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How to Rollerblade : Jumping: Rollerblading Tips & Techniques: Free Online Rollerblading Video

How to Rollerblade : Jumping: Rollerblading Tips & Techniques: Free Online Rollerblading Video

Hey guys Adam Silverstein here again on behalf
of Now in this next clip I am going to show you guys how to jump. This
is a technique that can come in handy for beginners or advanced rollerbladers. As a
beginner it can come in handy for recreation or for avoiding certain obstacles that may
get in your way. Now the biggest part about jumping is remembering to keep your feet together.
You are going to bend your knees, only thing you are suctioning down to the ground. Once
you get down real low, you are going to push off from just like you would with your feet
unlike your shoes or anything and bring your feet up under you. Now watch we demonstrate,
I am going to push off keeping my feet together, bend my knees bring my feet under in. Oh,
yeah, and you guys try it at home and watch me do it once more time. Get some speed, knees
bent with both feet up together jump. Yeah.


are u serious>? This is the gayest video on this website. please, your embarassing people(rollerbladers) by having this shit. Booo this man!

yea it mite b a free vid u u gotta pay ME for watching it cuz that was seriously the biggest waste of time in the world

since you rollerblade, can i ask you a question?

i used to inline, but i started skating and now i kinda wanna try inline again, so where can i get some aggressive skating blades?

Depends where you live..

If there aren't any close shops that sell aggressive skates.. you can always get them off the internet

ok for all of u fucktards that think this guy sucks , wy dont u make a video tutorial if u are better ?
yea , i know ๐Ÿ™‚
u suck , but u just want to have fun of somebody that is better than u
this is just How to for beginers.

guys stop hating show me a fucken tutorial video and i'll tell u if its better,wait I can tell u already…………..NO ITS NOT………………………..STOP HATIN ON THE GUY FOR TRYIN TO TEACH SOME BEGENNERS

Oh my god, Thank you so fuckin much, I forgot to jump and you help me remember, thanks a lot. And the GSA called… They want their rental clothes back.

anyone that can teach something to even one person has accomplished something. as i get older, i learn to appreciate the small things that people have to offer. life is too short to nit-pick at the little things that we take for granted. so u say he's a fag? what makes you judge an innocent person? lack of self-confidence or the fact that you have nothing to offer>? this young man could be teaching ur kid to roll a blunt…maybe you'd appreciate that???

this guy is awesome and he's just explaining stuff pretty well… dont get some of you people that like mocking at others…

I started with this yesterday!!! "jump YEAAHH!!!" You are the best man!! creating school!!! For begginer you are the man!!!

This is exactly why inline skating is dying. Whey so called expert advice comes in the form of a 'clown' the entire recreation is reduced to a joke. Do us all a favor and delete these vids so actual help can be found.

lol, fk amasing! fk hilarious!, i did this …i broke my chin rollerblading on those crap

nonfullface "helmets", hoping im fine i will return to

roll, now with a fullface bmx or so helmet? thanks alot,

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