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– We got basketballs, we got drones, we got hydro dipping if you like any of those things you’re gonna like today. (techno music) First things first today we are back at the hydro dip store and we’re
hydro dipping a basketball. If I remember correctly
you guys suggested this. Plus it’s my favorite sport
so I was like why not. So we’ve got the
basketball going down today If you guys have any suggestions, I mean there are so many
other things I want to do. One of you suggested a phone case aka lots of phone cases for a give away. Might be happening in the near future. So if you want to
suggest something comment hashtag hydro dippping and
your suggestion down below. Alright Nick what do we
got going on over here. – We’re gonna play with your
basketball a little bit. Kinda play with the panels it already has so we’re going to dip a couple make a little like old ABA style. – Ooo, that’s gonna look good. You’ve never done a basketball before? You’ve seen, well, you will see it here first. (techno music) It’s gonna look like an
old school basketball, that’s actually a really good idea. I didn’t even think of that. You see these rolls behind me? Those are all hydro graphic films and I needed to choose what
design I want on the basketball so, I’m thinking I’m going
to hop on Instagram live and have you guys decide. Alright, Instagram live is live. Let’s do this. I’m going to show you guys some designs and then you can tell
me which ones you like . Ooh, people like the blue flames. Okay, I’ll keep that one
out, we might do that one. Alright, everyone comment
on what you like… Oh, you like the sticker bomb one? So, I’m thinking we
gotta do the blue flames cause a lot of you guys suggested that. That would actually be
really cool on a basketball if it came out. Alright, I think we know what we’re doing. Blue flames it is! I didn’t even make a blue fidget spinner so I’m kind of excited for this. Primer is on. While the primer is drying, I wanted to un-box this drone I got in the mail. So a company emailed me and they’re like: “Hey, do you like drones?” And I was like: “Um, I’ve never had a drone, but I think they’re cool like when I see the shots.” And they’re like: “Well let’s send you a drone so you can try one out.” And I was like: “Okay, that’s cool.” So, this is it. Uh, it’s really light, first of all. It comes with extra blades, that’s awesome cause I’m probably going to
crash this a few times. And supposedly, supposedly,
it has like auto tracking so this camera can like track me and watch me do stuff and fly around me. I don’t know, but I want to try it out. So, we’re gonna do that today. Let’s see first of all, if it turns on. Yep, we got green lights. We got green li- Does it show? There’s the green light. Oh, this needs batteries. Okay. We’ll get batteries for that and try this a little bit later today. So, Gearbest is the name of the company that sent me this. So, thank you Gearbest. They gave me a discount code in case any of you guys want to check this out. The link will be in the description. Let’s go dip this basketball. (upbeat music) One thing that I did not think of at all is that basketball or any
type of ball in the water, think about that for a second. What does it do? It doesn’t want to go in. It tries to float back up and it can create a lot of pressure, so that’s something to watch out for, like it might just pop back
up and like ruin everything. I do think we did a good
job picking that color. That’s gonna look dope. Like this? Or is it more like this? Oh. I’ll do my best. I get nervous every time. Hydro graphic film, engage. (techno music) (beeping) (spraying) (techno music continues) – Wow, is it done? – [Nick] Let’s see what you’ve got. – Dude! What? First time a basketball
has been hydro dipped, here at least. And that’s coming from hydro dip pros. Are you serious! I’m so pumped right now, cause we had no idea how
well this would work. It’s looking good, looking real good. That looks so good though. Alright, we ready for round two? – Round two. – Round two. Alright, let’s do this. – You got it. – I can’t mess this up. Here goes something. (techno music) Looking good. Looks good. I’m so happy. I feel like I’m in Lion King holding my baby up. There you go, dude, lookin’ good. (“Raindrops are falling
on My Head” playing) Alright, the whole thing is done. There is only one way
I can introduce this, and that’s with a mini-music video. (techno music) (music fades) Well there’s a first time for everything and today was the first
time for a basketball to be hydro dipped. So, thank you guys so much. – You’re welcome. – It would not have
happened without these guys and also they do make kits for this stuff which is pretty sweet. I will put their website in
the description down below. Make sure you check them out. Next time I see you, I will be with Grace, and we’re probably gonna fly a drone. So, see ya. Alright! Grace has not seen the ball yet. I’m excited to show her. All she knows is that I
hydro dipped a basketball. – That’s, that’s all I know. – Y’all ready for this? – Dude… – It looks so good. – Dude, this is so sick. It matches your car. – I know I love it. – I’m just gonna display it. – I’ll hold it like this and you spin it. – Whoosh. – Oh, not that much! – She drops it on the ground and ruins it. It probably could be bounced, but I’m trying to keep it real nice. It’s pretty dope. Let’s do an extra part
of the mini music video. – It’s windy out here. – Grace is blowing away! Wait gimme my ball. Alright, see ya! Oh, guess what! – What? – I have a drone. – What? – Yeah, I have a drone. Let’s play with my drone. – Since when did you get a drone? – I got batteries so, I think I’m gonna try
out the drone real quick. Hopefully it does well. It’s kind of windy, so hopefully
it does well in the wind. Alright, we got the green
lights and the red lights it looks like, so hopefully
that’s a good thing. – I wonder why… why the red lights? – I don’t know. I can see what it sees! – Oh, that’s sick. – So, the camera works, that’s awesome. I didn’t read as many instructions
as I probably should have but oh well. Ready for this? – Yeah. – Whoo. Dude! I don’t know what I’m doing, so. Why you going over there? – Oh no, don’t touch the ground. Whoa, oh. – Yes it bounces. I landed it. Whoo! – First take off and landing. Oh, it’s looking at my car. I was like what is this? There’s a car coming
and we don’t want it to smash this little guy. – We don’t want the
drone to smash the truck. – [Grace] He’s like running away from us. – Come back! – [Grace] It’s too windy. – Dude, but seriously like in all honesty this is flying way steadier
than I thought it would. Yeah the thing is though,
if I point the direction to go that way against the wind, that’s when it stays still. (Grace laughs) – Yeah it’s like it’s
trying with all it’s might to go that way. Oh. – [Grace] Oh. – Looks like we’re all good to go. – [Grace] Look at those mountains, though and that sunset. I’m zoomin’ in, oh, you’re in my shot. – Look at how live the camera is, though. Right now it should be focused on me. – [Grace] Oh wow yeah. – Now it’s on Grace. – It’s dark, oh look at me. – Ha. I’m gonna go over here, there’s like a big open space. It might be a little more windy
but I think it’ll be better. Oh. I’m just trying to figure out the drone. Please turn the camera off. (beep) I have no idea why that toilets out here. – Hi. – Wow. I definitely need to try
this in the day time. Grace is gonna give it
a try now, let’s see it. Okay, how you feeling about it? – I-I dropped it. – Yeah it bounces don’t worry about it. (forced laughter) I just remembered, it said it could do
flips in the instructions like legitimate flips. So someday, maybe when
it’s not so windy out and it’s not getting so dark
I’ll show you guys that. I am going to see if I can
get any sunset shots tonight, but we’ll see. I don’t know what I just did, but I got it to fly directly into the wind after messing around with some settings, so watch this. Oh. (laughs) I’ve been playing with this for a while because I was like: “This has to work.” and it turns out, I was
just not using it right. It actually does super well in the wind. Watch. I’m going directly into the wind. Look at it go. It is dominating the wind. – [Grace] Yeah, like what the crap?! – I guess you just gotta
know how to use it. (Grace laughs) Boom baby! That landing, though. I’m kinda stoked that
this drone actually works, maybe I should have read the
instructions a little bit. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Alright, Grace, I think I
want to do a hair transition,’ so that’s what I’m gonna do. – Okay. – Actually, I don’t
need a hair transition. Notification shout out goes to you Nate. Thank you so much for
turning on notifications. If you wan to be next you know what to do. That is all I have for you today, but I love you. I love you so much. Thank you so much for watching my videos. – As always stay tuned AKA subscribe! Until next time. See ya! (singing Stephen) – [Grace] Don’t open it. Eww, babe, that’s gross.


WHATS GOOOOD!! thanks so much for watching! what phones do you use, i might hydro dip phone cases to give away… 😉

I had one of those drones, it got lost in the wind and I never found it 😢it was a Christmas present and I was so gutted

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