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How To Make Yourself FLOAT!

How To Make Yourself FLOAT!

ijjkkkmkmk floating in Mid-air oh What factor how to match oh? I am your host of an era [and] today I’m showing [you] five ways to make yourself float look Jackie people can’t just go flying in the air like so if you’re ready hit That thumbs up [button] for me and let’s go, okay This is a really cool levitation trick that you can do at [home] right now [check] it out And I want you to see there are no wires above me anything like that rings or anything attached to my hands no trickery involved I’m going to turn around Just that look and there all right here’s how it’s done. I’m about to reveal The Secret to this trick is extremely simple, and I’ll teach you [how] it’s done right now This trick is all about Angles It’s all about the angle that your viewer sees this wrong you want them to be standing behind you a couple feet away And you want to turn your body But they’re really only seeing this part on the side [of] your foot and the backs of both so that when you raise up It looks like you’re floating off the ground And they’re not seeing your other Book raising you up so from the other side just what happens want to keep your feet together like this I’m going to raise up on your toes on One foot Fergus from them if the other foot loves going to make it look like you look this is called the BalducCi levitation Been around for a long time say classic Magic trick is really amazing if you practice it in the mirror And make sure you get it right first, then when you show people It looks like you’re really loaded and that [is] the secret behind the Magic Balducci levitation? [here’s] another classic way to make yourself bloat that you can do at home? Take a look hey Veronica. I have a really cool trick to show you [being] someone [floating] before [ya] levitation Levitation um now watch you might be from another [bottom] [occurred] right there Here’s the secret behind this amazing Magic trick [the] setup for this is really simple you’re going to kick off one shoe And you’re going to take a couple rubber bands and [rubberband] your shoes together And I do this before the trick starts out of your spectators view obviously [so] I’m doing this with a light colored band on top of black shoes for demonstration purposes, but when you do it in real life You’re going to want to get white shoes Wearing a matching color rubber band to match the color of shoes that you [have] on so they blend in [that] the rubber bands wrapped Around there, you’re good to go you need a black curtainhhjh That’s the second thing you [need] so dowel Rod and then weave staple guns a piece of black fabric to [it-it-it] piece of black fabric for a couple dollars it’s going to staple Gun net to your dowel, Rod, and you’ve got this nice Magic curtain now So what does black curtain is going to do is provide cover? [but] they don’t see this setup with your leg Black curtain goes here all they see other tips of your feet pointing out at the bottom of the curtain But to them they think you’re just standing normal from the waist up you look completely normal the tips of your shoes [are] completely normal To what they don’t see is you standing on the other leg to lift up your shoes To make it look like you’re floating in mid-air so from an [expose] view slowly lifting up my leg [you] look like you’re floating and then slowly Lowering them back then if you want to you can slip your other foot [back] into the other shoe Slip the band off and then step away clean And that is the secret behind the magic floating curtain, okay? This was a fun optical illusion That makes it look like you’re floating in Mid-air check it out Okay, here’s the secret. – crazy illusion. Okay, the secret to this one is a mirror All you need is a full-length mirror like this, and this trick is all about how you [position] an optical illusion [it’s] another type of fun Magic trick. That would be great to do through a text message. You can take a picture text your friends and freak them out making them think that you have magical [power] all you’re going to do is position the mirror between Your legs you’re going to hide this bar letter behind the mirror and put the other leg in front of the mirror so your leg will reflect in the mirror and create a mirror image of this leg making it look as if you’re just sitting in midair if it’s Super cool and fun levitation trick you can try at home and that is how you do the magic floating mirror trick Here’s a cool way to take a picture [of] yourself bloating and send it to your friends. Take a look As you can see the puddle creates the illusion that you’re floating all in the perspective that you’ve seen it in the photo secret to This one is very simple. All you need is some water is totally an optical illusion it works best It’s like a text message trick. It’s a great photo that you can send somebody here You’re going to do take some water go to take some water and pour a little puddle on the ground You don’t want it to be too big? You want it to be about a circle kind of oval shape? Just like that So it kind of looks like a shadow Puddle on the ground looks like the shadow beneath your [feet] as if you are actually floating But if a really convincing illusion that you’re just floating in mid-air totally awesome and super easy And that is how you do the magic bubble of water, okay? Here’s a classic way to make it look like you levitate onto a chair check it out The secret behind this trick is more simple than you might think [here’s] an explanation of how it’s done. Okay for this one [you’re] going to need [a] pair of pants You don’t mind destroy Get an old pair [of] pants [or] go to a thrift shop [and] get some pants that you don’t mind cutting up So you’re going to take some scissors? And we’re going to do is cut a slit in the front leg of the pants you’re going to find a spot in the fabric right in the middle of the leg you want to find the Middle of the leg right about here, and you want to get some pants that are kind of baggy Cut into them, and you’re just going to cut a slit right down the leg now you don’t want to cut all the way down the pant leg you want to stop before you get to the bottom you just Need enough room to slip your leg out Okay, now that you have your pants cut the next step is to prepare your shoes So it’s a more advanced setup for this where you can use magnets glued on the side of your shoes to stick them together I’m going to show you a simpler version that you can do at home right now All you do is take a rubber band. Just like the other trick and you’re going to [rubberband] your shoes together Now you want to use a dark colored rubber band a black one that would blend in with the shoes when you’re actually doing this Performance so one foot goes in like this and it allows both feet to lift up Here’s why that’s key okay? So you’re going to slip your foot into the shoe that has the full pant leg intact That’s this foot right here Not the one with the cut pant leg the cut pant leg is going to be the empty shoe and your foots going to stay Out of the [shoe], so once you have the pants on this is the full leg of the pants right here This is the cut leg going to have another pair [of] dark colored paints on the same color or a similar color to the ones That you’re wearing on the exterior with the cut leg your [foots] going to come out of this and you’re going to take this pant Leg cuff, and it’s going to go down in the other shoe you can stuff this full of socks or something like that to give it some form what you’re going to take some paper towels or Some socks and you’re going to stuff them into the bottom of your empty pant leg Just like this to give it some form now. We’re going to take this and we’re going to put it down into the other shoe Just like that, but now you’re in position to do the levitation, so your spectators need to be behind you for this trick Here’s what’s happening in the front my leg is up out of my pant right here So this is where the slit comes into place I have my leg up on the chair the two feet banded together, so when I step up onto the chair It looks like I’m floating up onto it from the back then when I come back down It looks like I’m floating back down. It’s all done using the power of my leg I’m just stepping up onto the chair and when you come back down you can slip [your] leg back into the pant some in the Advanced version of this you [can] flip [your] leg into the shoe separate the magnets and walk away Just a fun version that you can do at home And it looks super cool for the people and that is the secret behind Magically floating onto a chair [hi] guys if you like this video be sure to give [it] a thumbs up and head over to how To magic shop comm and pick up some cool Magic tricks that you can do at home the link for that is [in] the description Of this video how to magic shop comm we have magic tricks in all different varieties They ship them all over the world we have international shipping available now And we also have a lot of cool laughs [in] life here for sale if you want to support the channel and support these videos Help us keep creating fun Magic videos like this one it comes from laugh at live [Shades] a bracelet We have a lot of cool products And we ship them all around the world in honor of the launch of our summer collection of all the [laugh] at life season these Fun summer [colors] we are doing the classic black [and] white laugh at likes design tee at 50% off for the next 24 hours if you want to get one go to the link in the description and pick one up today while supplies last [alright] guys, it is giveaway time I’m giving away 5 [laugh] at Life T-Shirts to five lucky comments in the comments section below all you have to do to win [is] Give the video a thumbs up and subscribe to this [channel] and leave a comment in the comment section below today’s keyword is below to leave a funny random comment in the [comment] section I will pick random comments, and I will mail you your very own laugh at Life t-shirt Leave as many comments as you want in the comments section below Unlimited comments the more comments you leave the better your chances of winning a shirt [alright] guys It’s time to announce [two] giveaway when it’s in the last [ounce] of Magic video the winners are these names right here Graduations and send me a message on [YouTube] to claim your prize Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway drawing and good luck to everyone entering this giveaway drawing sure to give this video a thumbs Up and leave your comments [below] [alright] guys You can follow me on all these other social media accounts right here links for those are in the description as well Snapchat Facebook Twitter Instagram I’m on all of them sure to go like and follow the pages and send a message if you are new to our channel be sure to hit that subscribe button and hit the Notification bell to you see our videos first you can check out the shop by clicking right down here check out my vlog channel right here That’s my second channel on Youtube a [lot] of cool videos there too and until next time remember that Anything is possible as long as you stay positive work hard and laugh at life. Love you guys


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So how the fuck does the start and finish go ,? You just tell everyone to close there eyes for a few minstrel bf and after? And the puddle?…. your a fucking gaya joke if you think anyone would ever fall for that , you fat fucking tub of lard

….your tricks are garbagely trash nd your assistant/helper/audience slash wateva else she is; is really dumb nd datz being nice..

David Blaine does his levitation right in front of people with both feet in the air and no mirrors or black curtains or shoes tied together. He just walks around town it shows people who can see both legs both feet his entire body that he is about a foot off the ground. I don't think he uses any of these methods. And then there's Criss Angel who somehow can walk from the top of one building over to the top of another building with no harness. It is mind-boggling.

FAKE!! Its all just a scam making people fooled, surprising them, Everything, USE GREEN SCREEN. And a FUCK ton of editing. ITS CANON.

This picture of him floating is misleading. The actual shadow of him standing has been deleted out thus making him really appear to be floating.

Beyond cool. I sub for elementary kids, can't wait to do this! I'll be a legend. And? They'll be okay with me. Got to get good with the kids.

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