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How to stop on inline skates |

How to stop on inline skates |

We got Laura with us today, and she’s our inline skate expert. She will teach us some skating basics
– let’s get it on! I guess if you lean how to skate the most important thing is to lean how to break. That is definitely true. When you’re out on the road you want to be safe and for that you need to know how to break We’re going to show you two ways. With the break pad or just with your wheels. The first thing you should always
think about is to bend your knees to get a good balance. When you want to break you put your right forward – or your left foot. This depends on which foot you have the break on Slightly lift your toes and you will see that the brake pad will touch the ground and you’ll slow down. Okay that sounds like I could give it a try. Let’s do it! So that went quite well But you also mentioned asecond technique, where you don’t use the break Why would I actually want to brake without a break? You would want that because it gives you
a lot more freedom to move around. It can be in a way sometimes when you want to step over. That’s why it’s very nice to be able to brake by using your wheels, Which is a t-brake. Before I show you how to brake like this it’s quite important to keep your balance on just one leg – So that you don’t tip over. Now that we got the hang of that, we’re ready to move on to the actual braking technique. You simply do this by placing your foot behind you and just let your wheels drag over the
ground to get to a full stop. This is a really fast to get to a full stop
but it does wear out the wheels. That looked quite controlled. Now I will try it as well. That looked really good. Yeah I still feel a bit shaky, but I guess I just need to practice now. You get there.

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