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How to Play Dobro Slide Guitar Music : Finger Picks for Dobro Slide Guitar

How to Play Dobro Slide Guitar Music : Finger Picks for Dobro Slide Guitar

Howdy! I’m Ed Dowling from
I’m here to talk about finger picking, slide guitar on behalf of Finger
picks will allow you to play fast and clear. If you’re going to play dobro like Jerry Douglas,
almost all bluegrass and country players are going to use finger picks. The pick slides
off the string and allows you to play clearly and rapidly. There are 3 basic ways of using
these picks as far as the patterns. One is called the alternating row. Thumb, index,
thumb, middle, thumb, index, thumb, middle. This is 4 notes. There’s 4 notes at two four
and four four time. This is a really good. If you do this alternating row and move this
bar around, you’re playing slide guitar. Now, there’s another roll that’s used in dobro
play. It’s fast; it’s a transition from Earl to Josh Graves to Jerry Douglas, and that’s
the forward row. Thumb, index, middle, thumb, index, middle. Since you’re playing these
3 strings, the thumb ventures out and plays 3 strings and this middle finger will actually
go back and forth and play the 1st and 2nd strings. The third style is just going to
be guts, bare bones, how do I feel. Let’s use these things anyway we can. In other words,
I’m not playing out of a role. I’m just doing what I need to do to make the sound I need.
That’s the heart of slide guitar; just interfacing on a tactile level with these fingers and
this guitar.


the basic differences in a dobro and in a acoustic guitar are the bridge and the distance that the strings are from the frets?

Hi. Apart from D G D G B D, you've also got D A D F# A D. Both these are very common and great for sliding. In particular if you're playing blues style. (that is playing the guitar the "correct" way and adding some slide now and again).

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@oreostacker — yes, but be sure you buy get a Round neck. And you're looking at a Resonator Guitar…. Dobro is actually a brand name of a particular instrument.

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The real purpose for using fingerpicks is so the instrument can be played Firmly. (Loud)
You get in a string band (particularly one with a banjo) you REALLY have to be able to dig in and play Firmly to be heard.

Having (or not having) fingerpicks has no effect on speed. Speed comes with practice.

How long have you been playing for, as and average guitarist how long would it take me to play like you? excellent sound by the way

Bottleneck is better if you ask me.. The other thing falls out of your hand eventually. I hate playing with a bar. The Bottleneck is nice and stay's on you finger. And you won't have to use all that strength in your fingers to hold the bar (Because it usually weighs a nightmare for people to play longer time with.) And you can quickly take off the Bottleneck from the fretboard if you have to play a single string without a slide on. That could easily fuck up with the bar heh..

Hope that helped!

If I could just play that first method of his all day long I'd be happy!!!! I think however he's using more that thumb, index, thumb, middle. It got pretty complex about 3 seconds into that first riff.

I saw your video and was wondering; what were those on your fingers? Also I come across your vid because I recently heard about the Dobro or resonator guitar. I wanted to know it's sound was different from a regular guitar. Can you direct me to a video that shows these differences? Please and thankyou.

The last style of anything goes reminds me of Jack White in the second half of "In my Time of Dying" with Jimmy Page jam. That's on YouTube too.

Hi Ed, I can remember my older brother going out and buying Bert Weedon’s book, ‘Play-in-a–day,’ if only it was that easy. I think that was in the 50’s or 60’s. I figure for anyone that has the knowhow and ability it’s easy but you make it look so simple I want to go and buy a guitar right now as there’s nothing to it… in my dreams.
Thanks and Kind Regards … Andy

in my oppinion the third part was deffinitelly the best ":D but ofc depends on the situation and song U playing ';) good JOB!

Wow! As a guy who's been playing guitars for 23 years, I've recently started being very drawn to dobro and bluegrass, and I have to say it can seem pretty daunting at first. But having concrete, directly applicable tips like this makes it feel a lot more accessible, so thank you very much!

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