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How To use Appliance Rollers

How To use Appliance Rollers

Hi I’m Matt from eSpares in this video
I’ll be showing you how to use these appliance rollers. These rollers can be to most types of appliances
such as dishwashers, fridges and freezers tumble dryers and cookers. Please be advised however that for washing machines
due to the vibration of the spin cycle it could cause the washing machine
to come off the rollers themselves. The rollers can be adjusted to fit machines
with depth of 400 millimetres to 630 millimetres and come with a parking brake to reduce movement. The rollers can take machines
up to 80 kilograms in weight making them ideal for cleaning
and maintaining your machines. Before fitting please do remember
to disconnect your appliance from the mains. To fit simply undo the wing nut at the back
making sure that the parking brake is at the front of the appliance. Simply extend the roller to the length of the appliance
and lock the wingnut. You can then simply lean the machine
back and slip the roller underneath, and do the same for the other side. When fitting the second side it’s a good idea
to just lean the machine back, put the front side in first
before fitting the rear of the roller in place. And then you can just tap it into place with your feet. And there we have it appliance rollers easily moved. Spares and accessories for all the appliances
can be found on the eSpares website. Thanks for watching.


Thank you another interesting and useful bit of information. Could I please ask you an important question? My sears Kenmore stackable washing machine is not cycling through to the end. It just starts and then keeps on washing it doesn't stop the washing cycle unless I physically move the dial to the next washing cycle and so forth and so on to the last spin cycleI which just continues spinning till I manualy turn it off. Is there an easy fix?

I see you still stock older style Miele bags in the background, is there any way I can get some older style Miele bags from you?

What a pain in the ass. If a person should ever want to do anything like this, just use the flat furniture movers. They slide over about anything.

Thank you for this video. My washing machine and dryer are stacked and they are in a tight place. Can I use these rollers permanently and leave them under the washing machine ( with breaks on of course). In other words, how strong is the break?

Does the how to install video show how to use then?? Looks to me that the machine is sitting on top of the roller wheel so physics would suggest that instead of scratching the floors you will just put a big black streak across them instead…

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