? Sweet and sour pork?>>Someone is
gonna want this.>>I could write
something on it and make it look like it came from an actual
Chinese restaurant.>>Awesome.
>>Hey, hey, come here come here. Whoa, I almost
dropped it. One bite, just one bite. I’ll take a bite
with you. There’s nothing wrong,
it ain’t like that.>>It’s got too
much Kool-Aid, huh?>>[LAUGH].>>Right here. Come here homie. Stop. You hungry? Sweet and sour pork,
it’s gel style. I made it. Good, huh? Gr, here.>>Some people say I’m a,
I’m a Bruce Willis son.>>You,
you’re Bruce Willis, you look like
Bruce Willis’s son.>>You took me a picture. Look, look, look.>>Yeah, yeah. Will you take a bite and
try it? Are you sure? You’re thugging dude. You’re thug. Hey look at that, look at that gangster
walk right there. Look at that. That’s a gangster. Mm-mm. Come on, man. Take a bite. Take a bite. Will you take a bite and just tell me how
you like it? See, it’s good, huh? Now you got protein. You’re gonna be
on it today. You’re gonna get
lucky today. From one to ten what,
what do I get.>>I don’t wanna look
man and that’s it.>>Worry about the food,
what do I get, from one to ten?>>I’ll give it a cool
seven and a half.>>Would you like to try
some sweet and sour pork? Can’t do it. If we had some chicks
though, you’d be like, I’ll quit right now.>>Hey, bitch, you better
point that [BLEEP] off! [INAUDIBLE].>>What? Huh? Hey, til next time. [NOISE] All these dudes
when to the brewery and got a case of like these
beers, and they’re warm. Well we’re drinking
on our way to Canada. And Joey Torchet
was with us. And I had to take
a piss super bad and I [BLEEP] peed in one of
the beer things, right? I filled it all the way
to the top, perfect, and I put the cap back on and Joey goes, hey man,
pass me a beer Eddie. I’m all, I got you. And he grabs it and
he’s all that’s warm. I’m all, Joey,
they’re all warm, and he drinks it. And spits it out dude. Our new thing now is to
light each other on fire. We’re going on,
on tour now and just lighting each
other on fire.


He is using the wrong kind of koolaid. You need to use the one with sugar premixed into it. The one he's using has no sugar so it's super sour.

If you make all the pieces smaller, leave out the siracha, use better chips, use less hot water, and wrap it all in a chip bag to steam, it tastes way better.

Prison food? Yeah right, fuck off. If it doesn't contain hair, blood, semen, roaches, spit, you can't compare it.

This man probably been through so much he just not scared of anything anymore judging by the way he talks and act which is great tbh, a great way to be happy is just to not give a fuck

Koolaid don't work unless you tryin color ur noodles ….we use prison koolaid cuz they already sweetened

I remember flipping the fuck out when he got his teeth. Me and all my skater homies couldnt believe it, a toothed Andy!

Andy that s&s pork would of been good, but those coolaids don’t have the sugar in it like jail tubs. If you had added sugar it’s would of been bomb

Why tf would you use that many Kool aid packets. One packet makes an entire pitcher of kool aid that stuff is extremely concentrated no wonder it was terrible 🤣

A lot less kool aid powder and this is a great recipe i made it just like in the video just use 1 packet of the stuff and add alot more sriracha

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