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I Built a Fort out of Red Cups & Spent the Night… It Was Funny AF (Sleep in a Cup House Challenge)

I Built a Fort out of Red Cups & Spent the Night… It Was Funny AF (Sleep in a Cup House Challenge)

(dramatic music) All right, so, absolutely none of you suggested this video. This is my idea, and we all know how my ideas turn out. A disaster. (laughs) I don’t even know why we’re trying this, but today, I’ve had an idea. I’ve bought 2,400 red cups. I know 2,400 is a weird number, but there’s 240 each pack, and I just thought, “You know
what, I’ll just buy 10 packs.” I don’t know how many red
cups I need to build a house. That is just one question
no man in history has ever had to think about. (laughs) 2,400 red cups. So while I was out buying the red cups, I also picked up a glue gun, and loads of sticks of glue, so that’s how I’m gonna
stick this thing together. I don’t know how this is gonna turn out. It’s gonna have holes everywhere. It’s pretty much not
even gonna be a shelter. It’s just gonna — This is gonna be stupid. (laughs) What? What am I doing? (laughs) For this to be a real challenge, I want to do this thing outside. It’s gonna be freezing. This feels like it’s, like,
five degrees right now. It’s only 4:00 PM, look at it. It’s nearly dark already. It’s getting crazy. Please, someone, turn the lights back on. I mean, it even looks
like it’s gonna rain, so what I’m gonna do is, I’m
gonna take all these cups into the garage, I’m gonna build all the walls and the roof in there, and then I’m gonna bring
them here into the garden. I think that makes sense. It’ll make sense later. Anyway, if you follow me on Instagram, you probably knew I was
gonna be doing this already because I did put a
picture on the other day when I was in the shop buying this stuff. If you want future sneak
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every time I upload. It’s as easy as that. (hoverboard beeps) (Tom wails) I can’t use that thing. That thing is so hard. If you saw my last video,
the one in the graveyard, you know where that came
from, and how I got that. I got a charger, I got the
thing working, it is awesome. Obviously, if you didn’t watch the video, you don’t know how I got it, so make sure you go watch that video. That video was insane, the graveyard one. Go watch it. But don’t leave just yet. There’s gonna be a link to that right at the end of this video. Anyway, I’m-a go take all these cups down into the garage,
start building this thing. I mean, it’s 4:00 PM now. By the time I’ve built this,
it’s gonna be dark outside. I’m hoping to have it done
by seven, eight o’clock, stay in the thing for 12 hours. I’m gonna need supplies, obviously. I’m gonna be spending the
whole night in this thing. I need food, I need drink, you know, keep me going,
keep me survivin’. You know the drill. (laughs) Let’s go buy supplies. All right, we’re in the
shop, supply buying. There’s a few things I picked up that’s gonna be fun for later that I’m gonna keep as a surprise. I’m not gonna show you just yet. But the thing is, we’re
gonna buy food that’s red. We’ve gotta buy food that’s red, not just the packaging,
the actual food, you know? That’s today’s challenge. The reason we’re doing it is because all the red cups are obviously red, so the food’s gotta be red as well. Why not? Let’s go see what food we can get, and drink, that’s just red, here we go. Soup. Soup is always red. Minestrone. Why you laughing? Tomato ketchup is bright red. Just tomato ketchup. Beans in tomato sauce. Really fancy some chocolate. M&M’s. I’m only allowed to eat the red ones? (laughs) Come on. Strawberry licorice laces,
I’ve not had them in forever. I love it. No, that’s filth. Spicy Thai sweet chilli,
they sound gorgeous. Why? I want them. I’m gonna get them, trust. I’ll be back. We’re gonna get some wibbly wobbly jelly. (laughs) You veteran Kill’em fans
know I love my Monster, or any energy drink, not just Monster, but this ultra red
thing, it’s got no sugar, and the actual liquid is
red too, so that counts. That counts, Moon. Moon, it counts, it’s red. I’m having it, it’s good. Cactus juice. Ain’t cactus green though? It sounds painful. Come on, then, I think that’s everything. Let’s go make this tang. Stop it. Turn it off. (laughs) Turn it off, turn it off. Stop it. I need a new passport
photo while we’re here. See you in a minute. (machine beeps) What? (electronic music) This is crazy. No joke, it’s 2:30 AM. We’ve been on this, six,
seven, eight and a half hours. We’ve actually run out of hot glue. We’ve got no more glue to
hold this thing together. You don’t know how much glue to order. You don’t know how many cups. We got way too many cups, not enough glue. This is stupid. (laughs) This is, like, the walls, and then it kind of comes up to a point. We’ve got the ladders in there. Tell ’em to get out. We’ve got a little window. I mean, you’ve got to be
able to see out, ain’t ya? (laughs) We’ve started building the roof. This is the roof. There’s just cups everywhere. (laughs) This is actually gonna be
placed onto the top flat, then we’ve got more roof to build. We’ve got loads left to do. This just went horribly wrong, took way longer than we expected. We don’t usually show you stuff like this. When things go wrong, we
usually just make it look easy, and nice and easy, and
all music and stuff, but things do actually go wrong. We’ve had videos actually go online, like, a day or two later than it should do, and it’s not because we’re lazy and sat around doing nothing. It’s because something’s gone wrong, something’s not gone to plan. This is something we
wouldn’t usually show you, but it’s like a little
behind the scenes thing. If you like seeing this stuff, let me know in the comments below. Anyway, yeah, I’m-a go sleep. We’re gonna wake up,
finish building this thing. I’m gonna end up doing
this tomorrow night. I need some sleep. I need bed. (laughs) Come on, I’m going to bed. See you tomorrow. (dramatic orchestral music) What are we on? What are we on? – [Moon] Oh, wait, hang on. Go straight, go straight, that’s it. Ha ha! (laughs) Here we go, this took so long to make. It was really awkward to get it here where it is right now. It took three of us. We couldn’t film carrying
it over them bushes. Look at that. We had to carry it over
these bushes, didn’t we? We finally got it here. It’s getting dark. We got here just in time. I’m-a get in somehow. We haven’t got a door. You’ll lift it up, and I’ll crawl in? (laughs) I’ve got my supplies here ready. Let’s get in. (grunts) Hey. (laughs) Let me show you inside real quick. Ah, this is so cool. Here we go. Oh my god. (laughs) It’s getting dark. We need lights on in here
before it does fully get dark. I need my supplies in here. I’ve got a lovely duvet quilt
cover thing with a pillow. This is gonna be so cosy. I can fully stand up
in here, look at this. It’s just touching my head. Literally, the whole
thing is made of cups, the walls, the ceiling,
the roof, everything. This is insane. Right, pass me my supplies. Perfect. Pass me my duvet and pillow in, please. You come in? Come on then, get in. Fucking hell, that took so long, to weave all the lights
in and out of the walls, but anyway, okay, three … two, one. Oh! (laughs) Yeah, awesome. (laughs) Yeah, yeah, it’s pretty much
pitch black outside now. That took about an hour. That was crazy. Moon’s coming in. Pass me the rest of the supplies. And you got a surprise for
me and stuff, haven’t you? We’ve got some games. It’s gonna be so much fun. Careful. (laughs) This is so comfortable. We’ve got pillows and everything. I’m-a take my shoes off. Oh, yeah. Oh, this is so awesome. I think this is the
best one we’ve done yet. Yeah. (laughs) Moon’s got a surprise for me. What is it? Are you gonna pass it though a window? I’m not, I’m not, I’m not. (laughs) What’s that? That’s his hand. (laughs) Pippin, what’s his name? (laughs) Jesus, how big is it? Pippin. What? Show ’em how big. I can’t show how big it is. What? (laughs) Look at this. What’s his name? Pippin? (laughs) (laughs) I don’t know if there’s
enough room for you now. Okay, we’re a little cramped. Moon’s in here, I’m here, we’ve got the monkey, we’ve
got a table and a chair. (laughs) We’re in. (laughs) You’re gonna have to get out, Moon. (Moon laughs) Okay, the first surprise that we’ve got that we didn’t show you earlier is this. Are you ready, are you ready? He’s awesome. (Moon laughs) Wait, wait. (laughs) Snow cone maker, exactly. (ice crunches) Is it even doing anything? All that for that. So much fun. Oh, yeah, I’m loving this. (groans) That’s not too bad. Now it needs to be red. That’s where Mr. Penguin comes in. Yeah. I got … I got sensitive teeth. Oh, brain freeze. While Moon’s still here, I mean, I don’t know, how
long is she gonna be here. How long are you gonna be here? Yeah, so while Moon’s here, we’re gonna play a game. Five in one. Five, five, five, in one, one, one desktop game, game, game, for me and Moon to play,
play, play. (laughs) Oh no, aw, oh no, oh no. Okay, wait. Wait. Oh, god, wait. Okay. Wait. Wait, wait, wait. Oh. Come on, Moon. Pressure’s on, go. Oh. Wait, wait, wait, I need
to take this serious. (Moon laughs) Oh. (both shout) (both laugh) I’m getting this table out. It’s taking too much room. Yeah, we got room for activities now. (laughs) It’s so cuddly. It’s so cuddly cosy. Shh. Well? What? It’s time. (Moon laughs) Crafting with Kill’em. Wait, wait, wait. For this episode of Crafting with Kill’em, all you need is a hood, some duct tape, M&M’s, and the core ingredient
for this to work … (Moon laughs) A cup. Oi, don’t laugh. What you’re gonna have
to do is grab that cup, and put it on your head. Get some duct tape, and you duct tape the thing
to your head, the hood. Perfect. There we have your very own snack pot. But I’m only allowed the red ones. You can do anything with these hands. Cactus juice. It’s actually really nice. (laughs) I did not expect that. Is the liquid red though? (gasps) It’s not, it’s green. You said, you said to get it. You can’t blame me, you can’t blame me. You said to get it. Bloody hell. Oh, god. (laughs) (Moon whimpers) (Moon whimpers) So let me know what you
think to this video, ’cause, like, I mean,
we built our own house, or fort, out of cups. I mean, I think that could
be a new possible series where we build a fort out of weird things. I’ve got a few ideas ready. Just let me know in the comments what you think to this one, and I’ve got plenty more lined up. It’s gonna be awesome. Actually, it took a lot of work, but it was a lot of,
it’s awesome right now. I’m getting really tired now. It’s really late, isn’t it? What time is it? Aw, no. Don’t go, I will be right bored on me own. Oh, don’t, you can’t go. I got chess for us to play. Can we play it over the phone? Okay. (laughs) (laughs) I just thought it looked cool. (grunts) (laughs) All right, Moon’s just gone. I think she’s going to bed now. She’s gotta be up early tomorrow morning. (footsteps click) – [Moon] Sorry. Oh, no, wait. What’s up? You want Pippin? You can’t have Pippin. (laughs) Moon, are you there? We’re on phone, you
don’t have to say over. It’s not walkie-talkie. All right, Moon, go on then. It’s you first. B7 to B5, yep. D2 to D4. That’s not a move, you can’t do that. That’s not even on the board. Do you know how to play chess? I’m going, bye. (laughs) That’s better. That’s a lot better. It’s actually getting so cold. It’s real late. It’s gone 3:00 AM right now. There’s a lot of holes in this wall. It doesn’t really keep a lot of heat in. (laughs) Oh, god. (laughs) You see, there was three of us. Before, there was me,
Moon, and the big monkey. I forgot his name. I’m sorry, monkey. But now Moon’s gone, she took the monkey. We’re just me now. Well, me and you. This thing took so long to
build, I can’t believe it. It looks awesome. It looks way better than I imagined it in my head when I started it. I just can’t believe how awesome it was. Took forever though, but honestly, it’s been so much fun in here. I can’t believe it. If it rains, I’m screwed, oh no. (laughs) Oh, wait, wait, wait, now Moon’s gone, I can eat these. Let me show you. (sings) It’s those spicy Thai sweet chilli crisps that I wanted earlier, and Moon wouldn’t let me have. Remember, I said, “I’ll be back.” I’ll be back. (laughs) I told you I was gonna get them. I’ve got them. Here they are. Moon was right, they’re not red. She’s not here right now, but she’s gonna watch this video, she’s gonna be well peeved at me if I just eat these right now, so I’ve got a plan. I also bought some red food colouring. Technically, it’s red now. Does that count? (laughs) I’m sorry, Moon. I know I do a lot of these,
like, I spend the night videos. I do so many of them recently, but it’s just because they’re so fun. I have so much fun doing these things, and I’ve been getting positive feedback from you all for them. I mean, they have all have
similar titles and stuff, but in terms of content, they’re
all completely different. You spend, like, a third
of your life asleep in bed. That’s crazy, one third of
your life, you’re sleeping. Why not make the most of it? Might not have fun, you know what I mean? That’s what I feel like. Recently, since I
started doing this thing, I mean, I’ve got so many stories to tell.. I’ve slept on a lake in a Zorb ball. I’ve slept in a house of cups. I’ve slept in a tree. I’ve slept on a roof. The list is endless, you know? It’s so much fun, and it’s
making so many memories, it’s just so cool. I mean, I’ve got loads of
ideas for videos recently, and you all come up with
the best ideas though. My ideas are nothing compared to yours, so let me know in the comments below what you want to see me do next. Anyway, it’s real late right now. I’m actually so tired. It’s pitch black out here. I mean, it’s gonna be light in five or six hours or something, so I’m gonna get a sleep. I’ve got my alarm set so I can wake up when it’s starting to get light. I might call Moon to
bring me some breakfast. Don’t tell her though. (laughs) So yeah, I’m-a get some sleep. This has been awesome so far. It’s getting real cold. I need to snuggle up like
a burrito in my blanket. I really shouldn’t have given Pippin away. He would’ve been so cuddly right now and warmed me up. (laughs) God damn Moon. I’m gonna sleep. I’ll see you in the morning. Peace. Why? Why did I do that? Is it recording? Hello? Test, te– yeah, it’s recording. Oh, it’s morning. (yawns) It is morning. I’ve done it. That was actually quite
a comfortable sleep. My alarm’s just woke me up. I can hear birds. I can hear birds. I can’t see you, but I can hear you. Mornin’. Mornin’ pigeon. Mornin’ birds. Mornin’. Mornin’. Let’s ring Moon. I’m hungry, see if she’ll
bring me some breakfast. (phone rings) Moon? Mornin’. Will you bring me some breakfast please? Mornin’. Ah, breakfast. Pina– what? I said breakfast. (laughs) Three … Two, one. (electronic music)


You know like a ball pit? You should build a fort with the balls in there. It’s hard but possible.

OMG the visuals in this video are way off the chart!! YOU DUCK TAPED a red cup to your Monkey's HEAD??????? Shame Shame!! hahahahahahah!!!! I wonder what makes you tick?

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