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ah okay so someone saying I’m okay with
bikes if we get a get a lunch break number two with Moe and Moe doing rails
so that’s what we’re gonna do today oh is that your head ola youtube my name
is Ricardo Lino and a wheel addict i had something different
planned for today basically today i wanted to do a tutorial of how to do a
backside savannah but onto the evenings we skate in Capetown we usually go to
this skate park where my shop used to be called the Shred and are choosing me
skate so last night i went with my wife with my daughter and there’s like these
kids the USD kids michael and elijah jock was there and we were skating it
was like I was on roller skates in fact and I wasn’t using your helmet then by
the other day while just playing around I was just doing some stuff with the tow
stops just spinning around and I had the most stupid fall I felt like really
really slow just doing something and because I wasn’t using a helmet I tried
to avoid eating my head the back of my head and I ended up falling on my bum I
actually followed my ass so hard that I could barely walk they’re really good I
tried to do a lot of stretching after it what I could and and since like two
weeks ago Ritchie Arthur actually made a video
about how he can keep healthy and now we can skate better than ever with 36 years
old and he spoke about one of these you know what this is right foam roller so
what I did is I’ve been kind of using it maybe just google it and check what you
can do with this it actually helps a lot and Thank You Richie for the video that
you did so in case you’re not following Richie other is applauding I I would say
daily here on YouTube he does live streams he’s one of the best pro skaters
out there and he he gives some really good tips this was one of them and I
feel better I can actually walk as you saw at the beginning of this video but I
cannot do the backside to venner that I want to do in the last video that I did
I had someone okay there’s more than one this guy DCMA just said that I want to
make more tutorials as one of the things that I said and he was like then make an
ultimate tutorial of how to parallel parallel turn I mean I think it means
parallel slides and I was planning on doing it 2018 version of my out to
parallel slider then one about one and a half year ago almost in the beginning of
this channel which is one of the videos with the most views and you can see it
somewhere here I’m gonna leave it I’m gonna drop the link there so you’re
gonna see one of the suggestions but I want to make a new version of it because
I find out there’s new things that I do to do my parallel slides better but that
was there wasn’t it the thing is wait someone told me something I need to find
out ah okay so someone saying I’m okay with bikes if we get a get a lunch break
number two with Moe and Moe doing rails so that’s what we’re gonna do today I
don’t think he skates he doesn’t even know he’s like they’re
working and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go there and I’m gonna try to
teach me how to do way out in our play rail the plain rail is kind of broken
but try to find a way also he doesn’t have any skates so he’s gonna need to
use one of my pair of skates which is going to be easy for him you should know
the bigger the skate is the easiest it is because then you need to bend a
little bit less with wider so plates right so let’s see let me see
what no I have a challenge for you you don’t
have skates right okay so you’re gonna grab those skates right there you’re
gonna put some wheels that we have in that box in that box and I’m gonna
challenge you to learn how to do rails on that trail do you know where Royale
is what is it reales yeah yes so real think of a
parallel flat yeah that’s the reality on a rail or on the ledge so the challenge
is you learning out of the Royales on that rail back there on the P rail yeah
okay you know what because the the NS shadows so pitch which are super widened
because they are wider it’s going to be easier for you check this the groove is
really deep with white soleplate you don’t even need to band check this out
this is a Royale this is like the easiest game that
you’ll find just need one girl in front one wheel in the back let’s see stay
there let’s see if you can do a little trail there the first thing
that is gonna need to do is first gonna need to learn how to do the stall stall
means that it’s not gonna go in the same angle as the rail like if the rail is
like this is not gonna go like this basically if this is the rail is gonna
go like so you just gotta go forward to the rail jump into the rail and learn
how to have three points of contact in the rail the three points of contact are
the front foot which is bent on the inner edge of the frame and then the
back foot which is the royal food the backside food needs to have two points
of contact and those are the frame and the boot sometimes when people are
learning they are scared to bend and touch with the boot but the boot is
going to be your safety when you touch with the boot that is going to stop you
from slipping out and falling on your bum did you hear that oh yeah let’s see
if he was paying attention to what I was saying so he’s almost finishing with his
case then he’s gonna first learn how to do this toe again three points of
contact once the stall is super solid then we’ll see what’s coming it seems
clear to me really important tip obviously whenever
you skate you want your skates to be proper tight but when you’re learning it
Royale if your skates are not super super tight that’s not going to be a
problem especially when you’re learning how to stall if they are not as tight
for the first time that’s not really a problem so Moe maybe don’t touch your
skates way too much you need you don’t need to think of a parallel of life but
you’re gonna need to think that your good is gonna need to touch the floor
when you do write out what you need to know is both your feet gonna need to
turn the same way so if like my backside foot the way for him to go this way it’s
by turning my feet my my foots gonna need to turn this way or another way for
you to understand these is that your knees they don’t bend sideways so you
will not be able to do these with your knees like a lot of times you say yeah
but I can’t bend my knees sideways that’s perfectly normal
your knees gonna need to go in that direction so imagine your knees going 45
degrees in this direction knees go in a 45 degree angle obviously the more you
bent your knees the easiest it’s going to be for you to have your boot touching
when you have like a taller frame or a thinner royal plate or when you’re so
plated super thing then you’re gonna need to bend your knees more but think
about at 45 around 45 degrees in these directions so let’s see if Moe is
listening to this what I was just saying tamanna I keep on scratching think I
have fleas and in the adoption – oh let’s see what you got there
both major base release 45 degrees connection
nice not sure dude that’s a feet your knees go into the direction of the
scooters yes point your knees to better recognize yes touching now jump both feet at the
same time I’m never going to do it now yes easy again I’ll check these out
check this out I can barely walk okay let me see that
now what is wrong think yes but if you can link to the back if your back slice
is the truth is touching you say obviously you want to be centered it’s
going to be better but the booth needs to touch so don’t be scared of leaning
in the back you can just need to add the booth touching both of them think about
it your knees now they don’t go to the direction of the scooter now they need
to speed because we also speed man don’t start with your feet straight and then
bend the more important when you walk because check up check this one this is
really important this is a really common mistake on the real you walk like these
and then you won a bet the problem is when it goes from here to
here it’s easy to slip out so if you lock right away with the boot touching
it’s controlled from the beginning yeah from there into the right now you try to
do it first time is the 20-city Villarreal let’s see it better now let’s
sit Barrymore wait wait wait get it mom got it sit again I want to do
a perfect I want to see a perfect one but you stepped into it I don’t want to
see that pussy stuff that pussy stuff did both it at the same time no this is
what you’re doing I’m gonna do it in slow-mo and this is what you need to do yes
both feet need to jump can you do one thing before doing that just do the jump
over the rail from that side to this side without touching the ground just
jump over the rail no just jump over the rail see that’s both feet at the same
time you okay what did it around your knees need to be
in that direction you did it perfect the jump not your knees go that was almost
now the thing is no you’re locking it but then because you don’t put enough
pressure on it you lock it and then you unlock it and then you pull it back
again you need to lock make enough pressure right away straight up lock
with pressure on the back foot that was the rail so why do I keep being that guy
when it comes to jumping both feet at the same time because we’re the front
star Royale it’s actually really easy to just put one foot first
but now check this out no you do way out that way right yeah now imagine if you
do a background if you want to do a backside where do you think you can put
one foot at a time do you need to jump out at the same time right so just try
the soma yeah it’s the exact same thing that’s the switch way out this what’s
the backside way out oh is that your head I think it was to darkness are you
okay yeah back surreal you need the front side perfect no on the last video
more most got arrested today you’re both died against the plant so thank you
really important if you can learn something from this video other than
doing rails this is really really important every time that someone comes
to this shop on the bar skates we actually use these space to teach about
the skate but there’s one thing that we always told them we didn’t do and that’s
one thing is never learn how to skate next to sharp edges
don’t try to start skating grabbing walls or chairs or tables try to be in
the middle of nowhere and the reason why mo could have got hurt right now lucky
he didn’t hurt but hold it with your head against like a stab just like there
against the plant that can be really really dangerous and obviously we were
not too smart about it so don’t do that and that’s like a big lesson for you
guys today so I do hope that you guys enjoyed this video
man come on just leave a comment congratulate know and it’s first rail
the man is even sweating using toilet paper if you did enjoy the video do not
forget to subscribe to the channel give us some thumbs up if you liked it thumbs
down if you didn’t hopefully in one or two days I should be okay
be able to do that how to backside seven a video that I wanted to do today but
tomorrow’s video is going to be different and it’s going to be about
Trinity frames basically I’ll be making a video about all the Trinity frame
options that I have and why do I use them so if you want to see that one
tomorrow well I know that you’re subscribing but also press on that bell
on the side so you’ll get the notifications whenever I upload that one
and that’s it for today cheers guys and don’t forget why we all started skating
why even though because Cheers his coldly know and get 10% discount on all
the products that you want related to skating you can go on blade viscom or
attend skate calm Cheers


I saw a Royale trick tip here on YouTube with Brian Aragon & he said to keep your body in a "C" position. That helped me a lot when practicing it. Peace everybody!

GWAN MO!!!!! Been putting in work recently on royals and I’m having trouble with the angle of my knees… thanks for these tutorials, would be great if we could get some more 🤙🏽

Hey Ricardo. I hope you answer my question. what is regular and switch royale? my royale is pretty good when I bent my knies to left. But when I do royale like this 13:10 I fall on my a..
Can you please explain witch the regular and witch the switch are?

Lino set the example use protection on the videos. I'm enjoying all of them but you need to make sure you are safe too. I know it's much better without but like I said set the example

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