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How to Rent & Tie Ice Skates at Cornerstone Arena

How to Rent & Tie Ice Skates at Cornerstone Arena

Are you learning how to ice skate, heading out to play ice hockey, or getting ready to practice figure skating? These are all fun activities that you can be involved in here at Cornerstone Arena, but only if you know how to correctly put on and tie your skates. In order to rent a pair of ice skates, it is required that you bring your own socks. Mid-calf or crew socks work best. Ice skates usually run a size smaller than your actual shoe size, but every person is different. Some may run a size bigger or are true to size. In any case, your toes should not touch the toe cap, but should be fairly close. You should not be able to wiggle your feet around in the skates once they are tightened. In order to tighten the lace portion of the boot, loop your first two fingers through the lace next to the hole on either side. Grab the laces tightly. Push down with the ball of your foot while pulling up on the laces. Start with the laces that are closest to the toe of the skate, then work your way up. From there, draw the laces together in front of the skate to begin your knot. If you do not have hooks at the top of your skates and would like to make the ankle more secure, take the laces directly up to the next hole on the same side. Feed the lace from the outside in through the top hole creating a loop on each side. Now cross the laces and put them through the loops you just created on the opposite sides and pull to tighten. Just like you would tie a shoe, cross one lace over the other, wrap it under, and back out to the side. Repeat that process a second time before pulling the laces to the side to tighten the knot. You don’t want to have any laces touching the ice or loops in your bow which are too big. These can cause the lace to end up between the skate and the ice, resulting in a tripping hazard. Now that you know how to correctly tie your skates, we hope you have a fun time on the ice! Remember to stay safe, practice good sportsmanship, and do not hesitate to ask an employee or coach if you have any questions. Good luck!

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