HOW WE MET: 22 year old Jeremy & Kendra tell the story!

(upbeat music) – Happy Monday, we have a treat for you today. We uploaded the video that was shown at our wedding reception
which my sister made, and we tell the story of how we met. – So, Jeremy and Kendra from 10 years ago are going to share that story with you. – So Kendra looks exactly the same after having four children, – Aw, thank you. – And I look about 80 pounds less, so the really skinny, awkward looking guy that’s me so, enjoy it. (upbeat rock music) – [Narrator] Tell me about
the first time you met Jeremy. – The first time he met me
or the first time I met him? – [Narrator] First time that you met. – That I met him, okay. – [Narrator] No, that he met you. – I don’t remember it at all. I don’t remember it all. – So I pull up from work, and I’ve just barely
moved in to this area, so I’m pretty excited. The summer well the spring
semester’s just beginning, and out of the corner of my eye, I catch this girl walking down the stairs, and I’ve seen her before, and notice that she is
extremely beautiful, and even the possibility of marriage is going through my mind already, and I know that I have to hurry
because I’m just pulling in, and so I’m like getting
my seat belt undone, and I’m like jumping out of the car, and I jump out and
casually like walk over, and she’s walking down and she’s reading a book with her head down I’m like, how’s it going? Good, you know I don’t
know if she looked at me, but she thought I was good
looking at that point, and oh and then I asked her, well what book are you reading? And she said I remember the book, it was about competition I’m like, oh that’s a really interesting topic and tried to carry on a conversation and we came down this
way and we were talking, we were talking about competition, and then it got to the point where I had to start walking up, she was walking down and it was special. It was a special first time to meet, and I think I really
left an impression like that was what was important. – I don’t remember it at all. – So uh. – [Narrator] Do you
believe that it happened? (laughing) – You know, he’s a pretty
trustworthy character so I do think it happened but, (upbeat music) – I met Kendra earlier, and I thought it went really well. – I don’t remember it at all. – And so then I was, we were planning our first
big group date as roommates, and I knew that I wanted to take Kendra, but it was gonna take
a lot of guts because I had only met her that
one time and even though it was a memorable experience, – I don’t remember it at all. – So we were all sitting
right here at this table, and we were trying to convince
Jeremy to go ask Kendra. She was unknown to me at the time but, we finally convinced her and he said, yes I’m gonna do it. – Just do it, and I’m going down and
Danny and Mark are like standing up here watching me. – So he went out, marching
out and me and Mark went over here and watched
through the window. – And like giving me a little prodding of excitement as I go down. – Okay, so I was sitting
at my kitchen table, I was just working on homework and it was, I don’t remember what
day of the week it was, I think it was like a Thursday. So I was just studying, and in walks this guy. And he’s like really
friendly and outgoing, and he’s just kind of like ultra energy. That’s what I thought I was like, woah, holy cow who is this kid? And he just starts talking
to me and he asked me out, and I was just like stunned
and taken aback by that and I didn’t remember
meeting him ever before, and it sounded like a fun thing to do, but I just wasn’t sure
about my weekend plans like, things were kind of up in
the air with some other guys that I might have been
going out with and so, I just was like no. – And she said no. – And she says no, but she wanted to come. – Because I didn’t know him, like I wasn’t gonna go on a date with him when I didn’t even know him, but yeah that’s the first time I met him. – And that’s how it all started. (upbeat pop music) – Instead of kissing we would just talk really close like this. And every once in awhile
maybe we could accidentally bump a little bit. (laughing) But it wasn’t a kiss it was just, and every once in awhile
while I would be talking too, there might be a little. (laughing) Just accidentally bumped, no I didn’t do that the first time. – Not at all.

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