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How to Stop in Roller Skates

How to Stop in Roller Skates

♪Upbeat music♪ (Loud wheel screech) This is a plough stop. ♪Upbeat music♪ So what we do is you just
skate along normally and we push our outer edges
down so our heels come outwards and we end
up pigeon-toed. So you can either do it
with both legs or one leg. If you do it with both legs it’s like this. Or if you just want to do
it with one leg you can just bring
the one leg out. So you squeeze with your legs
and push out with your heels. Because your wheels aren’t
facing forward anymore,
you slow down. ♪Upbeat music♪ Our second stop, is a transition stop. A transition stop is when you
turn around and you stop on
your toes. So it’s a really good one for
stopping quickly and if you
get knocked out over the line. Then you’ll end up turning
backwards so you’ll have to stop and then you can use it to
run back in again. And it kind of looks coolest
you’ll find that it’s
really common not because it’s useful but
because people think
it looks snazzy, and I do too, I like it. So, transition… so you just skate along,
then what we do is we
turn like this, and then on your toes and stop. I’ll do it one more
time properly. So that’s a transition stop. ♪Upbeat music♪

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