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Yo, Chris what we bout to do? Chris and Lance:What we bout to do it. Lance: We wanna do it. We bust they hit the gym What up guys? How you guys doin’ today? Ow, that actually hurt. Well anyway, we’re going to be hitting the gym pretty soon Let’s get the workout in. I didn’t even tell you guys yet what we plan on doing today. You know we’re going tonight Chris? We’re going to Vegas! (HECK YEAH!) We’re going to meet up with Codee and Rachel tonight. We’re going to be staying at their place for probably about the next week or so. So it should be a fun time I told you guys before that we’re going to go to Vegas at some point We finally decided to do so we’re going to do it for the 4th of july weekend But I’ve never actually drove to Vegas before I’ve always taken a flight which is about a 45-minute flight It’s going to be about a four-hour drive tonight, so we’re going to leave pretty late. We’re gonna leave it like 9:30 Ten-ish so we don’t have to hit traffic. Chris Do you see how hot it is out here right now imagine this heat added by another 40 degrees. That’s Vegas Chris: I’ve never experienced hot there. Lance: It’s so hot and it’s such dry heat like you walk outside for a couple minutes and get like Dehydrated feeling. Chris has never been there. What did you do? You hit your funny bone? (Did Chris get a booboo? Haha!) Chris: jesus. Lance: you laughing? Chris: and it’s not even funny Never understood that they call it a funny bone, but it’s just like it’s never funny and all that they call it that because it just tingles just like aahh (WTF Lance) We just wrapped up the gym. We’re about to go get some protein in our system I’m so out of it guys you’ll realize that when I go to the gym a lot of the time after I go to the Gym. I just can’t speak properly at all it’s like my mind’s racing a million miles an hour and just like I got to take like 20 breathers to go off and he Lifts too many, heavy weights up your vocal cords. I know dude I guess it makes my good singing voice not a good singing boy right so if you lift less you won’t be in amazing pain (What?) notice how I’ve never had a good singing voice that just means I’m going hard all the time always Always going hard. I don’t know what Dre (I don’t know how to spell his name) doing. Some like Ballerina this s**t. hahaha he’s got it! (Dre making some weird noise) Yo, Dre just thought this drink had weed in it, and it’s cucumber with leave it’s the weed drink No bro Cucumber, it’s cucumber? Then what the f**k are the leaves for? Yo, so it’s me Chris and dre in the elevator right and my stomach is so upset right now Hope I got this protein so it’s not probably the best thing to take right now mixed with my pre-workout So I had this big gama gig and I let it all out it was all gas and it like just lands on our floor and by oh my God it smells so bad in here and then Some other guy starts walking in the elevator and dre has to be in the elevator still to go up to his floor And I’m like he goes AAAHHH. I was like it smells like s**t in there. He just farted and the one guy walks in he like AAHH It smells terrible We’re all about the head out right now to get a haircut. I need it desperately I haven’t gone in a couple weeks I try to go like every two weeks to get a haircut But not totally almost a month at this point and the last time I went I feel like the lady mess my hair up like It’s not how I wanted to be cut so hopefully this fixes it. It was like this side was cut too short compared to this side. It didn’t make sense dang Chris. You don’t got shotgun because dre. He’s too tall That’s a good thing about tall people. They always good shotgun, all right well
I didn’t know this but Chris just said that my car almost got towed before and I absolutely no idea they came over to this Area before to get their hair cut and they parked around the other side they paid for parking and everything But apparently Chris jumped in the car and just floored it They were about the tow the car and he got in and took off. Well, let’s hope that doesn’t happen on this end How do you pay for parking it still get towed makes no sense. Yo these fools got me so sketched that right now They just said when we go into the salon the guy text says we’re done guns and drugs (i have no clue what he said) because they want some, okay? I’m playing around. I’m playing he’d say my haircut can be really good like a professional super professional barber Is that why he check Gandhi? (what? I DUNNO!!) you should go see him, he’s lit. alright. I just hope my hair cut ends up good he is so lit. alright, just got my hair cut it looks a little short right now But when I get back to the place and do it my way it should look a little bit longer It’s all kind of like scrunched up right now We did definitely get it shortened a little bit because of the fact that the last time I got it cut it got messed up Yo, where’s my car? My car got towed? Oh? Oh look look look! Oh there it is Yo, I got so sketched out for a second I was like where the f**k is my car. this car pulled behind us, and it looked my car wasn’t there Oh my God Chris still has to get his haircut. So we’re gonna wait… We got to wait like 30 minutes to get it So we’re just going to trying to get some food right now, okay guys, so it is now is now six o’clock We wasted like our entire day there trying to get haircuts we’ve been here for about the past four hours all of us trying to get a haircut and the reason that happened is because when Dre set up the appointment He said three people and the guy thought that dre said one person and for three o’clock and ’cause he said yeah lets try to do three So the guy thought it meant three o’clock when he meant three people so we had to wait a little bit in between each Person’s haircut to get the next person because obviously there’s other people scheduled in between so that’s why it did take so long I’m gonna go back home get a shower trying to my hair correctly and a couple of hours We have to head out to Vegas you ready. I am I’m not ready pretty heat, but I am ready for vegas. Yeah, just really fun. Yeah I looked up How long is going to take of a drive about four and a half hours? 287 miles from here, bro. That is a long drive. Yo hold up! I come home and big nik is chillin’ with my girl. You trying to steal my girl?! Bro my bad You know what I mean like Imma beat ya Smurf a** (pls dont leave the midget smurf alone) im kidding What up bro! Whats up man he bardged in the f**king apartment and i was laying in bed and i got scared. i was on the elevator ’cause i had to pay my rent You’re gonna go to vegas then nah bro I’m going to San Diego tomorrow. Oh, s**t we’re going to vegas. yeah Yeah, I know you’re gonna codee right know codee moving out here. Yeah, codee gonna move out here he’s gonna be with us bro what does it smell like baby powder? Do i smell like baby powder? It’s probably because you got a haircut oh The guy, the alcohol been used on her like our back of our head smells so good so as I can actually didn’t burn it All either I know it smelt good. alright well I’m About to get in the shower anybody wants to join. You know where to find this yeah come on chris That was your cue WWOOAAH get in here big nik! Love it baby.Nik, I need someone to clean my buthole. Yeah bro i got you Come on. Now Dre fell in the chair. (hahaha) Oh Wow, oh my gosh. We got to fix this chair. Yeah, we got to fix it. is Supposed to happen I rigged it for a prank and I put it back together, but I put it back together incorrectly I Just come over to sit like this. Yeah, that’s what Chris. Did he just laid there for hours well Yeah, I’m calling not sure yesterday. I was so comfortable. I even got a blanket just fell asleep for hours bro. DANGG!my hair short I did not think it was gonna be this short, but it’s all good. It’ll grow back I kind of needed it anyway OOOHHH (all people talking at once) this chair stupid bro (just like you. im kidding!) Yo sit in the other chair the other *BLEEP* Messed up. wheres theo? Hey boy. He’s going to come along for the ride Yeah, he was just chillin in there. We’re packing and getting ready right now to leave make you still over here He’s been here for hours. Yep, chillin yeah, Rob boy you coming for the road? Yeah, maybe we’ll drop you off in San Diego. Let me go As I told you guys we are headed out really soon over to Vegas we’re actually going up to this place right now so I can get a Superfood bowl because I love this I’ve been eating a lot recently I wanted to get something to eat for the Road So I’m going to get that and eat it during the drive to Vegas I never really ride these boards anymore because I get so sketched out when I ride that because I Don’t know why but recently any board that I ride always gives down on me, and I like almost faceplant I just don’t want that happening especially right now when I’m going to get to Superfood bowls for it One me and Lizzie and my board just gives down I drop everything everywhere that would be a pan that you’re bumping making you run into you. what are you doing? Oh, nik. You’re going so quick damn he’s out man, dude He’s Gome. This is not good Chris warned me that this board was about to die and I didn’t listen to him. If i fall on my face this is going to be bad so this is like a different brand of the drink that we’ve been drinking recently There’s probably 40 grams of protein we’re gonna see if this tastes me different. Well. This is better. Maybe we found something better! No way is it better. can i try it? I’m gonna try that oh my God. Oh my God Way better. way better. Whey protein. It still gives you hot mouth a little bit But it’s not as bad. I actually like that better *fangirl* can i get a picture?!?!?!? OOOOO AAAAHHHHH *TOTATLY NOT FANGIRLING* (I’m not the girl that got a pic) I just ran into some fans and they’re freaking out. Ahh Everything is all packed and ready to go for Vegas dang that we have such a long drive ahead of us I don’t know like I don’t know if I like long car drives because honestly I’ve only done it a couple times It’s like when I was a kid like I dreaded it as a kid so maybe as an adult I’ll like it like I’ve started to like things a lot now that I didn’t think I would like a couple years ago I know it’s really weird it’s like the stupid things that you wouldn’t think that you would get excited about you get excited about as you start to become an Adult like don’t furniture shopping for a brand new apartment as a kid you would think that’s Super Super boring But as an adult you kind of like enjoy because you’re like decorating your house and making it look dope or good I don’t know that like do you notice that Chris you guys weird, okay? You keep eating your *bleep* carrots you Just make me feel weird. I honestly think I have a serious addiction with eating these bowls. I’m sorry guys I know I go there a lot. I just I think it’s really good and it’s way healthier than eating like Frozen yogurt Oh my God another one down it happen to you That happened to me then Lizzy. It happened to other people oh my God This is why. You screwed it On backwards. Yo this is this turn to like one prank. It’s like a constant prank on everyone. It wasn’t me I know, but they all backfire like it backfired on me I’m like so confused right now because we almost never bring bags Anywhere unless we’re going to the airport and this is like the first time we’re not going to the airport (Lizzy making funny sounds) You realize that like it’s just weird like the amount of times that I fly every single time I obviously have suitcases with me But I never take like a road trip in a car to go places let me show you houses I roll in sweet (does anybody know this song?!) Focus hours, I became more love in my day in my whole entire life I can’t see these peoples info topic topic in this position. All right. We got about a three-hour drive left We told about an hour and a half we just made a little pit stop I’m going to try and see if theo need to go to the bathroom or not all right guys it is now 3 a.m. We finally made it over here to codee’s house. We haven’t even gone inside yet. I texted codee I think codee passed out right now. It is so late. I am so tired. I’m about to go to sleep hola What up bro, guys I literally just woke up Rachel just woke me up because she said you guys are almost here Oh my God, what up rache! welcome to the humble (?) about five hours later bro we’re here Yeah, oh my gosh. Well there’s so many dogs. What up Chloe! Chloe got huge aye So you got a different hair color, I see also moisturize your hand which means you probably jerked off before I Dabbed you up. I didn’t moisturize where I am why are they so soft? I just have soft skin. Oh, yeah yeah, that’s what it is uh-huh Yeah, is he is he scared? put him down, let him play. He is scared and grumpy. GRIFFY, griffy! aaawwwhhh He’s so happy. He’s like what’s going on. Yeah, this is like introducing him the geo all over again and today three dogs you ah I almost got her ah Alright guys well Gonna wrap up the vlog I hope you guys enjoyed if you did hit that thumbs up button Stop just turn on my post notifications as always a give notification shoutouts every single day to people that have my notification turned on and Comment down below saying that you have it turned on Phase notification shoutouts are Other than that that’s gonna wrap up the vlog so I’ll see you guys tomorrow if you guys are interested in any of our 210 merchandise make sure to click the link down below the very top of the description and Check it out over there Make sure to hit that subscribe button and turn on my post notification And you haven’t already make sure to check out yesterday’s video as well


Chris: 4 hours is so long

Me: Every single Christmas, my parents drive to Arizona which is like 6 hours and it's so hot! ;-;

was mine the only one that when he said the post notification shout and he always does that thing but today it didnt show the people who got a shout out or wad it just me

These have got to be the dumbest fucking vloggers ever. They both need to reach puberty, and then stop acting like tweens.

Notifications are turned on has been for a min!!! Watching yalls vlogs make me and my gang want to come chill lol

the reason they call It a funny bone I think it because the person who hit there elbow wont laugh but the person watching the person getting hit in the elbow laughs

I think lance was so tired he forgot that my notifications are on that's why the notification shoutouts are poppin up

lizzy probably hit him with her dildo at the beginning of the vlog because if you think she probably gave lance shit saying "why the fuck did u use my dildo, nows theres shit all over it!" then when lance started the vlog she slapped him across the head with it. lmaoo

My family and I drove to Las Vegas from North Carolina and it took is 37 hours to get there and that is not counting stops

Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhnnhhhnhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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