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How to nollie bs 180 | Learn to skate | Skateboard trick

How to nollie bs 180  | Learn to skate | Skateboard trick

Hi guys, Barns here and I’m
going to show you how to nollie bs 180. The way to do a nollie bs 180 is by being able to do a nollie
and maybe a normal backside 180 for starter and you also need to be
comfortable riding in nollie position. Foot position for me my front foot on the nose similar to a nollie position and my back foot over the bolts or just under the bolts. This trick it’s pretty straight forward so you can learn it like just tick-tacking
or when you are practising your nose manual turn it around just to get the feeling for the trick. You pretty much set up just about the same as a nollie but I think is better to start winding up your shoulders before you pop so you want to start turning your body already so when you pop your board, you are already at 90 degrees at least. So you start with basically you just
crouch down just like when you popping a nollie but start to turn your shoulders pop it and then your board
should be already at 90 degrees and then you can feel it
the board just want to go around. So make sure you guide it around with your back foot and try to land it straight,
you can control it with your shoulders and try not to over rotate the trick because then you might have difficulties to roll away. Some of the easier ways to learn this trick by doing on a bank because there the board doesn’t move kind of landing in the same position or over a hip because
you don’t have to turn the whole 180 degree you can just do it basically like turning half way. Try to pop little in the beginning so it will be easier to guide your board around and when you are comfortable with it
you can pop higher and higher. In my opinion is always better to roll even if it’s super slow because you are
improving your balance even when you just rolling around
and setting up for the trick. It’s not an extremely difficult trick just make sure you have your nollie down
and you will learn this trick quick. So that’s basically all there is to this trick and now it’s your turn to go out and start to practice. If you have any question or something to share use the comments below and thank you guys for watching,
stay tuned for the next trick on Thursday, like and share this video if you enjoyed it don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell icon to get notified for the weekly videos, follow me on different socials but as always the most important is to go skate and have fun.

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