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My name is Aaron Kyro I’m a sponsored skateboarder from the San
Francisco Bay Area And today I’m going to teach you How to pop shove-it Now the first thing to this trick Is making sure you’re feeling really comfortable
on your board Just riding around and pushing I want you to have done this a lot so you
feel really comfortable And this is a beginner’s trick So this is really something you can learn Right after you get really comfortable pushing
around And just riding your board One thing that might help you for this And any other flat-ground trick that you’re going
to learn Is putting your back wheels into a nice crack A nice crack that holds your wheels tight So your board doesn’t roll as you work on
it Now the next thing is the foot placement Notice my right foot, it’s just down from
those two bolts It’s at a little bit of an angle Just kind of like a kickflip would be And my left foot is on the tail And I really want you to notice how my toe
is off the side of it The toe hanging off the side is very important To getting a really nice scoop of the board So the foot position on this particular trick
is very important And that is what it is right there Now the next step is really how you’re going
to do that Motion of your back foot Notice how my foot curls under and my foot
kicks straight back On this particular shove-it the board does
not pop It just goes straight back It’s just a shove-it, it’s not yet a pop shove-it So I want to show you this motion again My foot curls down and then it just kicks
the board back My front foot stays on the board the entire
time Just guiding it as it goes around as you can
see there It barely even moves. It just comes up off
the board a little bit And the back foot does really all the work I want you to really get the importance of
the foot placement And the scoop of your back foot It’s called a scoop because your toe curls
underneath Like to the side of the board And then you kick it back It’s just the most appropriate word to describe
it I guess Because it’s not really a sweep but it’s more
of a scoop Practice this a lot because it’s going to
help you later Now the next thing is putting the pop Into the shove-it to make it a full pop shove-it This is really the exact same thing But only this time you’re going to pop your
board off the ground So after you practice tapping your board on
the ground a little bit And you feel like you’ve got that motion The next step is just going straight for it And scooping the foot like it’s shown right
here Notice the motion of my back foot as it scoops
the board around Spinning it into a 180. The next step is your
front foot Notice my front foot, it barely comes of the
board right here And it just guides it around the whole time It’s very important to leave that on because
your board can flip And you can land with your board sideways
or upside down And obviously this is not going to work And now, notice my back foot right there on
that scoop So put your feet in the position and then
just slap it around You don’t have to hit your tail super hard Just hard enough to get it lifted off of the
board Also this is going to be the first trick that
you really learn Where you’re going to be jumping up into the
air And your board is going to be doing something under you This is going to help you to learn kickflips
later 360 flips and many other tricks So definitely practice this one a lot and
get it really down Feel free to leave me a comment asking for
help on this or any other trick But what I really want you guys to do is video
your best attempt Upload it to your own YouTube and then send
me the link So that I can really see what you’re doing
and help you out with it that way Don’t forget to subscribe. Check out all these
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I just got a skateboard and I really need help I got my friend Raph to help me and he watches ur vids and after I watched this one I learnt a lot

Thanks aron that helped me so much from Toby you biggest fan I watched all of you how to vids and you make it we skate it

Aron you rock ! I am a 48 year old ex skater. I just started back about 3 weeks ago . And 2nd day I could ollie . Stationery but now I can do it alittle moving . 1st I havent been on a board in 28 years. But I missed skating so much . And today I did my first pop shuvit , I was stationary With high blood presure sore knee and shoulder. But man I landed it. Felt cool. Thanks for you video it help alot.

Should i learn this before front side 180 or after? I almost have this trick down so i kinda wanna practice lol

Hey I have been trying to learn this trick for a couple weeks now. For some reason even though I have my foot placement as shown in video I can’t seem to get my board all the way around any tips?

Hey Aaron and Braille I learned shove it and I got it down pritty well and learning pop shove it but having trouble landing my back foot in the board pls help my channel is living on the edge skateboarding and I've done a few other vids feel free to check them out to and pls subscribe and the shove it vid is how to shov it on a skateboard

My problem was that I didn’t actually do the jumping part, I did a little hop and didn’t get close to landing it. For those who have the same problem, no matter what trick. Jump higher than the board. I know it sounds like a given thing but I didn’t get it, and neither do a lot of people I know. Just jump higher than the board and commit.

Wait but which way do you turn the board? I always turn it wrong I think and then I land one foot on the board on one 3 feet away

So now my goal is an alternating five kick flips with and five pop shove its, do or die challenge. BTW- Where I skate there are 3 really cute, like really really cute teen skater girls and then me and I'm this fifty six year old guy. So anyway . . . it's like being a guy cheerleader or Jane Goodall, this foreign species has accepted me as one of their own 🙂 Love skateboarding.

One thing that helped me to learn my first shove it was jumping a little bit to the front of the position I was starting at. Otherwise the board always flew away from me.

This vid was rlly great I learned how to pop it and shuvit ig but my board goes too high for me to even land on it . It also goes to far any tips plz?

Background music making me feel like I need to achieve the pop shuvit in order to enter the pearly gates of SKATE heaven ☁

thanks man i doubt you'll look at this but if you could will you make an update on this if you have any new tips for beginners?

I'm having tons of trouble with my shuvit and pop-shuvit, my board always lands primo or I land with only my front foor or back foot… it's like I have no idea where I'm supposed to be going, and I also learnt a really bad habit of turning my entire upper body when I do it, so I usually land at an angle from my skate or just straight up fall on my ass from landing primo… I hope I can unlearn these bad habits today and finally learn how to land these tricks consistently!

I can make my board do a 180, but it always lands in front of me to the right of my back foot like it’s going in the opposite direction. Any ideas?

are u supposed to learn a pop shove it before an ollie?because i’m more close to a shove it than an ollie

everytime i try this i cant get my back foot to land on the board. it just lands on my foot and then i have to sit down and cry for a couple minutes

When I the first part (shoveit) stationary my board, I feel that I have the movement down, but my board spins way to my right away from my feet anyone help?

To add, I tried to Ollie with 180 turn, and did more of a shoveit…do you rotate the shoulders and hips more with shoveit?

srsly, im skatin ow for more than 7 years, inward heel; treflips bigspins and so on are o problems. but i cant fcking pop shoveit i dont know why, board always flips so im landing primo or on dark side

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