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How to Relace Goalie Glove – Skate Lace Floating T – DIY VOG MOD

How to Relace Goalie Glove – Skate Lace Floating T – DIY VOG MOD

Nothing says I know how I like my goalie gear more than a skate lace pocket with floating tee Let’s learn how to do this awesome mod, coming up next! Voice Over Goalie Hey guys, Wayne the VO Goalie here. So here’s my old catching glove. I’ve re-laced this glove once already, but for this video, I’ll be adding a floating tea and white skate lace. First things first, let’s cut out the old lacing. Warning: The following segment contains images that may be disturbing to other goalies. If the sight of cut up equipment upsets, you please look away. Okay, let’s clean this up. I tied a piece of lace as a temporary anchor and guide for the floating tee. For lacing you should use at least 120 inch laces. Waxed or unwaxed is your choice, but the length is what’s most important. We start with an anchor knot where the tee meets the glove. This is where one end starts. Here, I’m pulling out the old lacing and popping through the new white lacing. Tie a knot and tuck it underneath the binding. Next, we loop through the next three holes on the tee to create our base loops. We’ll build the entire lacing pattern off of these three initial loops. As we start lacing our glove, we’ll use the perimeter binding cord on one side and the holes on the spine of the tee on the other. I basically, follow only two rules… Skip the first loop and always go from the inside out when going through the second and third loop. I’ve actually seen a few variations on how different companies lace a glove at the factory but really as long as you are consistent, no pucks should be able to get through your lacing job. It really just boils down to how aesthetically pleasing your pocket looks at the end. Make sure you don’t pull the laces too tight. You want to keep checking that you have slack. Otherwise a taut lacing job will defeat the purpose of a softer skate lace. Once I got to the end of this side of the spine, I left the end unfinished so I could use it when tying in the other side. I did the exact same method on the other side… well going in the other direction. Also, when using wide laces pay attention to how the laces twist as you weave it through. Excessive twists will result in a messy looking pocket and Sorry, but my camera battery died right at the end. I essentially just weaved the two ends together and finished with tying two square knots at the base of the spine. And here we have our floating tee! Again, make sure you use at least 120 inch laces or you may run out. You can see exactly how much extra lace I had after I was done. Thanks for watching! If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below and be sure to LIKE and Subscribe for more awesome goalie content!


I want to make a floating T on my CCM Eflext 2 760 glove, but it seems like the T is connected with the lacing that holds up the whole glove together. How do I remove the T from the lacing without ruining the whole glove?

I just wanted to change the color of my pocket to better match my red and white Premier 4 pads I've now found out that are unfortunately too small for me. I just ended up retracing the stock lacing with red wax lace.

Granted now seeing this and how big you you can make your pocket I kind of want to try this. I'm not entirely enthralled with CCM r1.5 pocket design when compared to other gloves.

Nice video, I'd also recommend that you take a lighter and use that on the end where you cut off the skate lace at the end. That will help so it doesn't fray.

I have seen on other forums that people say pucks can get through after switching to laces. I just did mine (thanks to you) and left pretty loose because I really want a deep pocket. Have you ever had an issue with pucks sneaking through?

Beauty video. just did my Bauer S29 last night and what a huge difference, its a bottomless pit now. I was gonna drop it off at my local shop but decided to give it a shot myself and glad I did. Keep the great videos coming bud, lovin'em.

You mentioned trying this floating tee mod on your G4. Are you still considering this? 🙂 I got my first good skate with the new G4 glove and bauer 1x chesty yesterday, what a difference! Guys were firing rocket slappers into that glove and it held them like it was a puck magnet! I wish I had video of it, I pulled the fattest '80's kick-the-left-leg-out-and-looking-up-while-robbing-a-huge-slapshot-with-a-windmill-glove-save on this kid with a heavy, accurate shot. So much fun!

Sweet Battram glove! Scotty makes amazing equipment. Remember when he started from the his parents basement down the street from me. Still true to his Woodstock roots and super quality goal equipment!

hey bud will you explain how to pick a puck up off the ice with your glove hand like the pros do no problem????

I think I'm blind d because I cant find the anchor lace on my G4. It's either tu ked way in or it has a different lacing system. Would you do a G4 glove skate lace video?

You lost me at 1:40, you sped up all the footage of the lacing, it would be good to have seen a few loops done, but you can't even tell how you started. I see that you put the knot under the binding on the outside of the glove, but I have no idea what you did next.

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