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How To Make USB Killer : DIY in 3$

How To Make USB Killer : DIY in 3$

okay Friends so this is my pc and i’m going to test our DIY USB killer on it so let’s see if it works and how powerful it is so here we go so so almost done …to set up ok so here we go guys 123 (Crackling Spark Sound) oh my god ! it really work as you can see my pc is not working oh my god ! so to make USB Killer you need any kind of High Voltage Generator you can use anything like thi mosquito killer bat (Bug zapper) or you can use a dedicated once like this you can get on ebay but we are looking for a really simple USB killer now there is a product that is sold as a USB ionizer and that is actually a USB killer so this is a USB air purifier or USB ionizer sold for three dollars and the inside you’ll get this one now this is actually a USB killer !!! so let’s see with a simple modification of one wire you can make it a USB killer so to open it up you have to remove this outer clip by just doing that and with the help of screw driver you can easily able to remove this to side clips the silver ones our side clips are removed now you have to gently lift this Clips right here these are three clips and you can easily able to remove it now out-of-the-box this ionizer circuit is not a perfect USB Killer contains all of the elements that USB killer has now onto this side there is a high voltage generator circuit so we help remove this output wire by desoldering it so get your soldering iron and desolder it there is a rsistor right here and you can easily locate at this capacitor at the output and solder one wire at this side so there it is now it is connected and let’s test of how much big the sparks are as you can see it has a lot of energy in these sparks now we need to connect this output wire to pin right above the ground while this wire is the data negative now this USB ionizer will work as a USB killer ! although the power is enough to kill any pc or smartphone you can also increase the power by replacing this small npn transistor with alternatives right her . Now to make a USB Killer tester get this USB male and female port connect their 5 Voltas and ground (Negative) together like this get a proper rated metal oxide varistor (MOV) and install them onto the 5 Volts line short-circuit the data lines of the USB femalel port connect the output wire to the ground and the shorted data lines and your USB killer tester is ready so let’s see how this DIY USB killer and tester works . Now I plugged in the USB Killer through the killer tester so as you can see now the high voltage can be safely discharged through this USB Killer Tester and if I remove this and plu it in i’m sure this power bank will die so that’s how this works Guy’s Good Bye ! that PC Was… Good Man ,Now It’s Trash !


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Funny & interesting… Just one thing… Even if I'm mistaking you are soldering the wire to D+ (not D-) and that makes sense as your are doing the test before sodering it with the ground one…

at 2:13 where did you get the white wire from, was it the one you removed from the usb or a new piece which you had……. if it was a new piece whats it called or where can i get them from?

honestly i think im the only person that ACTUALLY took effort to build one of these but i do not live in india so it was hard to get that so called purifier. I finally found one on amazon and tried if this actually worked on my old Asus Vivobook which is practicly crap. With the help of my dad i managed to finish it within 4 hours and Somehow when i plugged it into the USB port. and guess what? Honestly the laptop was overheating and after a few minutes of watching i thought this dude was a scam I thought i put my effort into nothing but I had a gut feeling that it would surely work. And guess what? the fucking Laptop started to create a weird burning smell which smelled like plastic and just a few seconds later there was a dark smoke coming from behind the keyboard of the laptop. The laptop didnt entirely die. I tried shutting it down and on it an hour later but the laptop when into recovery mode . I tried to reset it but it didnt work. I had no choice but to reset it back to Windows 8. When i first turned it on , The white word Asus on the laptop looked as if someone had took a knife and scraped the screen. There were weird blue and red and green and yellow lines all across the laptop screen. The laptop functions perfectly except the screen. I hope none of you would try this because this is Legit and trust me it fucks up ur PC.

Youtube : i am gonna show you how to make a powerful usb killer
Me: duh just get hammer and smash everything you wanna be destroyed i am pretty sure it is more enjoyable to do than destroying your gadgets in about 1 second xD

try it with the lighter that we smoke just go on your metal computer case and boom or just put it on usb port

Thanks hahahaha

I've seen no comments on whether or not this works, so here:

I've made three of these. Followed the instructions exactly. I have plenty of soldering experience. This does NOT WORK. I tried them on old Win8 Dell machines. So nothing with protection against this.



So how can we protect our PC from it..if our friends do this kind of things? How can we check if its a usb drive or usb killer??

Hey there youtube people, for those of you who are interested here's a link to the usb air purifier with FREE SHIPPING!!! come get one now!!

Wtf this is so fake ahahahah the circuit changes from when he opens a up the ioniser to he pulls it out ahhaha

Hey there, I followed exactly your instructions with the very same usb ionizer but it doesn't work for me. Do you think you could tell what is wrong if I send you a picture of it?

Though the clip of him killing the PC with it is infact fake I can confirm it does work cause I made one and tried it on a few usb charging blocks and it did kill them. IDK why he faked the clip

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