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How to Skateboard in a Video Game!!

How to Skateboard in a Video Game!!


BOSSO!! The "automatic" manual was just choice, plus the sound effects! I want to win a skateboard to skate for heavens sake!!!

My favourite part was definitely the rick to morty trick haha. I want to win a skate board because I've always wanted to try skateboarding but don't have a board or any other friends who have one and I really really want to learn

I use to skateboard when i was younger. Now my 6-year-old is interested and it would be awesome to get some tech by Shonduras ๐Ÿ˜€

entry for giveaway: my favorite part of the video was: the accuracy of the goofyness of old tony hawk videogames and how you roasted it ๐Ÿ˜› and i wanna win the skateboard, because i left skateboarding when i was 15 (2005) because of an injury, now i got back into skateboarding after an break of 15 years. but now im a father and have to pay bills and the powerprovider wants an additional payment from they dont cut off the power of my flat. :/ greetings

The part when you can choose the character i want to win cause i want to start skating but iT's not easy to buy skating Thomas in the netherlands

The sound effects were spot on and it was just filmed so accurately to mimic the game, whole thing was awesome. Would love to give the setup to my daughter in hopes that she would get into it

Gotta love those manual meters…. keep that balance steady. Need to defy age and get back on 4 wheels and shred again.

I likes the Achievement "Skate The Countertop" And I would love to win a skateboard because the skateboard I have right now is starting to fall apart and it would be great to win a skateboard and not have to buy one.

I love boarding and recently(today) bought a new board. I want to win so I can get my gf and friends in on the fun

My favorie part of the video was the highfives. i am 12 year old and i have to use a walmart skateboard that used to be my brothers. He got it when he was 12 an now he is 25. Also the wheels barily roll.

The opening was really cool, reminded me of when I was a kid and had a playstation 1! I mainly liked the beginning,

I remember playing tony hawk pro skater on the ps1 and ps2. A friend had a different skate game on the ps1 which we played a lot because you could have up to 16 players so everyone got a turn. Currently I only have a penny board but would love to get back into learning park after giving up when I was younger.

Best part of the video is seeing the stats for each "skater" ๐Ÿ˜‚ And I wanna win a skateboard so I can learn to use it and get exercise and use it to get places ๐Ÿ™‚

This was so creative. Jonah would play this one. He downloaded one on my hubby's phone the other day!

My favourite part was when Shonduras got wasted! I would like to win so that I can take friends and teach them to skate and be able to skate with them.

so i can finally win one for my cousin who is always active. hes the best and i want to get it for him for his b day

All the characters I started skateboarding like 3 months ago and I love it, I can do a kick flip and a bunch of other stuff. I've also been snowboarding for 7 years

I have been going to my skate park since I was 5 with my older brother and would be amazing to get some sweet gear from u guys

I play skate 3 so this makes me so happy I am a little late on watching a best day ever that I love but just know that I am saying hi am I am watching you with my heart and dreams in mind btw I started snowboarding because of you

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