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How to Rollerblade : Jumping Onto a Curb: Learn How to Rollerblade: Free Rollerblading Video Lesson

How to Rollerblade : Jumping Onto a Curb: Learn How to Rollerblade: Free Rollerblading Video Lesson

Hey guys Adam Silverstein here again on behalf
of Now I just showed you guys how to jump. In this next step I am going
to show you how to actually jump on to the different elevated surface. This is when it
gets a little tricky so hang with me. What we need to do is exactly what we did before
when we jumped. We bend our knees, keeping our feet together, jump and bring them up
under us. Okay and now we have to compensate for a different surface so what we are going
to do is when we are coming down and landing we are going to keep our knees super bent
to compensate for the change in the elevation. Now watch it as I do it over here and watch
how my body reacts when I come up to the second surface. So we are going to push off just
like before, jump with both feet and land on the other surface. Nice. Nice. Now, now
what you have got to remember is when you are jumping up higher like that on to an elevated
ground you are going to have land a little lower so you are going to bend your knees
even more suctioning to the ground. Watch me do it one more time. So I push off, both
knees together, jump on to the surface. Awesome.


me,I Need This Tutorial I"m Just Begining Today,And i Need Some Tutorial To Jumping And Stopping And Somethings Like This

I totally agree with yo.
So the guy is a pro and a teacher and he rides very much. This is YTube; he's not helping!!!

go watch barely dead then you'll see why we're so disgraced. and to watch REAL rollerblading, go watch brain shima, jon jon balino, etc. not this tool and disgrace

IF you didnt notive… this is just a begginer's HOW TO… you know? ;P he is not trying to show pro tricks or nothing. you fucking troll

yeah, but if youre gonna be teaching beginners you should be able to do the moves with style. this dude just sucks and is hard to listen to.

LOOK AT HIS CLOTHES! GOD! And roller blading is easy lol ive only roller skated twice (last year and this week (my school does this rolling skating thing once a year)) and I can do 180 jumps to pivot out on my own lol

@xXmxrider21Xx was this tutorial nessasary? no it wasn't Idc about ur backflip grinding or whatever that is its still easyer than skating or BMX

dont really need to jump.. just one leg up and ta da~ just like walking..

what for waste time jumping over this small little step. .

@d34dm00s3 hey any one i was wondering … i know its annoying for people to ask random question but i am 14 and its nearly crimbo and i was wondering what make of skates i should get cos i just want to skate around and stuff not do ramps. oh and does anyone know if roces madrids are any good?

Uh ? You need a helmet to do that ? Fuck me !
LOL, jump on a sidewalk…Bahahahaha !

I thought he was going to jump on a rail and slide on it … Oh, Man ! This is lame !

can you give me some tips on where to find a similar wardrobe? I think it would really help me jump on the curb better.

onto the surface.. AWSOME!! That was greaaaat, did u see that? he actually… omg.. he just.. wow that's so hard to do… my both legs are broken and i have no more arms because i failed at that =)) i should've listen to this guy before

onto the surface.. AWSOME!! You are the best man!! I see the video and tell me to myself if he can, I can!! And today I say: onto the surface.. AWSOME.. creating school man!!! Fuck yeah!!!

omg this guy is like the best skater ever better than chris haffey jumping onto a curb is so solid i will never be able to do that

@winrycool how long have you been skating?
try to lean foward more and place your hands in front of you and move them like you're running.
it takes a while to build up speed.

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