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How to Win a Prize from a Crane Machine

How to Win a Prize from a Crane Machine

How to Win a Prize from a Crane Machine. If you’ve ever pumped a whole roll of quarters
into a crane machine game without much luck, this guide will turn the tide and save some
dough. You will need Timing Good aim and steady hand. Step 1. Watch another player attempt to control the
crane to judge the power and movement of the claw and which prizes are easiest to grab. Save your money for another day if it appears
the prizes are packed in tightly, it’s almost impossible to win. Step 2. Take your time in deciding which prize to
attempt before putting your money in the machine to avoid panicking as the clock ticks down. Step 3. Set up a budget to avoid pumping in too much
cash for a prize that may not be worth it. Step 4. Aim for the neck or chest of the stuffed animal
to try to get the claw all the around the prize and don’t waste time with legs or arms. Round prizes such as balls must be hit dead
center or the claw will cause them to pop out. Step 5. Time the payouts as most machines have a microchip
that will give out a prize after a certain number of turns so your patience will be rewarded. Did you know The crane arm on the International
Space Station is 57 feet long and has seven separate joints to help maneuver the large
capsules into place.


Basically, how to beat the crane machine is to just try hard to beat the crane machine?
And also to get lucky and get it on the timer-chip thing's time?

You'll Need: The Star Powa And A Hammah
1. Walk To That Darn It Thing
2. Try At Least 10 Times
3. If You Can't Get It In Any Of The Prizes Break Da Glass
4. Take The Plush You Want And RUN MOTHA FUCKA RUN!!!

hmmmm, the video didnt actually show them WIN THE PRIZE. it just showed them wait for the machine to give them a prize because they kept failing. that was helpful.

Here is a more simple way for you people, make sure you have an ability to run fast and you will need a hammer for this suberb method; step one: you simply find a toy/s you would want; step two : after that , you grab the hammer and break the freakin glass; step three : Then simply collect your chosen toy/s ; step four: wtf do you think? RUN FOR YOUR FREAKING LIFE!! Now you can enjoy you cuddly toy/s and HAPPY DAYS :))

you will need roblox and a rocket laucher
1: become a robloxain
2: get the rocket laucher
3: take the choice of the stuffed toy and make sure you say ff/me
4: run like a boss
5: if you cant run like a boss rocket jump
6: if you cant rocket jump or run like a boss become a human
7: if your walkspeed is 16 seet it to 90
8: crash to a wall and say fly/me
funny way/roblox way

The machines are also rigged so you have a 1 in 100 or 1 in 1000 chance of the claw actually holding the toy you have picked that's why sometimes when it pics up a toy the claw will then let it slip and fall back to wear all the toys are and that is how the machines make a the companies profit

If you play the ones that have candy in them chances are you will always win. A couple tootie rolls may and stale gum may not be worth a quarter but at least you won something.

I used to win these all the time, bit now they make it rigged so you literally can't win. Theymake the claw so loose that it just slides of what you would have won, or the claw is super shakey

Go to matt3756 everyone.He is the one who introduced the things of arcade and playing at the claw machine

You will need:


Step 1: Attach explosives to machine and activate them. Enjoy your new prizes!

Simple way, you need, skinniness, fastness, optional, butter, step one, open the flap or break it off the machine, step two, climb into the claw machine through the hole. Tip, if your to big now would be the time to use the butter, step three, grab your toy and RUN!!!!!

You will need: a hammer: step 1 smash the glass with the hammer step 2: take all them prizes u can get

i used to repair these machines, the electro magnet that that closes the claw is varied via what should be a random progamme, best way to win is to own the arcade.

░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ 
▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂ ☻/ 
Il███████████████████]. /▌ 
◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤.. /
Bob Will Take Over

I think your money would be better spent just going to a toy store and buying a stuffed animal. At least that way, you are spending your money on something you know is good quality and not some junk that's going to fall apart a month later.

You want to win the lottery? Invest in Lego. Buy the sets that say "Ultimate Collector's Edition" keep them in the box until Lego quits manufacturing them, then sell it on eBay. Original price of the UC Millennium Falcon was $500. You can't find one for less than $3000 now.

Step one: These games are rigged to not use enough strength to pick up toys. only 1 in 100 drops will have enough power to pick anything up.
Step two: Walk away.

this crap has nothing to do with it the claw. its about the machine it will select when it will actually claw down harder to win a prize 

Step 1. Rickroll yourself.
Step 2. Use Shoop Da Whoop to destroy glass.
Step 3. Grab prize
Step 4. RUN FOREST RUN!!!!!!!
Step 5. Enjoy your time in jail.
Step 6. Rickroll & jinx yourself.
Did you know? THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!

The thing is, at certain machines I ALWAYS get a prize, but at some, the crane just full body caresses the damn stuffed toy and the crane is too damn weak to carry it cause people are selfish greedy assholes

here's the real way to win!!
step 1: watch every matt3756 youtube video ever
step 2: play a claw machine
step 3: WIN!!!!!!

Step 1. Be the crane
Step 2. If you lose get a hammer and smash the glass
Step 3. Get the prize you want and run away

Way to go Julia,you tell em girl, its funny when you said that the crane full body Caresse's the toy.That's so true its almost like its saying "here we go again" I just don't think I have the energy to grab another damn stuffed animal, just to put a smile on someones face today.

1. Glass cutter – $5.00
2. Cut glass – 60 seconds
3. Enjoy prizes – priceless
4. Go go jail – priceless

Better way: step 1: get a gun. Step 2: shoot the glass. Step 3: enjoy your prize! Did you know that stuffed animals are stuffed?

Yesterday I went to an arcade place and they had this adorable dragon stuffed animal that I wanted, so I decided to attempt it. I payed the money and ended up grabbing both the dragon (I named him drago malfoy) and a dog thing.

the guy at Nen (owner of some of these games) told me, when I complained, "it's a game of skill". yeah, right. I also sent a complaint to the BBB, to no avail.

Omg whoever made this video didn't do a good job explaining it. Everyone should know that rainbow/sugarloaf claws are not rigged. They are on a set strength which will have the claw grab with the same power every time. (Even though it would be that strong)

found a website were you can many prizes like ps4, iPhone 6 and many other prizes this is a legit website I thought it was a scam but when I got my first prize which is a headphone lol than I started to use the website more that's why I'm sharing this website for you so I can make points and you can make points as a starter by signing up on this link

I was playing one and it said play till you win…I won, and it let me keep going! And that's the story of why I walked out of the arcade with 8 stuffed animals.

Bette way: step 1 : remove the small claw. step 2: replace with a big claw. step 3: then go ahead and take your toy!. step 4: wait until every single toy you picked get out. step 5: Enjoy your prize!

step 1 – put quarters back in pocket.

step 2 – try to remember why you're carrying quarters in the first place.
step 3 – realize these are $1.99 at Walmart.

step 4 – tell your significant other you love him/her and realize how lucky you are someone loves you in spite of you trying to fish stuffed animals from an enclosed money-grabbing machine at a run down arcade.

Step 1: Grab your very short friend
Step 2: Put them in that machine and tell them to grab that rainbow duck in the corner
Step 3: If your friend can't get out, grab a jack hammer and do your magic 🙂

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