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How to Save Three Lives On Your Lunchbreak | Doctor Mike

How to Save Three Lives On Your Lunchbreak | Doctor Mike

– I wanna tell you how
you can be a superhero and potentially save three lives. That’s right, but before I tell you that I wanna share a really important story. (chilled music) There’s a 50 year old woman who’s otherwise healthy, living a good life, works out, eats well, in good shape, doesn’t
smoke, drinks in moderation, and she suddenly starts getting sick more and more often, with
upper respiratory infections. Sometimes viral, sometimes bacterial, needing antibiotics. She actually ends up in the emergency room and gets admitted into the hospital for pneumonia infection. Now this happens two, three, four times and then the family
realizes something’s wrong and they bring her to a specialist. The specialist runs a few tests and unfortunately the family’s notified that this lovely woman is
now diagnosed with leukemia. But a very specific form of leukemia, called CLL. This is a chronic form of leukemia where the person doesn’t necessarily have their life affected
much by the leukemia, meaning that they still
live a long healthy life, maybe with just slightly more infections than the average person. However, this person’s quite unfortunate. She had a form of CLL that was aggressive, and despite the fact that
she was supposed to live for another 20, 30 years with this illness she was starting to get
sick more and more often and it was taking ahold of her health. She needed to go for stem cell treatments, radiation treatments, even
chemotherapy at times. But there was one bit of her treatment that I wanna focus on, that I feel like doesn’t
get enough attention, and that’s transfusions. This woman had to go
for so many transfusions because every time she was suffering with low iron levels, low hemoglobin levels, it
was a danger to her health, and she needed to get
her blood transfused. The person that I’m talking to you about is actually my mom. I lost my mom to CLL when
I was in medical school. Her birthday just passed, so I’m really happy that
I’m able to do this video in her memory, and sort of remember her in a positive, uplifting, proactive way, so that if she’s watching she knows we’re doing this on
her behalf, and she can smile. She was a person that taught me a lot. And one of the things she
taught me, indirectly, is about the value of transfusions, not only in battling her illness, but also in feeling better. Because if you have low blood counts you feel extremely fatigued. It hurts your physical abilities, but also your mental health as well. In her sharing all these stories with me it taught me a valuable lesson, and that valuable lesson is that blood donation isn’t only important at times of crisis. Cancer patients, sickle cell patients, those that are going into labor, all of these people may
need blood transfusions. And we need to think about this. Why? Because only two to three percent of the age-eligible population in the US actually donates blood yearly. Why is that not enough? Because we need to transfuse blood every two seconds in this country. So if we’re not donating enough we can actually fall into a shortage where we won’t be able to help people. Just to put it in perspective for you, if someone’s involved in a
really serious car accident they may need up to 100 pints of blood. Now an entire human body, we
only have 10 pints of blood, and when we donate we only give one pint. So if you think about how much we need versus how much we have available it’s a very slippery slope
before we develop into a shortage if people aren’t donating. So for today’s video I
partnered up with the Red Cross to talk about the in’s
and out’s of giving blood. Now there’s many myths that I
hear propagated all the time about blood donations
that are simply untrue. So I’m here to set the record straight, explain to you what happens when you actually donate
blood, what you should expect and to see that the process
is actually quite simple, and I’m about to go do it. If you’re curious after the video make sure you jump into
that link in my description and check out what the
Red Cross is all about, and where you can donate blood as well. Before we jump into the myths I wanna go over how simple
the process to donate blood actually is. There’s only four steps. Registration, health check,
donating of the actual blood and then refreshments and snacks. For the registration process you’re gonna fill out some paperwork, read about donating
blood, write your address, show your ID, that sort of thing. The next step is your health check. So you’re gonna be
answering some questions about your health, about your medications, about your travel history. Don’t worry, this is all confidential. And the final part of that is they’re gonna check your vitals which include your temperature,
pulse, blood pressure. Even your hemoglobin level. Those are all cool things,
and important things to know. Step three is the bread and butter, the actual donation process, and it actually only lasts about eight to 10 minutes if
you’re donating whole blood. You’ll be seated, or even lying down, depending where you’re donating. Afterwards you’re gonna get a bandaid and it’s on to step four which is refreshments and recovery, where you get to hang
out, drink a sugary drink like an orange juice, have some snacks. Cookies are my favorite.
(Cookie Monster munching) They’ll watch you for
a short period of time and then you’re good to go. My recommendation, while
you’re eating that cookie, while you’re drinking that juice, take a selfie and share with your friends how you’re doing a great
deed by donating blood. Maybe actually guilt them
into doing so as well, so we can help more people. Let’s get on with it and tackle some myths right off the bat. Myth number one. It’s gonna take a lot
of time to donate blood. – It’s false. – Absolutely not. The whole process takes
anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour, and the actual donation takes eight to 10 minutes. Myth number two. I can’t donate blood
’cause I got a tattoo. – There’s no way that’s correct. – If you have a tattoo and it was done within the last 12 months but if it was done in a
state-regulated facility, you’re all good to donate. If it wasn’t done in a
state-regulated facility or you happen to live in a state where they don’t regulate tattoo parlors you do have to wait a year,
but you can still donate. Myth number three. I’m too old to donate. – Agree to disagree. – There’s really no such thing. Once you’re above the age of
17, and even 16 in some cases, you can start donating
for the rest of your life. As long as you meet the
other eligibility criteria of course. Myth number four. I wanted to hit the gym this week but if I donate today I
won’t be able to do it. (man wincing in pain)
(metal clanging) Not true. If you donate blood today the period of rest that’s recommended from high-intensity or vigorous activity is only 24 hours. And we do that so your body
can rebuild up it’s plasma so that your blood pressure
doesn’t drop too low. After that 24 hours you’re good to get on that fitness grind.
(tongue clicking) Myth number five. I don’t have a rare blood
type so it’s no use to donate. – Pure fiction. – This is absolutely false. No matter your blood type
your blood is still valuable and we need it. Yes, O negative blood
is the universal donor, and that’s the one we give
in the trauma situations where we don’t have time to figure out the patients
blood type in the moment, but we need every single blood type so don’t let that discourage you. Myth six. I’m taking a medication so I can’t donate. – It’s a made up tale. – In almost all cases, even
if you’re on a medication, you’re still gonna be good to donate. Your eligibility may depend
on what your condition is that you’re taking the medication for, but the medication itself will never really disqualify you. In some instances there
may be a waiting period, but otherwise, again, you’re good to go. And if you’re concerned ask the Red Cross folks. They’ll answer all of your questions. I’m actually gonna be donating
blood in the near future in memory of my mom, and I kinda wanna let you
guys know where I’m doing it. Sort of do like a little meet-and-greet, and donating blood, take some selfies, doing all that. But I wanna give you a challenge first. Get this video to 100,000 likes and I will reveal to you
where I’m donating my blood so you can come with me, donate together, take some selfies, have a good time, share it on social media,
and all that good stuff. But for now, check out my hospital vlog if you missed it, and
if you wanna laugh about a nice little video, click here. And as always, stay happy and healthy. (chilled music)


Ahh I really really want to donate, but I just can’t you know, I have been scared of needles and blood ever since I can remember I just can’t I want to but

blood donation is so important! if you can do it, do it now! i'm sorry for your loss dr mike. she must have been an amazing woman because she raised an amazing son.

@Doctor Mike, I have been thinking about this question for a while and I need answers. If a person is stabbed would it help slow the bleeding to apply an ice-pack? I know it helps with small cuts.

I am suppose to be studying right now as I want to be a phlebotomist…

My brain: You can get so much done today since you got off work early!

My heart, my phone in my hand, my brain: Lets see what I learn from Doctor Mike today it’s still studying🤔😌

3 hours later… I binge watched so many videos and learned so much♥️

Doctor Mike, I hope one day I get a chance to meet you! You inspire me everyday to be great at what I plan to do in the medical field, even if it’s such a small position. I just hope one day I am able to make a difference as you do for many! Much love and thank you for all the knowledge you have given me😊💯

I actually can't donate blood because I grew up in Germany during the Mad Cow outbreak. I've run/facilitated/volunteered at blood drives in the past to make up for this fact tho and I'm on the marrow donor list so I can at least help in that way!

I'm so mad. I've always wanted to donate blood, but I'm hella anemic. Now I have too many other medical issues, so I'm useless D:

I donated blood at my highschool today because of this video. I got all teary eyed when the nurse said that i could save someones life with my own blood.. I am going to be a regular donor📍🏥

I have always wanted to donate blood but my doctors and Red Cross both have told me that do to my health issues I cant donate. Ive tried and after the registration and the health check ive been denied. It really bums me out because i do want to donate

Hi Dr. Mike. I'm beginning to become worried for my sister. Lately for the past couple of months, she has been experiencing extreme head pains, dizziness, red eyes, and a vomiting sensation out of nowhere. Do you possibly have an idea if what could be happening because I'm worried that it could be high blood pressure. Thanks

I have given around 60mL for tests and was feeling very faint and couldn't stand up for about 15 min. Donating over 400mL makes me feel like I'll pass out for sure:(

i was watching chicago fire and they brought a patient out of a fire and was checking their vitals. I was like chest compressions chest compressions chest compressions

Dr. Mike I have what’s called an oligodendroglioma. It’s in my brain and the doctor won’t do treatment. But it’s considered childhood cancer. I am extremely confused. Can you help me out?

while in med school, my professor told us to never put our hands in our scrub pockets while walking or whenever we are free. She said it was unprofessional and that doctors frown upon it, Is this true?

I'm a man who has sex with men. I legally cant give blood unless I am abstinent for a year. At least I'm not permanently banned from it like how it used to be


—> My little sister (she is 9 now) was born with an insufficient immune system (immunosuppressed) Therefore, she had to have immunoglobulin transfused every week for 6 years.
EVERY bottle she had transfused required more than a Thousand donations. My little sister would possibly not be alive today without wonderful people donating blood every year. ❤️

I donate platelets, but lately have been having trouble with the scrub area of my left medial cubital. My right will not work for a needle. I keep having something akin to a rash, or will have a single pimple, they come and go. I do not have sensitive skin, and do not have any laundry soap allergies so far. How can I care for that area so I do not keep being turned away. Can you perhaps ask a dermatologist?

Please do donate! My niece was in need of blood transfusions weekly for a year and a half at the age of 3, so a ton of people saved her life! I'm eternally grateful to those people who saved her life and grateful to those who donate now.

Can I still donate blood with Colitis? (The doctor said I have non-specific Colitis just in case that makes a difference)

I always want to give blood because I understand the importance but I’m always told that I’m underweight

4:45 caught me of gaurd!!!…

dr. mik pls… do it to me

dr. mike: Grunts and snaps one of my ribs *CHEST COMPRESSIONS!!!!!*

I'm 21 and already donated 7 times 😏 .. but I'm Canadian haha sorry US 🇨🇦😅 Seriously tho, it takes me about 20 mins now for the whole process of a donation, plus the snacks are yummy 😋

help 🙁
medical student here. which is more important to rule out first in a patient presenting with hx of bedwetting, increased thirst and frequency, but normal appetite, no weight changes. has headache and blurred vision ?
papilledema or dehydration ?

Hey Doctor Mike you should do a rank list of the weirdest diseases all of us will just watch you scroll through the diseases and explaining all of them if you know about them


My problem is that I'm too young, I've always wanted to donate blood. I have a extreme nose bleed problem (my clotting is still fine tho) so I'm used to having lower blood count than normal

Wants to donate blood.
Does not want to support the capitalist reselling of my body material to the sick for profit.
Is there a way that my donated blood will be given to the patient for free or at cost?

Thank you so much for making this video! I have been a regular platelet donor through the American Red Cross for the past year, it is my favorite way to spend a Saturday morning. Yes, it takes about 2.5 hours because platelet donations take longer than whole blood donations, but I spend the time donating a life-saving product that can't be manufactured in a lab, and I get to be all snuggled up in blankets watching a movie. Like whole blood, platelet donations are always needed.

Dr. Mike, I have a question! I spent 6 months in the U.K. in the mid-80's at the height of the Mad Cow scare and when I got back to the U.S. they wouldn't let me donate blood because I admitted to having eaten cow and sheep. I have tried since then to donate and I STILL get people who are skittish & downright refuse my blood because they say CJD (Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease) can remain dormant in your system for decades. That sounds crazy! Is this true?????
(I obviously don't want to transmit anything to an innocent person so I haven't pushed the issue but I show no symptoms at all)

You should keep yoursef hydrated the week leading to your donation. You will also need to have a good meal (preferably savoury) and about 3 glasses of water, in the 3 hrs before your donation. If you don't, you are very likely to experience shock and fainting.
For ladies (especially young) who decide to donate on regular basis, you may need to eat a diet rich in iron, after your donation. Alternatively you may need iron supplements.
You should also inform the red cross if you get sick within 1-2 weeks after the donation, as your blood is not tested for all pathogens and you don't want the person receiving the transfusion to get even more sick.

Doctor Mike, can you donate if you're hemochromatic (a person with hereditary hemochromatosis) ? I've heard from family members who also have this condition that they draw regularly to reduce blood iron, that don't really use the blood, but in cases like your mothers it stands to reason high blood iron would be beneficial. This is such a niche genetic disorder and I'm not sure if you will know, but I thought I'd ask. Thanks!

I wish I could donate blood but I've been anemic before and they told me I can't donate :/ If anyone is anemic, they are not eligible. It's better to wait to correct your anemia and check with your dr. before doing so.

I’m very afraid of needles but after seeing my mom getting a blood transfusion when she was sick in the hospital, it made me wanna give back. So I donated for the first time on Valentines Day when the donation truck came by to my school. Made me feel good tbh. And it helped me get over my fear a little so that’s an added bonus.

Hey, Doctor Mike! I am a highschool student that is really wanting to go into medicine. More specifically, I want to be a family physician. I was wondering how I can prepare with study skills, schedual making, etc?
Also, how much sleep should I be getting? (I get around 7 hours a night). I am 14, a sophmore and female.
Love your videos! It is so nice to see all these doctors do it. You and Dr. Buck Parker are my favourite. Thanks for all you do!

I once took my friend to an urgent care and the nurse told me that the staff held superstitions regarding several of the rooms. For example, if you're put in room 6 you're bound to be deathly sick, if you're put in room 3 your test results won't come back good, etc. Do you or your staff have any work-related superstitions, even just fun ones?

Hey, Doctor Mike. I have a question. I've donated blood and no matter what I'll keep doing it. but… is it true that behind the scenes there is some blood based economy between hospitals and institutions that require the blood?

Could you talk about MRC-5 and “cancer laced” vaccines? Some Nurse, I believe her name is Rachel Celler has said when we get vaccinated we are injecting cancer and that’s why we get cancer or something like that. Thanks!

This had been such a great video Mike!
Increase the awareness of the importance of donating blood. It’s true it’s never enough and that little gesture can save multiple lives! Your mum I’m sure was looking proud at you from Heaven! Loved the support to the American Red Cross too! I support the British Red Cross and did 7 amazing years of volunteering in the Italian Red Cross before to start the Nursing school! There’s not such a thing than give the best of yourself to the others!
Well done Mike! I’m proud of you! Let’s move those waves of the ocean to activate a tsunami of good actions! You from there and me from here!! The more we are the best!!! Ciao!!!

Hey doctor mike, what are your thoughts on some school policies that people with long hair have to tie it back? I know it helps prevent the spread of lice and things like that but it gives me really bad headaches. Should I be concerned? Love your videos!!

Follow this link here to find out about donating blood in Australia: Hopefully some of us can donate blood for your drive too, only of course it will help Australians in need. I'm sorry to hear about your Mum's struggles; she sounds like she was an awesome lady.

I wanted to donate blood about a month ago but couldn't because I was (still am ) 20 lbs lighter than the recommended weight for someone my height to donate blood, I am a teen so I'm not too worried about it, but still I was looking forward to it.

Hi Dr. Mike! Question. Can Carotid sinus massage stop a panic attact or calm a onset of heavey heart beating? Love your channel!!

i have a question about sleep that you didn’t address in your previous sleep video:
on most iphones, (in settings) you can ‘turn off blue light’.
does it actually work?

I can not donate blood. I am underweight and I need to get my hemoglobin situation sorted out. However this did not stop me and I volunteer with Red Crescent to help others and I am so happy that I am able to help in a way.

Doc Mike, please make a video containing your opinions on the Palm Reading App and similar apps. Lately I've been seeing a lot of shady health, exercise and diet apps, and on the one hand my strongest impulse is to toss them aside as complete rubbish but on the other I can understand why the have a certain appeal, as well. If you'd take a look at at least that app and share your views, that'd be great.

I tried to give blood, but apparently there's this thing where tall, slender bodies prefer lying on the ground to being helpful after getting punctured.

I'm about to go and donate blood for a month now but I can't get rid of this nasty cold…. :'( The first question they ask from a donor is "are you feeling healthy" so I'm pretty sure they would rule me out. but I'm a regulad donor since I'm older than 18 (this is the age limit in my country)

I used to really enjoy giving blood at my school's blood drives. Unfortunately due to some health reasons, I can't right now. But if you are blessed to be able to, it's very gratifying and easy.

I have O negative blood. There is an upside and a downside. The good news, I can donate blood and anyone can accept it! The downside, if i need a transfusion there is more likely to be less available because i can only accept the rarest type.

I am a blooddonor and an orgondonor. We have a system here in The Netherlands that when your type of blood is running low. You get an inventation to give blood. I am an donor for 3 years now and never gave blood… Because I never got an inventation. Then I thought I would become an stamcell donor, so I looked up some info and stuff and I wanted to become a donor. Turns out I am to fat…

Yes! It’s so important to donate blood and blood products! For years I donated platelets but will no longer be able to do so since I was just diagnosed with a similar leukemia to CLL, I have CML. Thank you to anyone who donates! You really do save lives!

I totally agree with you, it's super important that whoever can donate …should!
I'm from Poland and just moved to USA 2 years ago. I've always donated blood back home, the tradition runs in my family, but when I went to one of the red cross donations and admitted that I'm from Poland…they said I will never be allowed to donate blood in here! Simply because I was born in a certain time, when they had some disease going on in England!!!! Nothing to do with me, I'd love to help others, but unfortunately nothing i can do about it. Sad

Y'all should check out "Be the Match" it's an organization that works to match healthy individuals with people with blood disorders and cancers like lukemia. I got matched with someone for a bone marrow transplant but was unable to do the donation due to health issues. 🙁 But I encourage people to join. You could save someone's life.

Hey doctor… I’ve recently watched your video on supplements and you know, the “fake news” of teas, but what about alternative medicines? What is your medical perspective on other medicines such as CBD?

We had a blood drive at a work place few years back but I got turned away by an application. I got to a question about living in Europe in the 90s. Well I grew up in Europe in the 90s so I had to check “yes” and that’s about as far as the person went checking my info…😕

I got told as a teen that the pill I take for my skin isn't the best if I donate blood so I've never donated blood in my 27 years

I'm 16 and donated blood last week. My body didn't take it well but I'm still gonna donate again and I'm glad I did.

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