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How to make your Hoverboard New with PlastiDip Paint

How to make your Hoverboard New with PlastiDip Paint

you guys wanna know how to customize your hoverboard or repair your dirty old scratched up one watch this video to find out also keep in mind i’m giving away free hoverboards for free so link in the description for how to win a free hoverboard check it out all right let’s get to work what’s up guys Stephen Sharer here okay if you want to know how to repair your scratched broken hover board i’ll teach you need such simple things first you’re gonna need your hoverboard then you’re going to need clorox wipes you’re going to take a white you’re going to wipe your board down to make sure it’s completely cleaned off and you’re going to need tape to tape up your board and when we tape it up we’re going to take over the power hole and the power button just to make sure that no paint gets in there and last but not least we’re going to need plastidip now if you guys are familiar with plasti dip classic hip is basically spray paint that you can peel off so at any time if you don’t like the color you choose you can peel it off and respray it doesn’t damage the paint at all and it makes your hoverboard look brand-new all right let’s get to work so these are the scratches that I have and the paint is going to be covering up all of this so it’s going to make the hoverboard look brand-new so now we got everything taped and prepped I chose black for the plasti dip color but there’s a million close you can choose from up with the description for you can get all these products and every color on amazon to check the description box below so i’m gonna go ahead and start painting it’s gonna look sick stealth black let’s get this done one thing to keep in mind is plasti-dip goes on in many coats so this is the first coat we’re probably going to do about three to four more codes just wait about 10 to 15 minutes in between each coat and then reapply well there you have it guys that’s how you make your own custom colored hoverboard and get rid of any scratches it looks brand new and it looks sick alright guys so to show how easy this is to take off when you guys when you realize you don’t like the color you want to restore to the original color that your hoverboard all you have to do is come to the edge here find an edge this corner is perfect kind of scrape along until you’re able to kind of get up underneath it and then what you do is you just carefully go across its just stretch it and it just comes off and just feel it and see how the color underneath me is completely unarmed and just exactly how it was and look at this comes right off guys leaving his beautiful see all the scratches be right so before it’s beautiful no scratches you peel it off and look at the scratches are still under the nose other original scratches and scratches were not created because of the posse get the plastic it was hiding the scratches look at it comes right off it’s just like rubbery plastic it’s the coolest stuff and it protects your hoverboard from scratches when you actually have this phone so I love that plastic did my hoverboard so just keep going along you keep just peel it off like plastic grip there you have a guy’s car just showed you how to peel the plastic tip off so we made it black we’re going back to green maybe next video will do yellow comment and what color should we do what color do you want to see this green hoverboard turn into we can pick any color in the world so just comment and let us know all right if you haven’t already checked out the other video in the link below where you can win a hoverboard for free find out how you can do it super simple basic step you got to be a subscriber to subscribe alright guys until next video stay awesome day awesome


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