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How to Ollie to Manual on a Manual Pad MADE EASY! (Skateboarding Tutorial)

How to Ollie to Manual on a Manual Pad MADE EASY! (Skateboarding Tutorial)

Hi, my name is Justin Lauria, and today I’m going to teach you how to do a manual on an obstacle called a manual pad A manual pad is a section of concrete that’s
raised off the ground surrounding it that you can ollie onto and drop down from. Manual
pads come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the most basic versions are flat like
this one. The trick we’re going to learn today involves
an ollie onto the manual pad, landing just on your back wheels, then holding the manual
all the way until dropping down on the other side. If you still haven’t learned how to ollie
or do a manual on flatground, you are definitely going to need to know how to do both of those
first. These video tutorials break down both maneuvers in detail. While it would be great to practice how to ollie into a manual on flatground before taking it to a manual pad, it is, in my opinion,
easier to land in a manual after you ollie onto something, so don’t get too hung up on
learning them on flatground first. Alright, so now I want you to find a nice,
low manual pad, and practice doing just a simple ollie onto it, landing on all four
wheels, making sure that your back wheels fully clear the back edge of the manual pad.
As you do this, also practice doing a small manual near the other end of the manual pad
and riding off of it. From here, you can progress to starting your
manual earlier and earlier until you can ollie onto the manual pad like before, but then
immediately lift up your front wheels and ride the manual all the way to the end. Next we’re going to focus on the beginning
part. Approach the manual pad like you were before,
and position your feet like you normally would for an ollie. As you jump onto the manual
pad, try to land with your front wheels off the ground Now, unlike your usual strategy for an ollie, you
should try to leave your back foot over the tail of the board instead of repositioning
it forward before you land. The ideal spot for your front foot when you
land would be right over top of your front wheels, but there is a lot of wiggle room
here, so if you end up landing with your front foot in a slightly different spot, you should
still be able to do the manual without any problems. Now at first, you should only concern yourself
with holding the manual for a tiny bit, and then slowly progress to riding it out farther
and farther until you can make it all the way to the end. One thing you’ll want to be careful of is
making sure that you don’t lose your balance and fall right at the edge of the manual pad.
So if you feel like you might not stay balanced all the way to the end, you should abort the
maneuver and either set down your front wheels for a second to regain your balance before
you ride off of it or just jump off the board entirely. As you practice your manuals, remember to
keep your weight centered over your back set of wheels, keeping your front knee slightly
bent to tilt the front of your board up, rather than leaning your upper body back to accomplish
the task. You’ll probably find that the faster you go,
the easier it’ll be to hold a manual all the way across. Make sure to keep me up to date with your
progress and questions in the comments section below, subscribe to stay up to date with the
latest trick tutorials, and remember to have fun.


Keep em coming Justin πŸ‘ I gonna try this need to Learn to Ollie up a curb first I can defo Ollie high enough but I keep telling my self as I roll up to it my back trucks are gonna hook up and I will eat shit so I always bottle out last minute ☹ I'm fed up of having fear of falling. Its holding me back on alot of tricks.

So far I'm getting good at front side 180 Ollies, I'm practicing with the tricks I know such as shuvit, popshuvit, Ollie 180's (backside is kind of tough but do able)…. I need help on pop shuvits, I land some here and there but most of the time it shoots away causing me to bail, do I center my field of gravity more? or practice on balance? And if there is a pop shuvit video you have, I'll be sure to check it out, Thanks Justin πŸ‘πŸ»

Great video man! Keep it up. Im definitely trying this trick soon. I've tried it a few times but i have trouble landing just on the back wheels. I guess i just have to keep trying it. Practice makes perfect right? Anyway, awesome video as always and i look forward to the next tutorial. πŸ‘πŸ»

I had tried Braille's way of ollieing for like, 5 months and I still didn't get it. When I saw your video, I realized I was missing juts jumping. Then I got them a whole lot quicker. Now when I want to learn a trick, I just go to your tutorials because they are much better. Good job!

So that manual pad you manuals on at House Park near the bowl was the first place I learned to manual on a manual pad! πŸ™‚

Manuals are my weakness because I always get my back wheels stuck and fall really hard. I opened my knee last time I tried ! What can I do??

100% gonna learn this, right fucking now. As soon as my phone charges, i'm finding a sidewalk or some shit and landing it.

Just Landed it today man! Thanks to your tutorial! This trick feels amazing. I see the HEB in the background of your video ha nice you must be a fellow Texan! Right on brother

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