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How To Stop On Inline Skates Essentialss Por Alejandro Ortega

How To Stop On Inline Skates Essentialss Por Alejandro Ortega

hello inline skating maniacs and maniacs in training in this video I will demonstrate and break down every stop you need to know to make your city skating safer and free being able to manage or halt your speed on any surface will open a whole new world to you the most versatile and effective stopping technique is the humble drag while supporting all your weight on your bent front leg drag your foot partially but not wholly behind your lead skate use your whole blade all four wheels you can practice this technique on every stride for accelerated learning and equal ability per side by staying low and positioning your breaking foot almost a stride length back your friction will be consistent and smooth using your front wheel only can manage your speed and aid your control through pedestrian traffic when you stand taller during the drag you are actually able to exert more force onto your braking skate and your wheel edges will catch the surface variations more dramatically when you learn the drag you will be halfway to the most kick-ass stopping combination on eight wheels but first the power slide the power slide is the fastest way to come to a complete stop learning the power slide takes patience you simply need to do a few hundred turns gradually shortening each turn when turning as usual your rear skate should follow closely to the path of your front skate for the sake of your power slide you must allow that trailing skate to swing out a few inches past the midpoint of your turn it’s keep with the power slide that you choose very specific points to stop on bruises but I cannot remind you enough stay low stay low the t stop if life have a power slide jam that outside turning foot way out in front and allow yourself to turn until you’re facing the direction you came from this is a less decisive way to stop but less risky in variable conditions the t stop is also the primary way of stopping when already going backwards I’ve covered the main techniques I decided to run it out and make the shortest stops I deemed safe what I found was not premeditated but very consistent it appears my stop of choice is a combo the drag to powerslide the drag slider the power drag or the drag to slide note the rubber marks on the pavement drill your stops with wrist guards knee pads and a helmet everything I learned well in inline I learned with padding on the security of learning in safety has given me a confidence to explore varied services and techniques mainly because it allows so much repetition without injury once you’ve learned how to stop the eagle has landed it’s time to fly and Jonathan Livingston Seagull the hell out of your city my next tutorial will cover quick starts and the six gears of a kick-ass City skater so until then thanks for watching stay low and be specific you

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