How to Rollerblade : Weaving Through Obstacles: Learn How to Rollerblade: Tips & Techniques

Hey guys Adam Silverstein here again on behalf
of Now in this next clip I am going to show you guys a weaving technique
which is really a combination of different turns and variations of speed. Behind me is
a set of cones a long course which I can use to demonstrate this technique. What is important
to do is realize that most of this takes place in the shoulders. So as we are skating through
the cones we are going to really change the directions of the shoulders to guide our body
and our skates through those cones. It also has a lot to do with the weight. So you are
going to get low and put weight on the outside skate to push them the opposite direction.
Watch as I do demonstration behind me. Now I am going to get some speed and go ?? (0055)
with my shoulders facing in the direction I want to go and my outside foot with most
of the weight on it. So watch as I keep my knees bent the same as before just to keep
my center of gravity here. Now watch, shoulders turned in, foot pushes out, shoulders turn
in, foot pushes out, alright, alright, yeah.

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