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Olá YouTube my name is Ricardo Lino and I’m a
wheel addict today I’m gonna be talking about something which is quite
interesting which is this and this is the sim bro inline skating break so what
happens is last year in 2016 about February 2016 when I was in Germany for
the easeful which is the I would say maybe the heavy just put this on a
living came a little bit lower I’d be better I’m not sure so when I was in
Europe for easeful which is the action sports trade
show where a lot of the brands go like ok to rollerblade Sabre power slide all
those brands they usually have a booth there and when I was at power slide
booth there was a guy his name is think it’s Peter and at the power slide booth
yet these yet these break shown showing so it was quite cool because I ended up
seeing it in my hands is there his name is Peter Bodnar and about three days ago
Peter sent me a message saying the following I recorded are you
we know was from Matthias two years ago in East PO maybe you have the chance to
support us on Kickstarter with our with your community okay so that’s what I’m
doing right now but I’m not just doing that to make a favor to Peter that I met
like I said two years ago but I also want you guys to see it so what I’m
gonna do is I’m going to show you let me just give me one second here and let’s
see what happens here oh so I’m just put this down a little
bit yeah by the way we linked to broke for free and I’m now going to play the
video so that you guys can see it so yes I am ready and I don’t think that
you would need these brake to make that downhill that’s the first thing but it’s
quite interesting the way that I’m just trying to adjust this thing here I’m
still not really good with this sorry let me put the sound playing again cuz
the sound was going we have something on here so it’s different that’s what I can
say it’s quite interesting that someone else someone is trying to make something
completely different from what’s being done for skating and I’m quite excited
about it so to think that you don’t need the regular field break that people
usually add or to think that you can even like and the way that you want to
turn the way that you’re gonna stop with these is by applying pressure on the
edges I remember that Peter told me that what’s going on here
I would like to see what I’m filming how would like to see it but I don’t know
what we’re doing here hmm I can see maybe I can have access to DS right now
sorry about that I’m just trying to have access to what we’re doing right now so
that I can see if there’s any questions from you guys so please don’t get me
wrong here I’m just trying to have it all so basically what’s happening here
is I changed my setup I just bought like a stand-up desk probably I can’t at
least I see the chat so guys I know I got Joseph from Kenya after Joseph I
have Joseph with us and Joseph with a Z from the UK people in Oklahoma the Asian
potato David someone asking me if I’ve tried when I think of Brazil
I think of colour like I think of soccer or football I call it
so because I’m flying to Brazil in the morning I’m getting in that look yeah
Nepal Brazil what that’s cool so and this way I don’t show you my doggie
style shirt no oh let me try to concentrate on these and go back to the
and go back to them to this topper video cool thing to the break syndrome what’s
a little bit frustrating in my opinion is like and it’s a completely different
and completely new product and someone is trying to make a campaign on the
crowdfunding website which is Kickstarter and it’s it’s kind of
frustrating that I look at this and there’s only three people backing its
project and there’s two different offers when you buy these if you want to
support or if you want to back this project there’s one plate which is
thirty nine euros and you’ll get one set they say one set of simbra wheels two
pieces and there’s and that that’s eighty millimeters and 100 millimeter
wheels so basically it’s the back wheel that will make you stop but it’s a
different system from what they said from what they said in the video that I
just showed it’s not a disc brake it’s it’s a different tile I don’t know how
to explain like I know that the 125 it’s a disc brake it’s kind of like a in a
bicycle or a scooter the other one I don’t know but I do know that Peter is
an engineer so the he’s been spending a lot of his time in this type of breaking
I don’t know if I like I said before it’s it’s kind of weird for me to think
when you go on the edges you stop but at the same time I believe for
a lot of people going on the edges and stopping will be really helpful for me I
see it somehow differently because I was always used to see going on the outside
edge and the inside edge as a way to get more speed like when you do speed
skating you know that when you turn that’s when you get the most speed like
if you go on an oval track that’s when you get the most speed like while
turning while crossing basically you go faster while turning them going on the
straight line but with this system even if Peter said that you can control how
where you want it to stop basically I think if I’m not wrong it’s not about
going in a certain angle it’s about putting a certain amount of force into
the wheels on the sides I don’t know if this makes sense to you guys but it’s
like imagine it’s not just going straight like these it’s about putting
pressure on the wheels so that’s what’s going to make you stop and according to
Peter that’s adjustable but okay no that’s not the look taking off the look
getting back to my doggy style shirt but it’s quite interesting to see that
someone is trying something completely new and then I ended up going on YouTube
and I found this company I think it’s called tundra blading I do not know if
they are from Japan it looks like cause there’s some tests making made in Tokyo
and they have some skates with two big wheels and I think they’re motorised you
know those boosted boards which is like an electric skateboard there’s something
like that let me see if I can show it to you give me one second here let’s just
see if we can see these children plates looking for that blades electric sorry guys I think I saw it on
YouTube I saw it on YouTube and I can’t I don’t know where was it so for someone
asking me if I did sorry is it tundra does anyone know if it’s
Chandra blades I know they’ve made a comment on one of my list yes so the
easiest way might be going to one of my last videos and checking the comments
maybe that will work for us so someone was asking me I’d steal Thunder blade
Thunder blade oh maybe I was saying it wrong so what I’m gonna do it’s because
yes we are in Africa the internet is kind of slow so now there’s stuff in
Brazil wait so maybe tanner blade is from Brazil let
me show you this I don’t know if these guys are from Brazil or from Tokyo
because I see some stuff in Brasilia and Brasilia is Brazil so let’s see total
types what I’m going to do is while this is charging because we’re in Africa and
Annette the Internet is super slow I’m going to answer questions the first
question was if I ever tried the power slide towels yes I did and these might
seem so weird for you but in my left foot perfect in my right foot I can’t
feel it but it’s not about being a Tao there’s if there’s a couple of skates
out there that I can’t use on my right foot and the reason why I can’t use it
on my right foot it’s because it’s the food that I broke a few years ago
there’s even something on the internet that you can see so I could even show it
to you but if you go if you if you go on the search bar on here on
on YouTube and if you look for Ricardo Lina breaks his ankle or breaking his
leg you’ll see it why I can’t use it basically my bone on the right food is
different or something like that grew in my bone and I can’t really put all my
skates so that’s making me not use the Taos but funny enough I skate another
pair of powerslide carbon skates and they work it’s it’s the way that the
foams are are basically the way they have the foam on the inside allows me to
use it with the towels on my left foot like I said it feels just perfect on the
right one there’s a little pressure point against my not normal food just on
that part that anyway but the good thing is there’s some Trinity hardcore evil
skates coming and the art core evil skates are the carbon skates that I’m
able to skate right now so I love that boot it’s for a while I didn’t want to
have carbon boots because I always thought that I would have that problem
of like digging against mine am I not good am I not that good fit so
now that I realized that it works I’m super excited to have these thing that
you only ever the carve it like this type of stiffness that you ever did and
I can’t say it like the skate is so much more responsive just it works I love it
but adding that with the Trinity system then that’s going to be the thing some
strange spelling yeah it’s done yeah it’s Thunder blade I would say that
Joseph Rafael Ribeiro cuando vas severe apparel Brazil so ref
enough will become available what do you mean by that like yes the
2018 skates are coming out they’re not coming out all at the same time because
they are produced in different places and as you can imagine if you if you
come out with that many skates you can’t have all the states being available at
the exact same time but there are some 2018 skates already available right now
like some of the swells are already available and I know that some of the
skates will be the same in 2018 like the ones that I got here but I can show you
those and hmm what is that I just the art coeval 2.0 I haven’t used them yet
do you like yours yes I just said it I love my art core evils it just just
works so when I first got them I thought I was going to use them just for
downhill and I got these downhill frame and that’s there was a mango for me to
get it I wanted to get like a stiffer skate for downhill because I thought it
would work better but the truth is I started by using them in downhill and
then a few weeks later I ended up putting my 3 125 frame and that’s the
ultimate test if if you can use the 125 frame on that boot and if it works and
that’s it the K offline no kapha shoki no wait
ha ha ha if I if I if I stay on offline he just just saw like a comment that
Rafa left me saying that I was offline when I was answering his question no I’m
I try I answer it I’m sorry about it but I’m going to Brazil tomorrow morning and
I’m gonna be back in South Africa on the 4th I’ll be back from I’ll be in Brazil
from tomorrow Friday search the fighter until until the 4th which is having
Sunday now it’s good ok now it’s good to somebody saying that
now it’s good so it’s it’s kind of weird for me today I’ve been like trying to
organize all my stuff I’m just that’s the funny part so I should be doing like
a huge list of things I have a lot of things to do still here tomorrow is
Black Friday there will be people coming to the shop just just been acting and if
I show you my list that’s all I got in my list I know there’s a lot more in it
I’ve never thought about the cameras I’m gonna take all my cameras up I’ll be
taking it at least I don’t want to sound stupid but I think I’m taking like five
cameras to Brazil the drone the Panasonic that I usually use there’s a
little Canon vlogging camera the GoPro there’s another one I don’t know and
there’s the 360 camera and there’s the phone there’s 6 cameras coming to Brazil
but and then all the charges all the hard drives all the stuff but check
that’s my list my list is marathon skates daniel frame kayak armas try max
set up and charged cameras this is Greg today and that’s it I
didn’t say goodbye to Greg so like I said that’s I got charged cameras tronic
setup kiya there’s there’s something missing here yes the art core Evo Evo Evo 2.0 boom 125 ah and I think that’s
it I’m losing my hat I don’t know what I’m gonna need to take let me see I
wanted to show them now that we have the Thunder blade I’m gonna show you the
Thunder blade early prototype let me show you this so in this video today
live stream we’re trying to talk a little bit about future futuristic
projects that’s one of them check this out I’m listening without sound so that we
don’t have any problems which is early Pratap
those are some shadow or some tubes some parts like Nordic skates it’s the same
as the Duke power slide whoa so it seems like there’s an engine
like the frame the inside of the frame is thicker and it is something what
that’s crazy the other remote in his hand check the inside of the frame seems
to be super thick they say on the description here if you can read it
Tanner blade is the first electric inline skating in the world this video
shows one of the early prototypes in action I would love to I would love to
try this I would love to try this I don’t think this would ever be
compatible I don’t think this would be compatible with the sim bro inline
skating break but can you imagine if you have like an electric like I don’t see
myself doing it cuz I love moving and I love that I need to push to get movement
and I love to to slide and all that and I don’t think it would be doable with
this but can you imagine a pair of skates can you imagine a pair of skates
that you can just push with the remote and get speed anyone from if anyone from
turn their blades stand there blading I’m sorry if I’m not saying the name of
the brand right he’s watching these tell me does that thing as a break too or
it’s just like full speed and then you break with yourself because if it
doesn’t have a break maybe we can integrate these sim bro inline skating
break into the other brake remote is for break also okay okay Joseph is saying
that the remote is for break anyway I would love to try this so if anyone is
watching these I’m keen on trying it and it’s for sure nothing that I would be
using on a daily basis I love moving I love pushing and this is not really what
I’m I think they’ll but at least for me how last I would like to try it
what’s happening can someone explain me so Lenna what’s happening is there’s in
there’s a Kickstarter campaign called sim bro inline skating break basically
it’s there’s two different types of breaks I don’t really know a lot about
car scooters whatever but I know that one of the they’re both there’s two
different systems for the brakes if you have 80 millimetres or 100 millimeter
wheels skates they have one system if you have 125 millimetres they are also
making a disc brake kind of like a bicycle scooter even a car I don’t know
I don’t really know a lot about engineering I’m sorry about that but I
know it’s it’s quite exciting that these brand is making a completely different
type of break for skates and they’re going to work with you being on the
edges so imagine if you if your scale is straight nothing will happen but if you
go on the side and if you apply pressure that will make you stop so that’s the
system that these guys are developing and now because we’re talking about
futures futuristic systems for inline skates we ended up going to and what’s
happening it just came a second so what happens is that there’s going to be a
party here at the skate park and they’re setting up the music so I don’t think
we’re gonna be able to do this for a lot longer but answering Glenna so because
we’re talking about the brakes we ended up go started talking about these other
company called Thunder blades and Thunder blades what they do is electric
inline skates basically you have a remote and you can go fast with that
without moving and then Joseph came and just say that you can use that as a
brake – and that’s just I don’t know it’s not my thing
yeah okay someone said let me see check out my channel people
are having to advertise their own channels here well I’ll check your
channel let me see what let me see Josie Josie legend Channel let’s see
what his channel looks like man the sound we have a different different
sound today huh I think I’m gonna need to leave soon okay check this out wait
where is your channel Josie I can’t see your channel I can’t see your channel Joe’s a legend
it doesn’t show up man I go on a search bar the music is going home in sorry
about that I don’t see I can’t see it man how can I choose the end okay it’s here
shows the legend let’s see boom Joe’s a legend he has some
powerslide skates he had two subscribers now he has three subscribers whoa we got
some kenya skating in here skating from Kenya so I’m gonna choose the fastest
one – lets go for this let’s see let’s see Joseph skating okay so oh look at
him going fast Josie what else they got here you’re talking just music whoo look at the young one
I know it’s just it’s just the shorter one that’s cool you guys going downhill
Josie boom let’s see what else we got here
okay it’s just skating huh it’s cool I love skating so it’s getting in style so
I’m gonna do this with one more channel and that one is with a G a G organ said
it let me see if I find him sorry guys the music is getting I don’t know if you
guys can can see it whoa one point one subscriber let me see his videos okay
let me give you some help you see here you need to clean up this stuff man the videos that you like try not to show
them okay there’s ways just try to clean your channel a little bit will make a
huge difference okay let me subscribe to YouTube videos okay no way you don’t
have skate videos that’s a shame man sorry about this I don’t want to be the
bad guy but like I don’t want to unsubscribe these but I’m gonna do this
I’m subscribed here but I want to see a skate video if you don’t skate you get
someone else’s skates because that subscribe with your channel so I want
you to I don’t know find a way come on I’m not skating not
yet soon okay okay yeah he goes the Condor goes the Condor okay man so I
really really really need to stop this it’s 20 past three in South Africa and it’s about time it’s about time for me
to sort all my stuff I need to be out of this office in one hour and gotta go
home meet my child meet my wife and I’m leaving tomorrow so
guys thank you so much for watching if if you can or if you’re interested go
and support this project support sim bro can be a cool thing if you’re having if
you’re one of those that stopping on your skate is like always a mission and
it’s not as easy these can help you so maybe checked sim robot
I’m the link is in the description I put a link in the description before
uploading this video so make sure you check that out and maybe back them try
to to help Peter making this project a reality I know that the goal is quite
high and I did some work with some crowdfunding campaigns and I think
there’s some things that could be different in these Indies in this
campaign but still if you can’t put if you can’t put the full money to get like
any product again to get like the eighty millimeters or 100 millimeter wheels or
even to get the second pledge which is the 89 euros you can also do just the
just a pledge without reward just help them put like 10 10 bucks on this
campaign and let’s hope that these will work share with your friends that’s I
would say these will make skating easier for a lot of people and that’s what we
need we need skating to be more accessible for a lot of people so for
those who starting or like I have a shop I said is like more than 10 times
already in this video the first question that people do when they buy a pair of
skates if they never skate is like how do I stop I can show them this okay guys
thank you so much for watching I’m leaving tomorrow so stay tuned I’m gonna
be uploading daily while I’m away and I have like lots of things that I’m gonna
be doing I’m gonna be using my quads I’m going to be doing a marathon I have the
marathon I’m gonna try to make a live feed like I did with the Berlin Marathon
but this time will be special I can’t really tell you why but stay tuned okay
guys cheers thank you so much for watching and don’t forget to support
this channel


This bull shit bro I’m sorry this not inline skate is shit with this skate you don’t do nothing this is garbage sorry that my opinion bro

So, this is interesting… I finally start getting the hang of T-stops and then someone comes up with a better way to brake. Lol

But seriously, I wish they would explain a little better how it works. I tried watching the video on their page but I don't really get it. And I wonder how safe it is. Like, will it accidentally get engaged if I turn too tight?

I used to be really intimidated by inline skates because I couldn't get used to the back brake. I only ever skated on quads, and I was used to using the front brake. Now that I'm better at controlling my speed (I still have trouble slowing myself on narrow paths and downhills where it gets steep and there isn't room to bail out) I'm a lot less intimidated, but still struggling.

I think it's interesting, and if it helps people feel less intimidated and want to get into skating, then that's a great thing.

ABT, DXS, Gravity Master, FlexBrake, now Simbro …  every few years someone trys to come up with some brand new way of breaking and they always have some bad downsides to it: Looking really akward, not being effective enough, hindering your normal skating or simply being unbelievable expensive.
There are enough ways to slow and stop on skates, and although they require some learning curve, they are good, so why do we need technical support?

The guy from the amazing facebook page: "Your skates hate you" always finds these wacky breaking mechanisms and would absolutely hate this.

The Thunderblades have a regenerative braking system with the remote, this means that when you break the batteries get recharged some, so you have more battery duration.
Been following their protect for a year, it's a good idea for daily commuting (without arriving at school /work bathed in sweat) and more portable than a bike but it seems the project is a little forgotten in the last months 😔

One thing I would change would be using some feet gesture to control speed/break instead of depending on a remote, or give both options.

About the braking disk it would be easier for people accustomed to ski but as someone said you can break by mistake doing some slalom or speed curves.

There was one break invention that applied a rubber to the side of the four wheels too when activated. Thee advantage of that was less tearing of the wheels and a feeling of slowing down without needing to change your skating position, that would be useful in downhills, difficult places, wet patches and so, the Thunderblades with their braking system would apply to this advantages too.

Sorry for the long comment, I'm a fan of skating and technology both. ':D

And AirGear forever! ;P

I'm a huge advocate of electric longboards. From my experience they go together with rollerblading like peanut butter and jelly. Each discipline compliments each other extremely well. I would absolutely try the Thunder blades.

loving this kind of break..,now it will be easy to make emergency breaks on busy roads.thanks dude for cheking in my channel was very happy.Straight outta kenya.

I had the same problem with the TAU. Both of my ankles have been sprained before. No problem with the right boot..but on the left boot, it felt like there's some kind of steel wire rubbing the inner side of my ankle.

This brake is awesome and easy to use. it does not affect backward skating and is perfect in small spaces, for emergency stops, once you learn how to activate it and control the pressure.

For safety on the roads its a must.

go support the Kickstarter:

Looks very … complicated … imagine changing wheels needing a mechanic and and a clocksmith …

Great idea! when in heavy trafic, cars and bikes and more,,, i wish i could break and have a thin line similair to a bike. This might actually be the future. Thanks Ricardo, love your vids!
Please check out the new indigogo campaign for Thundrblades, they have Regenerative braking, means they charge their battery when breaking!!

Sorry to knock Innovation and a Kickstarter but I would rather eat my liver then use these. Learning how to stop on your skates is a fundamental skill and then you progress onto doing really sick stops and slides, which I really satisfying to do as a skater and people in the skatepark, the street, or the rink love seeing that too. If you're going to have brakes like these on your skates, why are you bothering with skates, just ride a bicycle or something.

a good example of smb. practicing English speaking skills who doesn't know what to talk about. So he starts talking about names, events, not caring whether it's interesting for anybody but himself. I heard nothing about the brakes and their future, just wasn?t patient enough to listen through all this gibberish about Peter smth and stuff.Absolutely boring shit.

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