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I Built a Cardboard Box Fort & Spent the Night… During a Storm! (Sleep in a Box Fort Challenge)

I Built a Cardboard Box Fort & Spent the Night… During a Storm! (Sleep in a Box Fort Challenge)

(upbeat music) – So you guys want me to make a box fort. Look, look, just look at
all these suggestions. Just box fort, box fort, box fort. But anyway, I can’t just do a box fort. So many people have done a box fort, I’ve gotta go one step further. I’m gonna make a box castle, baby. We’re gonna make a castle out of boxes. Yeah, I’m gonna use all these
cardboard boxes right here to make a castle. I think I’ve got too many
boxes, I’m not quite sure. (laughs) So windy today, just look
at this, look at this. It’s so windy, it doesn’t look
that windy on camera, what? It looks like I’m telling lies,
it’s actually really windy, just on camera it doesn’t look windy. Making a cardboard box
castle on a windy day is probably not a good idea. (laughs) I can’t see this going well. The whole thing’s gonna blow over. I just don’t want it, oh my god. I’ve gotta do this, the show must go on. So there’s 75 cardboard boxes right here and they’re all huge boxes as well. Look how thick they are. That’s just one sheet
right there, that’s insane. These boxes are real heavy, so I’m hoping when we make this cardboard
box fort/castle/empire that the thing isn’t gonna go blow down, because it is so windy today, it’s so stupid, it’s ridiculous. I picked the worst day to build this. It might even rain
later, the weather says. So you know, rain and wind while making cardboard box fort thing, that’s just gonna be awesome. I’ve just managed to take the thing down from my last video, that big bubble thing. My last video was so much fun. I’m havin’ to shout
because it’s so windy, oh! My last video was so much fun, seriously. We had like a bubble,
we had a disco in there. It was awesome a. f.! If you don’t know what
the hell I’m talkin’ about go watch my last video. But don’t leave just yet. There’s gonna’ be a link to that video right at the end of this one. So you can go watch that
straight after this one! You probably coulda’ guessed I’m gonna be doing this video here today if you follow me on Instagram. I’m always leaving little hints and teases and everything to what
my next video’s gonna be. If you don’t know you’re
obviously not following me on Instagram. Click into the description below. My user names’s @KILLEMMFTW. Go follow me, I’m
followin’ back right now. Oh, it’s not as windy if I get down here. We’re gonna make this cardboard box. I’m gonna make it right here. Got a nice big space here. So, obviously, I’m gonna
be spendin’ like the whole night in this thing. So, I’m gonna have to live, you know. I need food, I need
drink, I need supplies. If you’re a regular viewer of this video, you know what I’m talkin’ about. You know what I’m sayin’. If you don’t know what I’m talkin’ about you’ve obviously not subscribed. So go smash that Subscribed
button down below. And if you’re already subscribed, smash that little bell icon right next to the Subscribed button and you’ll be notified
every time I upload. It’s easy as that! Anyway, I’m gonna go get them supplies. Hopefully this wind’s gone by then. Please don’t rain, please don’t rain. Okay, let’s go get supplies
and then build this thing. First we’re in the shop supply huntin’. And you know what we thought, You know, seein’ as though we’re doing a castle theme, then why not eat food that a knight or a king would eat. Not real nowadays food
like things in packets. Eat real old-school food. This can’t be nice. I don’t think they ate nice
things back in the day. (laughs) – Don’t tell, serious? – Pop-Tarts, Pop-Tarts. So, me and Moon spent three
constant days in the library day after day all day and we’ve researched everything there is to know about mediaeval times, about
knights and kings and stuff. So, bread, that’s it, they eat bread. – (laughs) That’s it. So we got stew, they had stew. I think posh ones had stew. I don’t think peasants had stew. I don’t know, I might be making that up. But here we go, stew. Porridge, not just any porridge. Super smooth porridge. So I’m gonna have porridge, that would be nice for breakfast. I think porridge was
quite popular back then. I don’t know if it was
like the porridge we have, but porridge is porridge. So I’m gonna have porridge. – Oh, Pop-Tarts. (squeaky recorder music)
(“Amazing Grace” ) (Moon and Thomas laugh) – So imagine this. You’ve been out on a really
long ride on your horse. You’re a knight. You’ve had a long, hard day at work. You come home. You just want a nice snack. And a bag of Cheetos, you
get Cheetos, don’t they. – Raisins and Cheetos? – So I got this huge five litre (drill whirs loudly) So I got a huge, five-liter bottle of Cripe! I’ve got water! I don’t know what’s happenin’. There’s some kinda drilling goin’ on. But, anyway, you think that’s, That’s everythin’. We’ve got everythin’. No more stuff. That’s it, off we go, back home. Let’s build this thing. Loads of surprises I’ve
got to show you later. I’m not gonna tell you what they are. It’s gonna be awesome. Here we go. (drill whirs) (dramatic music) – [Thomas] I don’t want to, I look stupid. – [Thomas] I don’t want to. – I’m not sayin’ it. – Here ye, here ye. – Here ye, here ye – Here ye, here ye! This took two days to make this castle. Two days. It’s been the windiest days of the year. No joke, it’s been the windiest
stormy days of the year. Rain and everythin’ and I’ve had enough! It’s my castle. – I’ve earned this castle. – I’ve earned this castle, it’s mine! King Tom Tom the 4th. – Stop laughin’. – Stay back! My castle. (dramatic music) Why you gotta light sabre. That’s not fair. – They didn’t have them in them days. (Moon screams and laughs) (laughs) Defence complete. Water balloons never fail. (Moon screams) – So first, real quick,
I’ll show you the view from up here ’cause it’s awesome. It’s gettin’ dark real quick. Whoa. (wind bellows) This is going down so fast. And that wind is gettin’
stronger and stronger. Look at this. But it just started pushin’
in, it won’t stay up. So then I’ll take you
on a little room tour. Then we’ll get everythin’
in and do a serious stayin’ over the night thing. Here we go. This is it from like above. A strong like a little platform here. This is like the main area. (groans) This is the main livin’ area. So it’s like, it all looks
completely rubbish, I know. It’s just the wind was so strong, we needed so much duct tape to stop it all from falling down. And then literally there I put wood here to stop it all from blowin’ in. Put wood on both sides. Duct tape everywhere. I’ve got some back down here
to stop this blowin’ in. So there, this is the main area. Then this is a little doorway here. Into the little side room. This is the side room. This is just like where
I could keep my stuff and I sleep in there. This is gonna be actually awesome. I cannot wait. So I’m gonna go, get all
my supplies, come back and get ready to spend the night. Can’t wait for this. – (laughs) Aah, we are in. (laughs) Awe, it’s rainin’. Oh no, whoa. It’s all blowin’ in now. Aw, it’s rainin’ in, it’s rainin’ in.. Aw, everythin’s gonna get wet through. I’m gonna have to get under this shelter. (mimics crying) Why is it rainin’? We got no ceilin’. Moon, why we got no ceilin’? This is gonna be a long night. I hope the wind goes soon. And the rain. I’m not allowed any electric, so obviously it’s a castle. I’ve got my mediaeval food, so like I’m not allowed
anything electronic at all. Just the camera and the light so that you can see everythin’. No phone, no Nintendo
Switch, no tv, no Xbox, no laptop, no compu, What, what am I gonna do? Moon, how am I gonna know when to wake up in the morning, with no alarm clock. – Have we got one? – Because we got no roof or anythin’ Leaves are blowin’ in from the trees. Everything’s wet through. That is disgustin’. – You got my alarm clock? – (laughs) It’s tiny. – You know how uncomfortable
it is on this floor? Ooh, aah, it’s the hardest
thing I’ve ever had to blow up. What’s that, what’s that? It’s got ponies on it and everythin’. That’s tiny. It looked way bigger on Amazon picture. – It’s not bad, it’s a bit comfortable. (Moon laughs) – I’m gonna have to take these off. These are makin’ my wrists sweat. This is makin’ me itch. This is makin’ me itch my head. I already took the trouser
things off before I got in ’cause they were like
insanely itchy as well. What is this stuff made out of? – What, what? (Moon and Thomas laugh) I’m gonna need some food. I’m so hungry. Bread, aah. Aah, some stew, that’d be beaut right now. I could have warm stew right now. That would like make me so much happier. You know, after all that
bucklin’ I did earlier you know, this would really hit the spot. It’d re-energize me and
make me feel a lot better. I don’t know what I’m talkin’ about. Moon, oh Moon! – Thanks, have ya got any butter? – [Thomas] I need butter for this bread. It’s just plain bread. What torch you got? – [Thomas] Are you allowed phones if I’m not allowed a phone? – [Thomas] Aye, that’s cheatin’. – [Thomas] That’s cheatin’, cheatin’. – Cheatin’, this wind’s insane. Just listen. (wind blows) Whoa, whoa, I haven’t even got a cap. You can’t just eat bread without butter. It’s dry, yeah? Where’s my stew? – [Thomas] Awe, yeah. Ho, ho, ho, thank you. – [Thomas] Mmmmm. – [Thomas] Wooden spoon
(laughs) I didn’t see that. – [Thomas] What? – [Thomas] You said we ain’t
got any butter, ah yeah. – You’re jokin’. – I’m gonna make my own butter? – I can’t, I can’t. – I can’t – [Thomas] That’ll do, that’ll do. – Aw I’ve got it all over me now. Oh. (Moon laughs) No. My soup’s gone cold. – I can’t, I can’t eat that. (laughs) Shhhh. – What? – Yeah, really nice. – Beautiful. – I’m so bored. Aaah, ow, wait, ah. My hair’s stuck to the
duct tape on the back. Can’t I have my phone or my
Nintentdo Switch for awhile. Just for a little bit. – Hey, yo! – Stop it just for like ten minutes. – I’m so bored. But what did they used
to do in these times. – I don’t have a horse. (recorder plays) – What were it? – You got it. – Oh, it’s just I can’t
just keep drinking water. Moon, can’t I have somethin’ with like just a little bit of flavour? – Yeah? – That was easy. (laughs) Hey there Moon! – Outside, where? – Just in the other room? – Can’t you just bring it to me in here? What have I gotta come out here for? For a drink? Where is it? – [Thomas] What? – [Thomas] Yeah, give it here. – [Thomas] Yeah (dramatic music) What’s that? (laughs) What? Wait, don’t let go! (laughing) Where did you get that? – Where? – (laughing) Don’t make me laugh. – Feel like I’ve just done
gym workout liftin’ that up. – Take it back, take it! Oh! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh, oh. Hey I’m bored. (laughs) Oh it’s sleeping bag time. Ooh, ooh, aw should have
gotten in here ages ago. Aah, let me show you what I can see. So it’s me in my sleepin’
bag, here’s my rubbish and all that stuff. But if I look straight up, I just got like plank of wood there. Here’s all the walls and stuff and then there’s the outside. Just like keeps rainin’
and stop rainin’ all night, and wind, just constant wind. It’s just so annoyin’. Anyway, I’m a go there actually around the garden and stuff in the dark before we go to sleep. (groans) Okay, this is in the garden right now. As you can see, it’s rainin’. Oh, I got a get back in quick. That’s disgustin’. Oh it’s so wet, oh. Now it’s rainin’, I’m wet through. Nothing to lose now. Stop it! Stop rainin’! You, stop rain Just an update. It keeps rainin’ and then it stops. And then it rains again. The it stops again. And then guess what. Yep, it rains again. Oh, I’m so fed up. It’s so cold. It’s so windy. It’s so rainy. The wind is just constant, it never stops. The rain keeps comin’ and goin’. Is the cold just always there? Okay, I feel better now. Okay, update number two. Um, I’m wet through. You all just kept tellin’ me, like, my recent challenges haven’t
really been challenges. They’ve been like really
luxurious and stuff. Even the cup fort one was pure luxury. You know I had lights on. I had Pippin with me. You know it was pure gold. So, it’s about time I suffered. And believe me I’m sufferin’ alright. When I was literally laid on
cardboard on the cold floor. Haven’t got a roof, no roof. Just rain pourin’ in. Oh, my shelter around
me keeps feelin’ like it’s gonna blow over any second. Winter’s comin’, it’s November. I’m gonna have to do more
challenges indoors from now on. You know what I’m sayin’? It’s gettin’ a bit
ridiculous in winter now. So, let me know in the comments below if you think of any good
challenge video things you wanna see me do that are indoors. Please, indoors. (laughs and moans) Aah. Haaaa. Everything’s completely leakin’ in. It’s going completely wrong. It’s rained heavy. Heavy a f, seriously. It woke me up. I kinda almost got to sleep and a huge gust of wind. Rain started just oozin’ in and I’m wet through. Aw, some kinda leak up here. Think it’s drippin’ in down
this back edge just here. Wind’s just constantly
blowin’ this inwards. Look. All the way up, it’s all the way up. Water’s all pourin’ in here. We’ve got leaves comnin’ in. This is just disgustin’. Oh, I just want this night to be over. I just really want this night to be over. Just can’t do this thing anymore. Seriously ’cause it’s freezin’. Wet, windy, cold, everythin’. I’m goin’ to try and get, like, sleep. It’s all I can do. There’s nothin’ else to do. Just try and sleep my way through this and hope I wake up and it’s mornin’. I’ll see you on the other side. – Uh – Nothing, nothing. – I’ve got at them. (suspenseful music)


They didn't drink much water back then because it was super polluted with sewage they drank wine and beer mostly

Considering the rain lasting a long time I would assume that the clouds are nimbostratus type and the warm feeling is some of the warm air from the warm front forming the clouds passing in, your lucky you are not in an oculus front or a cold front than you would have to deal with thunder, huge downdrafts, possible tornadoes, etc. (ok I’m sure people are going to call me a nerd or Albert Einstein or something like that but lol)

You slipped up there Thomas – in medieval times the water was so bad that they only drunk ale or if they were posh wine. You wouldn't have bothered about the cold and rain then lol.

Genuinely makes me think about everyone rough sleeping on the street. Especially as its cold this week. There are more empty houses than homeless people, what messed up priorities

"Im the king and i make my own butter" Hahahahaha omg that f-in slayed me….moon is so funny she really makes your videos whole, you two are awesome…all the silly stuff yins do just cracks me up. 😂😂😂😂

The funny part was when moon was hitting the sides and king tom tom the 4th just says 'i knew this day would come'

Kill em, pls do a challenge where you were to spend the night in an enclosed space and you have to open and eat surstromming and you can't leave or you would fail the challenge

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