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Why, hello there. Welcome to today’s episode. What’s up Planet Rollerskaters? Indy Jamma Jones here,
* @indyjammajones * and we have Pigeon and Baby Maple back there.
* @pigeonskate * We are here at Cherry Park in Long Beach, California. We found this really nice, smooth surface and today we are going to teach you how to turn. So Pigeon, have you ever seen at the rink whenever somebody’s skating towards a wall and you just kind of see them teetering and trying to turn and they just do the arm? Yeah.
And then they just run into the wall? Yeah, have you seen that meme or that video recently of the two girls on rollerblades going down the driveway? Oh, yeah, that was so gnarly. I feel bad laughing at it. I like that she just went straight. It’s like a mind block, sometimes, when you want to turn, and you’re going straight. So, it’s good to learn how to do the beginning. Yeah, so we’re gonna teach you, let’s do it. Sometimes, when you’re going and you’re trying to lean, you’re just leaning with your body and not using your feet to turn. So, that’s one of the common mistakes you see. Sometimes people will be like: trying to lean to the side, but still going straight. So, the easiest way to learn how to turn is to start in the grass and get comfortable just walking your feet and a little circle like this: Just take tiny little steps. You can try going the other way, too: So what this does– if you’ve ever seen episode two called, “how to roller-skate” or the how to balance better episode or even the Christmas episode that teaches you some of the basics– it’s all the same idea of always having one foot under you and having a center. So when I’m doing my small steps in a circle, I keep my feet underneath so I always have my center of gravity right below me, and then it makes it way easier to pick up my foot as I move around. So that’s the secret to turning, you don’t have to keep your feet glued to the ground. You can actually skate forward and just do your tiny, little foot movements. Another thing that definitely helps whenever you are turning is to look, with your head, in the direction that you want to go, and even maybe reach that way with your hand. It’s really easy to try to turn but keep looking in the direction you don’t want to go. So say you’re scared of running into this wall and instead of looking away from the wall, you’re looking at the wall saying, “oh my gosh oh my gosh, the wall’s coming at me!” when really you should be saying, “This is the way I want to go,” and not even get affected by the wall. So if you turn your head your feet will follow, too– a little bit you still gotta move your feet. That way. I wanna move my feet in a circle over that way. That way. I move my feet in a circle over that way. And of course, always keep my knees bent, I had a standing up moment. So, that is probably the easiest way to turn, just by stepping your feet, but you can also turn by leaning and putting the weight on your truck. So, whenever I put my weight this way on that foot, my trucks actually move. And if I were to turn this way, you can see they move to help me turn that way. So if you want to practice that way, You can do– in the “How to Crossover” video we show you how to lean on one foot and do a smoother push with the other, so that’s how you can really get used to feeling how your trucks can actually help you turn. So that looks like this: So I’m keeping this foot on the ground and I feel my weight leaning to my outside edge right there. And I push it with this outside foot. So I can also switch my feet and use my inside edge and feel my weight helping me turn. The next step would be to cross over. So, if you guys want to learn that I would go watch the how to crossover video. We will link it right here. The how to crossover video takes you to the next steps to be able to turn really efficiently and keep your power going. So this tutorial was mostly to just to teach you how to get out of the way if you’re running into a trashcan or a wall and you just need turn. Um, last thing is Oh, okay, so if you are avoiding obstacles, sometimes you don’t have to turn. Sometimes you want to keep going straight, you just need to get around something. Well that’s where this super secret weapon comes into use and it is just stepping sideways. Like this: So I have all of my students that are learning how to skate get really comfortable just stepping sideways because then, if you’re ever skating at something, like Pigeon with the camera and you’re like, “oh my goodness” you can just step sideways. I wanna see how close I can get to you without hitting you. That was close. Is the stroller helping you turn at all or do you have to… It’s kind of– you know how you said to turn you have to turn your head in the direction you want to go? Uh huh. I feel like I just have to turn the stroller and it turns my shoulder for me, and then I just kind of follow it. So, hey, maybe practice with a stroller. Yeah. Or your dog’s stroller, I know a lot of you guys have those dogs strollers. Or cat stroller. Imagine: *cat noises* This one’s a little more tricky at faster speeds, I think, but it’s very similar to pushing off on the set. Yeah, if you’re going fast, how would you normally turn? I would lean into it, like you were saying, and then maybe do a side push. So, turning to the right, I would lean to the right and then push off with my left. Lean into the right, push off with my left. Yeah, that’s how I would do it, normally. Nice. Yeah. We do a really good how to crossover video that breaks down all of the circle pushing like that. Awesome. Alright, so that was just kind of a really beginner, basic overview of how to turn. The more you practice the more comfortable you’ll get and you’ll be able to really try different kinds of training and experiment a bit on your own. Yeah, it’ll be second nature soon, and it’ll just be a part of striding, really. Yeah. Everything all becomes the same in the end, comes full circle~ Well, thank you guys so much for watching this episode of Planet Rollerskate! Remember that every purchase from that you make
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* * Yeah, so stay tuned for the next episode. Until next time, later skaters!

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