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I Broke Greg Lutzka’s Skateboard!

I Broke Greg Lutzka’s Skateboard!

Snap it we have a deck of cards I just
want you to go ahead and call stop anywhere randomly stop okay right there
are you sure okay take it show everyone I don’t want to see it that’d be
cheating make sure you seal the camera okay
yeah show the camera okay man okay what I’m going to take a look now I’m going
to rip it you know we call that we call that a
mess but it gets better because we’re going to take one of these messes here
do me a favor take that going to take a piece of the card on when you sign your
name on it okay and then break you can actually throw your name on the back of
it just so you know that it’s actually that card then when you’re done go ahead
and put the cap on it and I’m going to show you a really cool thing with the
sharpie man over the sharpie yeah watch fits in your pocket and they’re
expensive but it’s also a magic wand ready wait wait wait
ready now what I want you to do they’re floating right here I’m going to start
putting them together there’s one there’s two there’s three pieces now I’m
focusing that collar to the board I want you to snap that board one try snap it chef’s step on it okay step on a little
bit more there we go this carbon fiber in this I didn’t think that this would
actually work before actually it is the fourth stage but if you were to actually
put that where’s me please fish to that and now I mean it’s all ripped off but
here there’s your souvenir it was actually right in there came up right
there that piece your card using your packet and ready to go I think what’s
more amazing if you manage to break carbon fiber that that’s insane dude odd
Darkstar baby yes dude thank you thank you thank you very much that was awesome Oh


wow that was a crazy trick , my 1st board I ever bought was a darkstar, David you blew my mind again with another awesome trick , Thank you

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