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How to Ride off Curbs and Ledges on a Skateboard Without Falling

How to Ride off Curbs and Ledges on a Skateboard Without Falling

My name is Justin Lauria, and today I’m going
to teach you how to ride a skateboard off of curbs and ledges. For those of you that are new to skateboarding,
this maneuver would be a perfect candidate for one of the very first tricks that you
learn. Make sure, though, that you’re at least fairly
comfortable riding on your board before you make any attempts, or else you could end up
taking some pretty hard slams. If you already know how to manual, this trick
is going to be real easy. If not, spend some time practicing picking
your front wheels off the ground while you’re riding before you take it to a curb. OK, so to make this as easy as possible on
yourself, find the absolute shortest curb you can to start practicing on. Ideally you want one short enough so that
your board can roll down the curb without either set of wheels leaving the ground. You
can test this out by rolling the board over the curb with your hands. If your front wheels
don’t touch the landing right after you drop them over the curb, you’re going to be setting
yourself up for more potential slams. Also if your curb looks like this, you’re
probably going to want to steer clear of it until you’ve practiced on something with a smoother
dropoff. Alright so now that you’ve found the perfect
curb to practice on, it’s time to go over the technique. As you roll up to the curb, you want to have
enough speed so that both sets of wheels go over the edge fairly quickly. If you’re coming
to a stop right as you get to the edge of the curb, you’re going to be stuck in a balancing
position and your board is either going to nose dive, or shoot out in front of you. Now that you’re approaching the curb with
a little speed, make sure you’ve got your feet in a good stable riding position, and
that your back foot is positioned behind the back two wheels. Before your front wheels touch the edge of
the curb, shift your weight onto your back foot so that your front wheels come off the
ground slightly. If you lean back too far, the back part of your board is going to scrape
the ground, so your goal is to find a happy medium between leaning back too far, and not
leaning back enough. Remember that you only need to balance your
front wheels off the ground momentarily, so even if you can’t hold a wheelie for very
long, you should still be able do this trick by giving a board a simple little nudge as
you’re riding off the curb. OK, so once your front wheels are off the
ground, the rest is easy. Just ride forward until your back wheels go over the curb, and
you and your board will drop down onto the landing. The tail of your skateboard might
tap the curb just after your back wheels clear if you’re riding slowly enough, but don’t
let that alarm you. After your back wheels clear the obstacle, you can evenly distribute
your weight on both feet again. As you progress, you’ll be able to ride off
of larger curbs and even big ledges. The higher you drop from, the more important
it is that you land properly to avoid hurting yourself or your skateboard. The best way to land from a height is to try to reduce
the impact on your joints and your board as much as possible. So when you hit the ground,
make sure to bend your knees to absorb the impact. Also, if you don’t want to snap the
tail of your board, while you’re dropping, you’re going to need to reposition your back
foot so that it’ll land over top of the back wheels. The biggest problem you can encounter when
attempting this trick is to have your weight either too far forward or way too far back.
If the front of your board is slamming into the landing area causing you to fall forward,
try keeping your weight farther back so that your front wheels are just barely coming off
of the ground. If the board is flying out in front of you make sure that you transition
to putting your weight evenly on both feet as you land. Stay tuned for more trick tips, please subscribe
if you haven’t already, and remember, have fun.


@Justin Lauria I just found out of your channel and It's Awesome!! i learned pretty much 75% of my tricks here cuz in other channels they don't really explain as well as you 😉 If you can do it, can you pls make a tutorial on the kickflip cuz it seems not that hard and i really suck soo I would be happy to learn it. continue with the vids bro!

Do I need to be abke to manuel or just know how to manuel befor watching this…… randomer whistering yes you do, ill kill u if you dont… I look at him DA FUDGE YOU GET INTOM MAH CRIB BRO ?!??!! I stand up turns out I was WAY taller than him he ran away…. thats how I have no window….

Just watched a few others videos on this topic (some with 100 times more views) but they weren't as comprehensive. It was great how you went over different spots to try, how to adjust for the different types of mistakes you are likely to encounter and the camera work / editing was clean as.

much more indept then most how to skate vids same with his vid on pumping he shows the science and math of why and how you get desired effect my only question is what kind of wheels is he riding they look wider then the ones I see in all the shops and iv been trying to find some wider wheels any suggestions

iv asked on some of your other videos ,idk if seen them but I wnted to know what kind of wheels your riding in this video

can we get a video on how to ride off a raised slope ( a curb on a decline ) ?
people make it look so easy but I've only been able to stick it once.

Wow this video is awesome, very helpful and left me without having to ask questions. I'm new to this YouTube thing, how do I subscribe? Great video :))

Dude your Skatepark is huge lots of room to Skate awesome in the UK concrete parks are no where near this big your very lucky that's why I Street Skate freedom?!!!! LOL

Dude your Skatepark is huge lots of room to Skate awesome in the UK concrete parks are no where near this big your very lucky that's why I Street Skate freedom?!!!! LOL

Y’all I just did this and fucking sprained my shit lmao make sure you don’t psyche yourself out and commit😂

thanks for the tips. Please make a video on how to exit a curb at different angles. I have no idea how to and can't commit to it

This is how u explain something
Not just waffle and perfect moves..i can appreciate the fact that you fall as well to show NOT how do do things..keep em coming
.you are the premier skate channel!

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