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How to Skate on a Snowboard – How to Snowboard

How to Skate on a Snowboard – How to Snowboard

Welcome to SnowboardProCamp! This is Kevin. I’m a snowboard coach in Whistler BC and
in this video I’ll show you how to skate on your snowboard. Skating is the first thing you want to
practice on your snowboard. It gets you to and from the chairlift and around any flat areas of the mountain. To skate, strap your front foot into your
snowboard and push your board along with your free foot. Start by skating with your free foot
behind your snowboard. You can also dig your heal edge in a bit to help stop your snowboard from sliding. As you
skate keep most of your weight on your free foot. This will keep your snowboard from sliding
away from you. You can also skate with your free foot in
front of your snowboard. Again keeping most of you weight on your
free foot. This time digging your toe edge in a bit. It’s your preference whether you skate with
your free foot in front or behind your board. You can also walk your snowboard up hills. First place your snowboard across the hill. Start with your free foot in front of your
board. Walk up the hill, lifting your board and
digging your toe edge into the snow. Practice skating on a snowboard until
you really have the hang of it Leave any questions about this video in
the comment box below. Subscribe to SnowboardProCamp to check
out upcoming videos. Check out the next video in the beginner
series which will help prepare you for the chairlift.


Just wanted to say thanks I going snowboarding with friends and it will be my first time and your vids are going to help me if if their is everything else I need to know plz tell me thank you. Good vids keep up the good work

Great vids! This brings back memories. I learnt to snowboard while recovering from a calf tear so I couldn't jump my way to the travellator and had to pretty much slooooowly do this each time I hit the end of a run.

I just signed up for a 5 days camp for snowboarding. I'm so scared of falling a lot and embarrassing myself. Any tips for a super nervous noob?

No that's not it really to be honest, I'm right footed but I go regular (left foot first). Regular as you may hear is the most common way to skate or snowboard while right first (goofie) is not as common. Also it's not about feet or leg strength which stance you are, it's what you prefer and think is easier in most circumstances.

i skateboard so i skate mongo footed whitch means i push with my front foot could i do the same thing on a snowboard or does it have to be my backfoot

It doesn't really work the same as a skateboard because your foot is strapped into the snowboard. Your leg will just be all twisted funny trying to do it mongo style.

Thank you for posting this! I have watched all your tutorials, went last weekend on snowboard for the first time, I was self taught but with your help I manage to understand the basic of snowboarding 🙂 Really best tutorials on youtube!

If you skate left then you probably snowboard left. I do have some friends who skate left and snowboard right though.

Thanks guys. Yesterday I watched your backside 360 video, and today I landed my first one off a small ramp I made in my front yard.

You can do this, or get a FLOW bindings and just strap in and out very easily whenever you want and just walk uphill.

Why you pretending to be a beginner(with your movement), you should show us how it`s done by being your self, it would be more easier for us to understand that all this movements has to come naturally

What am I doing wrong?  I can't snowboard with my foot not in the binding, if my foots is on the stomp pad, or if Im moving my foot onto the stomp after pushing to glide for a bit I almost always start to spin, go sideways and end up going backwards…I feel like I have to lean forward and get on my tipi toes to even start to go straight.  I do fine when both feet are strapped in 😛

I scate with my foot in front, and i tqisted my ancle whilst getting off a t-bar is there anything i can do to avoide this?

Wait, so first off let me announce that I ride skateboards. One problem though, I ride mongo. Is it possible to ride mongo on a snowboard? (That means I push using the foot that goes to the front of the board.)

is it possible to learn how to snowboard and run down blue & red slopes in a week?
I really wanna try it, i skied before but it looks alot more fun.. 😀

Kevin I have a weird issue bothering me. I ride regular but I can only skate on snowboard goofy! I'm still a beginner who just starting linking my turns towards intermediate runs. Is this issue normal or something I can do to fix?

I went snowboarding for the first time yesterday and I'm a skier, so I watched a bunch of your videos and this one helped me SO MUCH in getting from run to run

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