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you’ll be ready to hit the streets with
a fresh smell Olá Youtube, My name is Ricardo Lino and I’m a wheel addict in
yesterday’s video I teach you how to eat mold your line is your state and to make
them feel way more comfortable but in the end of the video I told you I was
going to teach you how to deal with smelly skate so that’s what we’re going
to do today what can you do well if you have a removable liner like on this case
the powerslides v you can just take the liner zone then which the liner’s out
you’re going to put them inside a plastic bag and then you leave the
liners through the night inside the freezer yes freeze it put the liners
inside a plastic bag in the fridge why do you put them in the in a plastic
bag let’s not forget we’re talking about smell escape and the prisons usually
where you put your food right in the morning you take the liners out they shouldn’t be smelly because the
cold will kill the bacteria that makes your escapes now then what you need to
do is put them back on and you’ll be ready to hit the streets with a fresh
smell again hope you enjoy this video if you did don’t forget to give me some
thumbs up if you didn’t give me some thumbs on anyway let me know what you
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today cheers guys see you soon


I put women's Secret clinical strength anti perspirant deodorant on my feet before putting on my skates or work shoes

Just in time! I've been skating almost every day after work. It's starting to smell kinda "funky" to put it kindly. Since we are on the topic of maintenance, how bout one on "when to get new wheels" or "when to clean your bearings" cus I sure don't know when and am slightly paranoid I'm not taking care or being overly worried.

Is it recommended to wash the liner? I normally put my liner directly in the sun but I 've noticed the bottom part kind of peel off. I think it might be the heat affecting the glue.
Thanks for the advice but I know someone at my home will definitely explode if they find my liner in the freezer 🙂

i don't have removable liners.. i do roller derby so do i put the whole thing in the freezer? i'm confused..

Ohhh! Talking about tips, yesterday I was talking about hockey and one guy give me a tip for the boot. With a heat gun you heat the plastic and pushing from the inside of the boot, like making more space in that area. I never hear it before but kinda makes sense.

You can buy a, UVC 253.7nm radiation shoe sterilizer on Aliexpress for less than 28 bucks. Silica gel Desiccant packets are found pretty much everywhere, you prolly don't need to buy — just look in shoe boxes, mainly. Keep some desiccant packets in liner when sk8s are not in use. Flash it w. UVC, 1-2x per week. Cheers! 😀

UVC sterilizer ->

My skates usually stink a lot just after day one of skating and anti-smell sprays did nothing to help. I know it doesn't sound important but it is something that bothers me a lot. So I'm definetly going to try this! Thanks for the tip 🙂

The thing I do which works great is to put coffee pads inside my booths. Yes with fresh coffee pads your skates will smell like coffee at first but this quickly disappears after 1 or 2 days. From that point on you can re-use the coffee pad until they start to tear down. Then just replace them with new coffee pads which in turn will give you a coffee smell for 2 days but what gives? Oh yes… Don't forget to remove the coffee pads before you put your skates back on. 😉

Wow! Can't believe I didn't think of this. Here I am about to put baking soda inside the liners and hoping for the best. Thanks for the advice, Ricardo!

Hey dude, I tried this and it works like a little bit.. Left it in there for 3 days. and some of the smell went away not all though.

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