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HYDROBLADE Tutorial – Figure Skating Moves

HYDROBLADE Tutorial – Figure Skating Moves

hey guys it’s Mary welcome back to my
channel today we are going to be working on hydroblades hope you all are ready for
this one a hydroblade is a tricky move but it is definitely easier than
it seems here a few exercises to get you started so we can perfect the hydroblade first let’s practice a 2-foot dip we’re
going to really focus on getting as low to the ice as possible we’re going to think
about our arms reaching out for balance leaning into the circle on a strong back edge
we’re going to create a little spiral for the hydroblade the pattern starts off
in a circle and we get smaller and smaller and smaller kind of like a
little snail be sure to practice also rising up out
of the position and exiting because this is also a tricky part of the hydroblade
I think of pressing on the back of my blade engaging my core to rise up and
gracefully exiting let’s practice the hydroblade in a standstill position we’re
going to have our arms out to the side to balance I’m going to try my best to
have as little contact with my gloves to the ice as possible for beginners you
might need your whole hand and as you get more advanced try to use of just your
fingertips I’m going to have one leg behind my left
and I’m gonna really push this front knee forwards as I push my back leg out
to the side I think about bending my belly button
to the ice my knees pressing forward my back leg is stretching back and this hip tries to stay
really close to the skating foot on the back inside edge
we are going to balance on the back of the foot and keep looking forwards you can also practice the hydroblade
position at the wall use your arms to hold on for balance and going to slowly ftuck the leg back drop down and try to keep your hips
close to the skating foot but you’re gonna be looking forwards at your fingertips let’s put it all together when trying
the hydroblade be sure to wear gloves because it’s pretty cold
I think about balancing on the ball of my foot and as I get down low to the ice
I start to transition more to the middle or the back of my blade where
I feel the most stable on my back inside edge hope you guys all liked my hydroblade
tutorial be sure to LIKE subscribe and save see you next time happy skating


I so want to learn this move as I get better at skating. I'd love to make a program with this song and use hydroblading after 1:50 in the song "I won't let you hit the ground but close as it seems, trust me".

I learned it in 1 session last year ! (Yes, after only 15 minutes of preparation exercises) As she said, it's way easier than it looks, don't wait to try ! ☝️

Thanks for this video. That exactly what I need. I guess it is really easier to do than it looks, but I still can't do it properly. I have quite good flexibility, so I can't explain why this move is so difficult for me to perform even off ice ☹️

Hi Mary, I started to play with the Idroblading months ago. I do it once in a while, it is very Fun. I did try with hands and no hands. Now I want to try with the chest touching the ice. Will Let you know in the future. Right now , I am working on my Adult Pre Bronze & Bronze Move in the Field. Lise ⛸🤗

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