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How to Rollerblade : One Footed Glide: Learn How to Rollerblade: Free Rollerblading Online Video

How to Rollerblade : One Footed Glide: Learn How to Rollerblade: Free Rollerblading Online Video

Hey guys Adam Silverstein here again on behalf
of In this next clip I am going to show you guys how to glide almost
on one foot. So here is what we are going to do. It is important to remember that when
we are doing this trick that you are going to putting your weight over to one foot that
stays on the ground so what you are going to do with your other foot is pick it up behind
you. Practice by yourself to standing still in motion of bringing this foot up. As you
bring your one foot up your weight shifts over to the foot that is planted on the ground.
It is going to be difficult now, but it gets easier when you are actually in motion. Alright
now watch me demonstrate. What we are going to do is push up against the speed and then
pick that foot just like we have practiced before. Remember to keep your weight on the
foot planted on the ground. So we push, pick the foot up and glide. Yeah. See how much
easier it is now in moving awesome trick.


To be honest, his accent (complete with hand movements) is like, totally excellent!

Being serious, these few videos are a really good way of learning the basics. If you're new to this then watch them all, he takes it right from the very beginning.

Very useful.

he looks like a guy from late 70´s… what a nice clothes…looks like an idiot 😀 but its good becouse his clothes burn very well..its pure nylon 😀

o well..this is good training for your weak leg…you may be better with the left [ just an example ] ..try doing it more with the right

he sounds like that guy from napoleon dynamite… that kick boxing dude with the us flag pants… 😛 i never said thats a bad thing 😉 lol

stfu kids are the ones who usually are beginners so he's talking like that and not teaching 180 rail grinds.

hes teaching begginers of course is easy for intermediate and advance he do a great job teaching. but hes talking remind me of bill and ted excellent adventure

Lol Mohraf123 dont forget how to eat,
watch you muscles carefully for this one(if u can see them..)apply pressure in you mouth jaws to chew the food with your tounge churning the food,Now you can eat(smiles)

he said "doing this trick", but his over enthusiasm made it sound like "when we're doing thishrik"

OMG! You really suck at this! How do I know, well, I´m a member of Stockholm Inlines Skaters Team and we´re on of the best in Sweden. So I know what I´m talking about… My point YOU SUCK. Go home and learn how to skate!

Is it just me, or does he look like that guy from Power Rangers? The green one in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. And before you ask, I loved it when I was little.

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