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How to Rollerblade : Bicycle Move for Rollerblading: Learn How to Rollerblade: Free Skating Video

How to Rollerblade : Bicycle Move for Rollerblading: Learn How to Rollerblade: Free Skating Video

Hey guys Adam Silverstein here again from In this next clip I am going to teach you an actual trick called
a bicycle. Now in this technique you are going to be balancing on the front wheel of one
skate and the back wheel of the other. But it sounds difficult, but it is actually a
very fun technique that can be fun with recreational skating around. Now what you are going to
do is balance with your back foot on your front wheel and your front foot on your back
wheel. It is hard to do standing still but when you are moving it is very cool so now
watch me give you demonstration of it in motion. I am going to start over here, get a little
speed just like before by pushing off. Now I am going to bring my front foot up and my
back foot down and I am going be in a bicycle motion. Very cool. Right guys.


ok but i have to skate for school roller hocky and i never been in blades before but i could do that first try

he sounds like those corny 80's """cool kids""""who always annoy the hell out of you. but he has a cool moves

Manual ^^ This is very easy trick 🙂 But this film is very good:) really good tutorial 🙂

The guy is just doing videos for beginning skaters, and hes trying to be as slow and descriptive as he can for one. I don't know what people have against him, nor why all these pros are flaunting about their experience in beginner videos.

lol actually perfect practice makes perfect you can practice for years and all u really do is fall cause your not doing it right but you have to be sure that you r doing it right to make perfect lol.

Good to see people that take time an energy to show the very basics of something and don't take it for fuckin' granted. I don't know shit about rollerblades but now it feels good to have all the theory in mind before beginning, and that's thanks to you.

And your way of dressing and talking is sooooooo old-fashioned, soooooo funny. I love it, seriously =]


VERY cool, rigggghhhhtt lmao, love the clothes and accent and funny hand movements, but its great that he's taking time out to help beginners and that is cool

i think that the reasen that he speaks with thoose words is 'cause people from allover the world will now what he is saing..

i though an ugly face wanna be demon was going to sceam and shout to scare the shit out of me but it didn't , he actually did try to learn us something. Thnx.

Ok so I can't tell whether I want to hit him, or hug him……Oh who am i kidding. COME HERE YOU GREAT BIG RETRO LUG! GIMME SOME LOVE!

hey if some oen is good at rollerskating (freestyle) can you tip me about what sort of roller blades you should have and stuff?,
and is there any diffrence on inlines with 2 weels and four wheels? please reply

I really love this guy. Genuinely.
All the other expert village dudes are boring, but he's fun and a bit silly, but there is nothing wrong with that :3

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