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How to make Spot Welder at home Urdu, Hindi & English CC DIY

How to make Spot Welder at home Urdu, Hindi & English CC DIY

Best Channel in Electronics World. Subscribe Maaz Electronics and press bell button to get notification of new videos Assalam Alaikum , Hello Friends you are watching Maaz Electronics Friends if you didn’t subscribe and like our channel, please do now. Press Bell icon to get notification of videos. Benefit to press bell icon is that you’ll get
videos instantly. Today i bring in front of you ” Spot Welder ” How can you make it at home. I’ll tell you bout it what is for ? where it use ? Spot Welder mostly use for welding. With little spot you can weld any thing made of iron. If you want to weld Lithium Cell nickle plate. You can weld it. Anything at home made of iron like Knife or scissor
you can weld. in very easy steps. In Pakistan not any YouTube channel made it before. Today i’ll teach you in detail to make Spot Welder. Let’s Start. Firstly you need Microwave Oven Transformer. It is Oven Transformer you can get from any oven. Small or Big Transformer Doesn’t Matter. Important is it should be of Oven. To make Spot Welder. You need 8mm fibre Copper Wire. You can purchase from any auto Store. or from any auto electrition. Wire should be 8mm and in copper. You need thimble, to attach cable with transformer and button. You need Copper thick cables This is winding wire. You can purchase from any electrical store. You need 12V, 1 Ampere Charger. To operate Relay timer circuit. You need Relay Timer Circuit You can purchase from any Electronics Store. with this relay circuit we do turn on and turn off transformer. You need terminal block. it should be minimum 30, 40 or 50 ampere. As much higher in ampere best for this project. You need push button. to turn off and on transformer. i’ll show you how to make it. In start, we need to know about transformer winding. which is primary winding and which is secondary wiring. This is primary Winding. when you put out transformer from oven, you know then about which is primary and secondary. These are two termainl of AC 220V, this is
primary winding. Now we cut the secondary winding. put out all secondary winding. see how it be done. ♪ ♪ Royalty Free Music Playing ♪ ♪ see we cut the all wire secondary winding. we have to put out all wire caught in this. ♪ ♪ Royalty Free Music Playing ♪ ♪ as you can see after hard work we remove all
secondary winding. So now we put 8mm wire at the place of secondary winding. minimum 2 turn should be done. i’ll show you how this is 8mm wire i’ll put in like this in one side. put out wire 7 inch then do turn again. you need wire at least 1 meter or little bit more from it. because of the easiness. ♪ ♪ Royalty Free Music Playing ♪ ♪ Now turn again from other side like this. ♪ ♪ Royalty Free Music Playing ♪ ♪ see we did it, now this wire both points come outside like this. then we have to do total wiring and run it. first attach AC 220V wire with transformer. after that on electricity. now you can listen the voice of transformer running. i’ll show you the spark it is working or not. “Spark” as you see now transformer is working good. so now we have to do all fitting. put aside transformer for a while. for all fitting need a box in which we put
transformer and things. you can use any box, here i am using computer power supply box. all circuit put out from this supply box. now we fit the transformer in the box. and so all wiring in it. don’t need fan, so put out. ♪ ♪ Royalty Free Music Playing ♪ ♪ here is button who change the voltage from 220 to 110. put it out also. ♪ ♪ Royalty Free Music Playing ♪ ♪ now computer power supply box is total empty. now put in the transformer. see we fit the transformer in it. we have to do 4 holes to tight the transformer in body. first mark for holes. ♪ ♪ Royalty Free Music Playing ♪ ♪ we didn’t make the holes as per given in transformer we do holes as per our requirement. ♪ ♪ Royalty Free Music Playing ♪ ♪ we did all 4 holes in transformer. so we tight the transformer into our empty body. ♪ ♪ Royalty Free Music Playing ♪ ♪ we did 4 holes in body. now tight the transformer in it. ♪ ♪ Royalty Free Music Playing ♪ ♪ we did tight the transformer in body. after this we do 2 holes here. for cables to come out. you need to know about hole size. i’ll show you the wire size for hole. see this is 8mm wire. we do 8mm hole . ♪ ♪ Royalty Free Music Playing ♪ ♪ after do holes we put down the wall of body to pass through cable from body. ♪ ♪ Royalty Free Music Playing ♪ ♪ now we put out both cable. see the hole, where was power socket before we put button in it. for turn of and on the main power. ♪ ♪ Royalty Free Music Playing ♪ ♪ see we did fix the on and off button. after that we do wiring. first of all we have to attach timer relay circuit. this is timer relay circuit with this we do on and off the transformer. in circuity have a variable. you can adjust the time to tun in and off. if you do setting for one minute, the transformer turn on for one minute and then off. so attach it and do wiring. ♪ ♪ Royalty Free Music Playing ♪ ♪ after attach this, attach the cable to transformer 220 to the button . for second terminal of transforer 220v attach cable to button then to relay and then to electric power cable. for wiring purpose need two wires with red and black color. first use red wire. because easy to understand wiring. peel of the wire. attach thimble with it. after attach thimble insulate it with tape. after this attach thimble with any transformer 220V terminal. after that i cut the wire to the relay circuit. peel of wire. solder the wire with circuit normal close point. we did solder. sold the wire again from Relay common point. cut the wire to on and off button. peel of wire. sold it any button terminal up or down. see i have done it. from button second terminal attach wire to transformer second terminal. remaining two terminal of button i’ll attach 220V wire with it. at least we finish 50% of wiring. now attach this power cable. cut the connector of power cable. peel of wire. now put out two wires from inside cable. insert cable form the hole as you can see. after that solder the wire with button. see did it. tight this cable with cable tie in this point, so did it. now install this push button. the two terminal of push button we have to attach with Relay circuit 555 timer IC. you can get the drawing in detail in our video
description below. ♪ ♪ Royalty Free Music Playing ♪ ♪ see hole is done for push button. let’s check button is going in hole or not. button install perfect. tight its two nuts on his back. one wire attach with relay circuit second wire attach with 12V, 1 ampere charger. need to install charger 12V to operate the relay circuit. so we use 12V charger. cut all separate wire. after that peel of both wire. in this scenario one wire is positive and one is negative. this is the positive wire, this is negative wire. positive wire attach with relay circuit direct. negative wire going through button to relay circuit we did attach 12V wire with it. we joint transformer 220V wire with charger 220V point. we did wiring now insulate it with tape. put charger in the box. so now check it. when i turn on you can see light in button it’s mean it is on. see this is on. after press push button check transformer on or not. see transformer is on. because of variable time delay is too much. rotate the variable you can reduce the time. see wiring is complete after this, close the box and install handle for welding. we also install copper needle for spot welding. for handle we need a piece of wood. cut in half and one feet in length. ♪ ♪ Royalty Free Music Playing ♪ ♪ we cut at least 8 inch piece. use it as a handle. with this do spot welding. to attach this we need two l shape angles with holes. this is L angle 90 degree. one both sides of wood we attach these angle bar. in between angle install wood piece for spot welding. for this do holes to tight the angle bar with body. installed both angle and now attach wood piece between angles. tight nut for wood piece. nut is 1or 1 and half inch long. tight the bolt. after that with these two wires we do welding let’s see how we do. this is terminal block. put out both terminal from inside. put away the terminal block body. no need make hole between terminal holes. holes done. install terminal on both sides of wood handle. after this attach 8mm cable with it. first tight one terminal to wood handle. fit these terminal on that place where you cable came easily. fixed both terminal. now attach wire in it. after insert one cable tight the nut. tight good no spark should happened. tight both cables in terminal perfect. after this install copper needle for spot welding beneath the terminal. you can take any winding thick cable. peel of and use 2 inch at least . with this needle we do spot welding. we did finish these needles. now tight it in these terminals. after install needle close the box. after this all attach spring with body. very important, overlay with sleeve because it’ll not touch body and no problem for spark. we did all and ready. with spring now its moving up and down. Now test it. for test we take 2 cell lithium. now we do spot welding. first set strip and cell properly. after that press the handle towards down. after that press button, welding done. “welding sound” “welding sound” “welding sound” see on both cells welding done. very good welding, no loose point. it’s hard to put away. you can do various wiring with this spot welding. this is video for today. we hope you like this video. Please subscribe my channel ” Maaz Electronics ” press bell icon to get notify about new videos. Thanks to watch our video.


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shabash, wonderful, kia is say 22 ,24 guage ki chadar bhi weld ho sakti hay ?? single side spot welder bananay ki video bhi post kar do. good job, keep it up.

Maazel bhai
1 aap by 8 mm kid jo tara lagaii he usy transfarmer k seth conect nhi kia
Or dusra kia isy use krty waqt karent lag sakta he?? Plz batana zaroor

Kia aap mujay spot welder bana ker day saktay hain. May kharcha dainay kay liye tayyar hoon. Aap apna address aur telephone number bataye takay aap say baat ho sakay.

very good and practical video but back ground music is too high… I have to adjust it again and again during watching your video

Brother ye Kirby gaje tak Ka weld kar Sakta he& only microwave Ka hi transfer zarori or koi nhe

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