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I Bought Nothing…Again?! | 10 Strange Amazon Products

I Bought Nothing…Again?! | 10 Strange Amazon Products

This is like the ability to take (to) the gym anywhere when you wanna hit on women ya know what I mean like most guys when They’re hitting on women they’re like “what’s up ladies? What’s up ladies?” Did that just break? (Tanner: You broke it.) That makes it even more creepy. What’s up ladies? [Intro] What’s going on guys. I am Matthias and welcome to: Ten Strange Things–Tanner found on amazon. (Tanner: iss me) what the heck, dude? Tanner’s from Rekt make sure you go check that out sometime after you watch this video. [Laughs] And we’re right, no offense to you. Today I’m gonna be letting you know whether each of these items is buy or pass; whether you should get it whether it’s worth it, or whether it’s not and you should just be like “*nyeh* forget about it”. Let’s begin. Silicone Print– (you messed up pal) (Tanner: mmm-hmm) I already messed up. Second word, the second word today that I read I-I goofed. Silicone Pint Glasses. patented unbreakable pint glass from a silipint. So these are just what unbreakable glasses? Ohhhh I get you I bet you you could superheat these puppies or supercool them and then shatter them you know like in some liquid nitrogen and stuff like that, or you could just do that and then shatter them. That looks delicious oh I thought that was like. [Laughs] I thought it was like what do you call it rainbow sherbert hmm Tanner: No that’s just silicone still. still looks delicious if it was rainbow sherbert. Here to be different with the unbreakable, unmeltable Environmentally conscious drinking experiment from silipint. that’s really hard to say silipint or silipint. Forget it, add to cart. yeah, they just saw so wow hey what’s up dude this unpackaging my product here give me a second old listen your god okay so these are cups that you would give a child as an adult i wow they are powerful smell that dude oh like nail polish remover i don’t think i would be drinking out of that Oh, my gosh i can’t get on board with that if it smells so bad as i was saying i was gonna say that this is potentially a gonna do that to one this is potentially a good glass if you want to give it to your kid right but as an adult there’s something about it that i just feel like Come on like do i really need this when’s the last time i broke a glass When’s the last time you broke a glass even as a 12 year old i know you’re out there 12-year olds What’s this oh? i just said i wasn’t gonna drink out of it it’s safe i washed it you washed this i just unpackaged it you’re such a liar i Think i washed it okay i can’t remember it was a long, time ago silicon poisoning for you for you guys yeah smells like poison cause it smells like alcohol – Don’t you are not about, to vomit right i know i wasn’t plug my nose and i tried to drink it everything that’s really hard for me to do it’s gatorade right yeah no i’ma say it that right there that cup is a pass so this next item is a dope or no, all right guys it is called a scooter board and this scooter board was sent to us by The company let’s just watch the video so there’s two wheels on the front and one wheel in the back that’s got the motor inside of it oh See it’s foldable the little trigger on the front oh he’s doing sweet jumps and stuff oh, so leaning is what makes it so you can steer excuse me i don’t know about doing that with Though i don’t know i feel nervous doing the leaning thing i guess it’s just like a skateboard with a handle okay i get you let’s take a look at the product electric skateboard meets scooter i Get it so it’s like a mixture of the two lean, to steer front axle foldable handle no app needed No joke, no joke that makes me happy because So many So many People like the last segway that i had why do i need an app to ride my segway so dumb i commend them you will never need your phone to use or set up your scooter no, bluetooth, no setup no hassle no problem i like that while we’re getting that product ready to unbox let’s check out the next product airport build-up for in 30 seconds inflatable for kids digital camo can i get the analog camo please i want the analog camera no digital for me i think luna would really love this the only thing i’m worried about is that i don’t put bands near her because her tiny little fingers will get caught in it i’m sure there’s like an age limit on this but still even kids that young you know Still like may potentially play with a fan so it’s like how is that gonna work you
know how do you block them from putting their fingers in the fan describe your product in three words greatest kids escape that’s odd that’s just odd whatever doesn’t matter they look like they’re having fun although The cart Airport, no it’s not a bad idea honestly it’s really not a bad idea i’m knocking it just for some jokes but i’m actually really curious how this is gonna work cause it’s a really interesting idea But i mean the entire time you’re in it is it just blowing air at your face is it an enjoyable experience i’m a guy that’s always hated bands blowing at me or wind or fans on the ceiling i hate the movement of air especially if it’s out of someone’s mouth you know i’m saying let’s take this puppy downstairs and see if we can build ourselves a fan fork you know what would be really great is if you fart in this fan For it’ll just fan the fart out okay, so i think the last bit is turning on there we go it’s getting there how do you get in them i guess you have to just kind of like pop in I’m gonna have to say pass on that one dry? brew coffee – i like that dry brew coffee – dry brew coffee juice say that five times fast driver drops you Knew you needed the driver who copy – oh you did it dude you couldn’t even say what Job, you covet to? accomplish you anyways what is a dry brew coffee – fifteen individually wrapped dry brew coffee – per packets $18 that’s more than a dollar per or dry brew? 65 milligrams of naturally derived caffeine per piece that’s a lot this is like drinking an entire cup of coffee a six ounce cup of coffee how much coffee do you drink in the morning tanner i used to drink like maybe i could cop out how much a cup of coffee is eight ounce you don’t drink any coffee yeah caffeine what two weeks ago Okay cool cuz i was like dude like two weeks ago i saw you dude don’t lie to me dude i’m hooked yeah no kidding best coffee – all right well let’s try a dude add to cart oh simple convenient energy on the go i just can’t get over the fact that it’s more than $1 per chewable that’s intense dry brew coffee shoes are for coffee lovers who live an active Lifestyle don’t have the convenience of being able to sip on a cup of joe i even live then each coffee to contains an entire six fluid ounce a cup of coffee man if this isn’t hipster i don’t know what is that is hard and that is big i had big hands okay Looks like a little doodoo okay here’s what i’m gonna do i’m not gonna finish it but i’m gonna put the whole thing in my mouth because i want to know Realistically if this is like a thing that you could do or do you have to like chew it like a protein bar this chewy it’s gross oh Yeah, not sure hey wow no it’s just intense it’s not bad it’s really not bad probably see what it is doing tanner you you’re out of it But it’s whatever dude guy is like without a little spice tanner don’t do the drugs Don’t do the drugs kids oh? my god it’s so intense it’s like attacking your taste buds a little bit yeah Cuz yeah cuz there’s so much caffeine and that’s like the taste of oh he spits it out yeah that’s a little bit intense for Me alright there you go guys see this little dude that is disgusting oh i feel like barfing now just looking at you putting that out i must say pass that’s heavy pull your back yeah there we go alright i mean pretty simple didn’t need any building didn’t anything just came assemble which is fantastic this right here is Evidently for the throttle this is the brake you also have another breakdown here the idea of this thing Isn’t that you steer with this it’s that this just gives you balance when you when you are steering wow that’s way more? loose than an actual skateboard this guy you got, to push off just like a skateboard to get it started lift up the front and turn it around that’s not something i’m super big fan about but it’s something you can get over pretty quick this is a device where you need a lot more space so Let’s go outside and get get some more space Jasmine the paddle game to rule them all what is this does that mean you play badminton and then when you win do jazz hands it’s kind of like a taunt you know bop miss no mandatory man it feels like the most dangerous spot to play badminton off like one guy’s the upper-hand dealer he’s on a higher ground i have the high ground Are you being literal or he’s got the upper hand you know cuz he’s hired ooh Video yes whoa he’s doing tricks oh they’re doing it two at a time that’s impressive slow motion oh Dude i need to do my soul some jasmine trick shots Am i right guys you want to go do some trick shots with the jasmine osbourne food add to cart Jasmine the paddle game to rule them all to rule all the paddle games because they’re all so unruly you’ll get in line paddle game regular badminton you suck are these all the different game types Easy to play red birdie slow play real goose feather birdies no goose feathers that’s some real goose feathers i never seen a red goose? before yeah no I’m gonna be honest okay you didn’t say that you just took credit for my joke dude that’s how i do it ice i’ll get my laughs real wooden paddle just like the one my dad spanked me with all right tanner you want to go do some trick shots yes i do wait let’s just see Be nice jazz hands wait one more time i’m gonna do a trick shot in the office You take red okay i take yellow let me do what that video the two at once the two at once hey you’re gonna have to back up a little bit, too come on Hey, oh! you’re the feeling just intense mode just one all right here we go You made the ball quick repaint i don’t know okay way to clean up good Wham-o hammer hoops $13.99 hammer hoops by wham-o is a two-in-one over-the-door basketball hoop with a detachable laundry bag oh So it’s trying, to trick kids into doing their laundry that never works oh couple up my shirt Boom, you see that mom she’s like yeah i did all right now try to shoot them into the actual laundry machine See if you can throw it and it get folded in the air and back into your dresser kids are dumb it’s a good idea but i just don’t think that would work it’s one of those things where it’s like you’d use it maybe like a couple times and then the kid would be like so much work i Mean it’s got four and a half stars so maybe i’m just full of it turns into a game and put an end to cluttered floors and missi piles of clothes includes basketball backboard hoop net plus spacious removable laundry bag alright let’s watch the wool video here look at how fast this kids going dude perfect for kids or husbands Definitely wouldn’t work on me i’m gonna be honest i just stripped down wherever i feel most comfortable i bukhari oh? Hamper hoots two-in-one basketball hoop and hamper picking up dirty laundry has never been this fun okay so actually it just came right it came together somewhat simple you just pop those puppies in there pop those puppies no See there’s a zipper at the bottom So mom can just sneak lee walk in there unzip it drop the load zip it back up Mm-hmm, walk out want to play some ham person always all right strip down All right time to play hamburg dinner don’t play game of hammer whoo let’s take this downstairs and see if we can play something what do you think At that wow all right let’s play some ham boobs dude all right Go this is what they do in basketball right i’m kind of like beat him up dude i can’t i can’t push you back give my shirt, for me dude oh The issue is when i threw it up there the shirt unraveled and then you just caught it on see that that right there that is a whole wing to happen it totally just put a little out there right away man this is a this is a know right away if it’s putting holes in my sweet jerseys rocky grip hand strengthener this looks like straight out of a horror film doesn’t it yeah 100% looks creepy it probably works increasing blood flow to affected areas restores Vital nutrients yeah for like like therapy and stuff like that because i know i remember when my mom got some type of surgery no No, she broke her arm that’s what happened she broke her arm and she couldn’t move these two fingers for a long time and she just had having to just move them and move them as much as he possibly can and now she only has like 95% Mobility like what she used to have which is really great considering like when she got her cat but couldn’t even move her fingers you know
i’m sure that this would probably work just looks creepy she just looks like you see it and like you know those kind of places that scare me 3 out of 5 stars though that’s not a good sign let’s add the cart and test it out for ourselves Here, we go comes with some instructions right here oh i see i see you see these different tabs here you can make it so they’re more strong or less strong by pulling them back it doesn’t feel like that be that much resistance though let’s find out i’m totally Totally missed a finger over here do that again hey why are you not like what do you stay on my pinky bro that’s a workout that keeps falling off my pinky though i don’t know why this is like the ability to take the gym anywhere when You want to hit on women you don’t i mean like most guys when the hidden all women they’re like a celt lady some ladies that just break broken even more creepy what’s that ladies this is not working this is just falling apart on my hand by the way don’t do that that was a joke don’t don’t hit on women off the gym unless you want to get kicked out i’m sure that would happen yeah way more possibility that would happen then you’d actually get a date it’s really hurting back here on my hand and it’s just continually falling off it’s definitely exercising my hand it’s just super awkward i’m sure there’s it just keeps falling apart no no
This one’s a pass this one’s a pass sorry guys accoutrements public toilets survival kit i gotta be honest i am in need of this constantly i avoid going to the bathroom in public because of the germophobia especially if they don’t have like the seat covers and stuff like that what about you Defend it’s a real dark situation like it’s time like i want to do it you know i’ll take care of business but Yeah, that’s nasty okay so public toilet survival kit so what is in here includes one toilet seat cover two antiseptic wipes also one pair of latex free disposable gloves included okay so Accoutrements is a company that makes all these gag gifts but straight up this is not a bad product add to cart Everyone has to use a public toilet now and then so be prepared put on the gloves before entering the facility wipe down flush lever and toilet seat with antiseptic wipe position seat cover on toilet seat i mean these this is like just seemingly more like Accurate like things that you should actually do i don’t have to say this one’s abaya i’ll put that in there i’m gonna actually put This in a man dispersed really hun percent i’m gonna take that home the only thing i would say that’s not great is the branding I didn’t want to touch it but buy no, phone air i bought nothing Again tanner you might have thin light invisible design no headphone jack no battery and no features the least advanced no phone ever what i mean it says an invisible phone for people who use their phone too much wow it’s simply a plastic box with nothing inside wall street journal are you serious right now come on wait no i i asked if they were serious i didn’t ask a viewers theory stupid wow cracked hands it’s currently unavailable but i know you bought it with but my money dude you’re gonna break it What the heck do don’t go throwing your phone around all you got some air within light invisible design no phone air feels like nothing in your hand because it is nothing in your hand we took away the headphone jack, and then we took away everything else put down your smartphone and pick up the no phone air it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen nothing inside i really don’t get it i Mean it’s the no phone guys i don’t know what to tell you i literally bought nothing i guess there’s no point even opening it there’s nothing in there it’s the shape of a phone wouldn’t that be funny if you opened up and it was like an invisible phone and it was like the best thing ever that would be really cool but paz japanese kit kat matcha green tea flavor sweetness for adults sweetness for adults don’t you like the sweetness for adults this is only for adults only the sweetness for adults famous kit kat matcha green tea from japan 12 mini bars individually wrapped is there the big gelatin No it’s a kitkat oh? okay add the card So i’m not a fan of matcha i can’t remember if i’ve tried these before i feel like maybe i have i’m just not sure I know my cousin’s bobby on team edge info card right there he actually is japanese and he goes to japan Frequently and they have tons of varieties of kit kats that they don’t even sell anywhere near the us so that’s kind of cool this being one of his favorites i believe we should go find bobby and actually see what he thinks about these i heard as a real japanese person here at hi-5 studios we hire japanese people just because we can say we hired a japanese person it’s not because it’s you know nepotism straight up just because of that reason homeland also we can now do ninja challenge maybe Bobby’s the one that writes all the ninja challenges there dude i was like are you sure we can do these he’s like i’m japanese I can do ninja john’s if i want to i was like all right dude all right by the way that was all a joke for those of you that get triggered over nothing oh this is just a little melted and weird it’s not bad i’ll try yeah I’m not too excited but yeah it tastes like white chocolate cake pat the weird starting flavor now you a little bit of a grassy starting flavor not bad i say buy it if you ever See him around just try something new but let’s go see what bobby thinks bobby There is oh? my gosh this is a profess i knew it i knew you’d like some pasta nothing i just because you’re japanese oh okay i was telling them that you go to japan and you get a bunch of varieties of these yeah right What are some of the weirdest ones that you ever tried the weirdest ones there is ones like Sabe, flavor there’s sake flavor asabi i know yeah you like it it wasn’t very good it was just have the flavor just
That this one’s your favorite i would see the strawberries my favorite strawberry yes
Dry ray’s good strawberries can go wrong strawberry oh buy it or pass oh right of course there you go of course there you go all right guys tanner and i i’m gonna be doing a little challenge here oh that is that shirt isn’t right is my future thank you anyways See this course down right here and one the tanners right in the way up yeah i did i’m the course we’re gonna zig-zag, loop around come back twice whoever has the fastest time wins lunch from the other person whoa i won’t count that 152 seconds with three second penalty yeah well Mine doesn’t look, so bad now seven seconds dude so after you rode this for just a short bit do you think you can get the hang of it yeah
hundred percent okay Go porno go All right man what do you think i say dope too but i don’t think it’s designed for this kind of thing i think it’s designed for like beach Cruising or like cross town kind of thing so i’m gonna say dope too cuz it’s a decent amount of fun see that video right there that is a laser pizza cutter no joke You’re cutting pizzas with lasers wow this is hard to stay on also this one over here is the video that youtube thinks you specifically will enjoy check it out also if you’re new here consider subscribing and clicking that bell icon down below to get notified of our videos all right guys high five


Wow, those coffee chews had a VERY strong coffee taste – and it looked a little too close to poo 😆 Can you beat Tanner in how many times you can say 'Dry Brew Coffee Chew' fast? I bet you can. Go check out my playlist with all the amazon products I've ever reviewed!

"We hire Japanese people just so we can say we hire Japanese people-" , is the most honest virtue signal I've ever heard.

I remember when I was twelve two days ago anni was like god does he know my age but know I'm thirteen UPDATE YOUR VIDEOS MATT IM NOT THAT AGE

Matt: When was the last time you broke a glass, even a a 12 year old?

Me: I'm a 12 year old an I broke a glass a couple days ago.

Wait…….. I’m 13 and the last time I broke a glass was um just now my moms upset and I would hate that invisible phone bc I would not be able to watch the yt channel

I saw the hamper hoop on a ad on tv and it was kinda cool, but if I missed I would probably just leave it on the floor

"What you're supposed to do when you don't like a thing is change it. If you can't change it, change the way you think about it. Don't complain."
-Maya Angelou

I'm 12 and literally 5 or more minutes after Matthias said "when's the last time you broke a glass" I got up to plug in my charger behind my small dresser, and there were 3 glasses stacked up on each other, I tried to bend over the dresser to reach the outlet and accidentally ended up hitting the cups down, causing them to shatter. All but the top glass. I am dead. What a coincidence that he said that. It's like he was just waiting for it to happen. 😔 why dude, why.

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