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HOW TO RIDE A HOVERBOARD :) Soustitré/subtitulado

HOW TO RIDE A HOVERBOARD :) Soustitré/subtitulado

[Music] so today’s video is gonna be about how to write this thing ten seconds to Tori get up turn go backwards go forward and get better [Music] [Music] do the harmony of your body well and sing of the paw report to village [Music] here’s how I Duke the Hoover boarded his board right away no I’m not I have fun a lot of fun yet and just making me carry her back can you believe this can you believe this we discrimination discrimination nation my Christmas ternana why is there oh the wheel so nice they did the decoration with the trees inside with a with a gift and the moon is so beautiful they did it I like it you like it yeah it’s cool weirdo yeah how do you like it now I think I feel better feels like I spy so how was my sartorial detroit or chua Torrio was not bad you learn we learn and therefore your tutorial checked early for his to church you know what we don’t need any kind of tutorials this thing is so simple that was you step with it you will know how to do it you just balance whatever you want to turn or to go forward or backwards to just let your body and you will do it that’s how would that this sign has been installed like one time ago this is the very first time we came here come we’ll live here yeah it’s crowded I love this do we have here in the function also like eliminated installation there the check what is [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]


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