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How to Roller Skate : How to Roller Skate Backwards

How to Roller Skate : How to Roller Skate Backwards

Hi, I’m Rahel Cook here on behalf of Expert
Village. Today I’m here to talk about how to roller skate, more specifically, going
backwards. Going backwards is sometimes more difficult than going forwards and often you’re
likely to fall. Again, don’t be afraid of falling. The fear of falling is far worse
than the fall itself. The first thing that you need to do is be in a very comfortable
stance. Making sure your knees are not locked and that your body is soft, it’s not ridged
like a robot. Then, while you’re in a stopped position, there are two ways of actually getting
going backwards. The first and easiest and best for a beginner is to attempt to make
a figure eight with your legs. That is taking both feet while on skates and pushing them
out to the sides and then bringing them back in and then pushing them out to the sides
and then bringing them back in. Another way of attempting to go backwards from a stopped
position would be to move only one leg. You would move it in sort of a “w” or a backwards
“3” depending on which legs is your dominate leg. Keeping all of your weight positioned
on one leg or the other, you would move the leg that has no weight on it away from your
body and then back in and then away from your body and back in while constantly keeping
most of your weight on one leg or the other. And that is how you go backwards.


something about falling on roller skates or rollerblades:
when you're losing your balance, try to just sit down on the ground. you fall in a controled way, in stead of falling randomly. this way you've got let chances of hurting yourself

The fear of falling is often worse than the fall itself… unless you happen to fall down twenty stairs, ride the rail on your groin, and/or face plant at the end of said stairs.

shes right about the one-leg thing. thats how i get going backwards from a still position on my in-line sk8s, although, that 1st way doesnt really work for in-line sk8s.
for all begginers, theres nothing to be afraid of when it comes to falling as long as you are wearing protective gear. once you fall the 1st time, the rest will be really easy to get back up from.

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I would like to ask what is the brand of your skates? I am a Figure skater and I wanted to try roller skates. Do you know any website which I can order from. I am from the Philippines. I've been searching the net all i see are Roller skate toy. Can you suggest me a brand for starters.I'll be waiting for reply. BTW, I love your Videos. Keep it up. :))

does she lift her top up in any of these videos? That would make looking at her talking so much more enjoyable then being shown what she is yakking about.

@swellstuff I dont know what kind hers are…but a very good brand is Vanilla Skates. Thats the kind i have. They work very well. a webiste where you can buy there skates,wheels, laces, ect. is usaproshop . com

ive learnt falling techniques when i learnt to rollerskate, my advice to fall when going backwards is to land on the hand you dont write with. land on your arm (not the hand)and tuck in the rest of your body. This will minimise the chances of breaking something or seriously injurying urself

It's about time learning to skate backwards. I go to this rink, where all these backward skaters go really fast, and make me lose focus, by falling down x–x.

I tried to learn yesterday using the figure-eight method but couldn't get it. I don't know what I'm doing wrong; the best way to describe what I think is wrong is that I'm putting too much sideways force on moving in and out, because it feels like dragging a rubber-bottomed object with 130 pounds of force on top by my legs, not rolling. I don't move, all I do is strain my inner upper legs. Everyone makes it seem like I'm an idiot for not being able to get it. Can anyone tell me what to correct?

Lol. Who doesn't know how to roller skate? If you want a real challenge than go on roller hockey skates or ice hockey skates. Roller skating is for fun. Not that serious at all…

Falling isn't so bad i busted my ass several times learning how to roller skate ive fallen backwards forwards even while turning i just laugh it off and start over

you dint show us how to turn or switch from front to back and you skate like a ameture you look like you might fall at any min. you suck

@thorjuan5 Thanks ^_^ Lol I got very discouraged when my friend who said he used to "suck" showed me a video of when he "sucked" and he was really good.

@dallas890dp she seems like shes got a boner in her pants and she doesnt want people to notice

Rahel, your cute. Will you be my skate date? If skating doesn't work out we can go gocart racing! >;)

@xevablex when learning you have to fall in order to perfect it. Some fall some don't all depends on the person, but never be afraid to fall. I've fallen and now skate with no problem!

why the hell don't this woman have elbowpads, kneepads and a helmet on ?! plus, this is easier to do if you don't do it exactly like her, but squat down more with more bend in the knees, plus keep your back straight…remember its your ass that's supposed to be closer to the ground, not your face. proper body positioning is key to skate easier and prevent falling in a way that could cause serious injuries.

Ok don't look back? what? i can backwards skate reaaalllyly good & when I'm at skating rinks && stuff. I HAVE to look back cuz, ya gotta watch where you're going .

Im going skating tomorrow with some friends, and i can skate quite well, but I will be the worst skater there. I dont understand when doing the easy way how you are pushing yourself backwards? Can someone explain tht??

I know its a bit late.. but if you are still skating, I find it much easier to skate forwards and then quickly do like a little jump around and twist the other way and keep going! you might fall over the first few times but I found it much easier than starting off backwards:D

How I skate backwards is: I first pick a shoulder I want to look over while I skate backwards. Then I keep my feet a bit apart with on skate a little more twards me than the other. Than I push with the one twards me and keep pushing the skates away then back.

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