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I Handcuffed Myself to My Girlfriend & She Didn’t Know! (Handcuff Challenge)

I Handcuffed Myself to My Girlfriend & She Didn’t Know! (Handcuff Challenge)

(dramatic music) – Alright, so this video
was actually Moon’s idea. She thought of the idea
of handcuffing each other for 24 hours. I thought that was an awesome idea, but I looked online and a few
people have done it already. But, it don’t matter
because we can do it better. So, get ready for this. This is gonna be awesome. So, I thought of a way better
idea than just handcuffing each other for 24 hours. You know, I thought we’ve got a key there, you’re all gonna think
we’re cheating and whatever. So, I thought of a better idea. I ordered these handcuffs online. (plastic rustling) So, I’ve got some real
good metal handcuffs here and we’ve got keys there as well, two keys it comes with. So, what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna put these handcuffs on each other, on our wrists. We’re gonna be stuck to each other and we’re gonna destroy the key. Then, to get out of the handcuffs, what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna order the same
pair of handcuffs online and we’ve gotta be stuck to each other by the time they get here. Does that make (laughing) sense? I do stupid stuff like this
every three or four days. So, make sure you subscribe
if you’re not already. And, if you are already subscribed, press that little (ding) bell icon right next to subscribe
and you’ll be notified every time I upload. It’s as easy as that! (dramatic exhaling) So, I originally ordered
these things on Amazon Prime, but obviously I’m not in the UK right now. I’m in Austria. So, it took like three days to get here. So, we’re gonna handcuff
each other now, today, destroy the keys, order
a new pair, and then wait until the new pair comes. So, we can get out (laughing). This is actually gonna be so much fun. I cannot wait, but I’m
wearing a different coat to the last video. ‘Cause you all kept saying,
I look like a Deliveroo guy? I mean, I don’t know
what a Deliveroo guy is, but I looked online and I do look similar. So, you all told me not to wear that. Look at this, this is the
igloo from the last video, look at this. It’s dying. It’s dying, look at it, it’s
rib cage is hanging out. Oh, look around here, look, look, there’s a huge hole in the back. Look at that. Oh, you can see right in. The snow here is slowly melting. The igloo is going down,
the igloo is going down! If you don’t know why we’ve got
an igloo in the back garden, obviously, you didn’t see the last video. You should go watch that video,
but don’t leave just yet. There’s gonna be a link to that right at the end of this video. That thing was insane, I
actually enjoyed that so much, it’s getting loads of views,
go check that thing out, but we’re here today to get handcuffed. So, let’s do this thing. Moon, I’m gonna handcuff myself to Moon, my girlfriend obviously. She’s somewhere, I don’t know where. I think she’s in the house
somewhere, so I don’t know. I’m gonna handcuff myself to her and then order the new
ones, destroy the key. This is gonna be awesome. (panting) (laughing) Go follow me on Instagram, I’m gonna go post pictures and stuff. My username is @KILLEMFTW,
look in the description below. I’m sure you (mumbles) Let’s go get handcuffed
and then find Moon. I can’t do, can’t do this with one hand. (handcuffs clicking) (static buzzing)
Alright, so I was just walking around the house looking for
Moon and I found something bad. The handcuffs have got this like, like a safety catch, so
you can always open it, open without a key. So obviously, that’s like really bad ’cause we could just open it up any time. So, I’ve got an idea. (clicking) (scraping) Anyway, I’ve cut it off
and it’s kind of like twisted it as well, it’s all mangled up. So, it won’t even budge. Seriously, when I was
cutting it with the thing, it’s like twisted it
all, it’s like completely messed it all up. So, we’re, we’re good to go. Let’s go burn these keys (giggling). (hissing) (crackling)
Whoah. (stomping)
Oh! Okay, uh. (sizzling) Go, go.
(footsteps thudding) (metal clicking) Okay, let’s go find Moon. I’m stoked now. (playful instrumental music) – [Moon] Thomas? – Moon, put your hand out. I’ve got a surprise for you.
– What? What is it? – You’re ready, you’re sure?
– Yeah! – [Thomas] Alright, put your hands up. – Where?
– Yeah. – Where to?
– Stay there, yeah, yeah. – [Moon] Is it, no, is it heavy? What is it? I don’t, no, I don’t like it
– Stay still. Stay still, okay? Hold on. (handcuffs clanking and locking shut) – [Moon] What? (gasping) No. (laughing) Just get that off. – I can’t, I can’t
– [Moon] No, Thomas for sure, (laughing)
now just get it off, it’s not. – But this were going to be your idea. – [Moon] I didn’t even
think about it anymore. That’s ages ago, just get–
(laughing) Just let me get changed and
all my makeup on and stuff. – Okay (laughing).
– Why are you laughing? Stop laughing like that–
– I can’t undo it. – Why can’t you?
– I can’t undo it! – [Moon] That’s kiddy stuff,
it always comes with keys. – (stuttering) The key… – The keys are in a million pieces. – [Moon] How are we
supposed to get them off? (yells) Stop pulling!
– (laughing) You stop it. Stop it, ah, ah (laughing).
– Stop pulling and get them off!
(laughing) Stop it, stop it! So, Moon was really angry. I should’ve told her about this. – [Moon] Thomas, are you joking? I’m just sitting right here. – I’m updating them! Look at this!
It’s only been five minutes. – [Moon] Because you keep pulling! – I put it too tight. Is yours too tight? – [Moon] No. – This hurts. – [Moon] I know it does! We can do so many things here. There’s snow and stuff, why do you keep, what are you doing?
– [Thomas] It’s too hot. – [Moon] Yeah, how do you
think this is gonna work now? Good luck with that. (laughing) Did you think you
could take your hoodie off? – Yeah, I’ve never been in this
situation (laughing) before. – [Moon] I’m not joking,
how are we getting them off? I want to know when we get them off. – I’ve got to order this duplicate set.
– You’ve not even ordered it yet?
– No, it’s. That’s the plan. They’re here. – [Moon] Yeah, and how
long is it going to– – They’re only 18 more–
– It says 9th until the 11th of January. – What is it now? – [Moon] I think it’s
the 3rd or something. (laughing) – We’ve got
to make the best of it. – [Moon] Yeah, but you didn’t think! – (laughing) I’ve gotta wear this. I’ve gotta put this back on. – [Moon] I so need to get used to that. Don’t pull, please, oh. (yells) ouch!
– (yells) Ahh! (thudding) Ow.
– Yeah, don’t pull. (grunting) – We’re in Austria for three weeks and I forgot my shaver and
it looks disgusting now. – [Moon] You’ve got a neck beard. – I know it looks disgusting,
I forgot my thing. Have you got like a razor
or something I can borrow? – [Moon] (scoffing) No, my razor is broke. But, I’ve got something we can try. – What, so is it gonna work? – [Moon] You’re not supposed
to use it on your face. (ripping)
(screaming) (deep sighing) – Well, that didn’t work
so we’re off to the shop. I need a razor. Get some food and stuff. It might help us get
through the day a bit more if we got some nice sweets and stuff. (yelling) Ah! Ah, stop it!
– Ow! Come on now, slowly. – This isn’t going how I planned it to. (funky, upbeat synthesiser music) – We’re in shop and it’s
just so embarrassing. Stop it, no, just put
your hand in my pocket! – [Moon] Just walk slow,
walk slow, why you panic? You panic, walk slower. – Shoosh.
– I can’t, everyone knows me here. I can’t, I can’t do it. – I keep forgetting about this (laughing). I need, my razor broke. – [Moon] They don’t understand you. Come on, just grab one. – It’s cheapest. Alright, that way, that way. Oh, no, this way.
– (groaning) Ow, come on! – [Moon] Stop it, it pulls. – I’ve always wanted one of
these electric toothbrushes. (whirring)
– (yelling) No, don’t! Don’t put it in your mouth! – It’s the test one. You’re meant to, so you
know if it’s good or not. – [Moon] Maybe someone
else, (yelling) don’t! (buzzing)
Don’t! (laughing) – Oh, cookies.
(plastic rustling) – [Moon] No, stop it, no! That’s it, you had enough. – We’ve left the shop. It was so busy in there,
I didn’t want to video and bring any more attention to ourselves, but it’s already stupid.
– Come here a bit. – We’re still handcuffed, but we’ve got food, we’ve got food now – (yelling) No!
– Stop it. Stop moving.
– Stop, I’m not moving, you’re moving it! – I’m not.
– Wait, no, it all dropped off now. – See, that’s what you get
for pulling all the time. You pull all the time. – We had to leave the shopping place because Moon really needed
the little girls’ room and I can’t go in there. I’d get arrested, oh, I’m
already arrested (giggling). So, we had to like run
in as quick as we could and she’s in there now, and I’m here.
– I can’t, I can’t go. – You can.
– It’s urgent, but it’s not coming. – Go, go, go.
– I can’t, we need to do, try, I can’t. – You’ve got to.
– I can’t go. – Well, we’re gonna have
to wait then until you can. – [Moon] I can’t, I
need to wait more maybe. – Well, eventually, you’ve got to. (razor clicking) I could, I could, could fake it. Why the hair cutting? – [Moon] Because your hair is too long. – I need a shower now. – [Moon] A shower?
– I got foam everywhere. And I’ve been walking and sweating. – [Moon] No, you’re
just washing your face, you can’t have a shower. How are we supposed to do that? (shower water running)
Can you hurry up please? My glasses are steaming up. – [Thomas] I can’t feel
my hand, it’s gone numb. (groaning) Argh, I won’t be long. Think we’re getting the hang of it? – [Moon] Yeah. – We kind of like got into a position where we’re good to go. It still hurts the wrist so much. I mean, look at this. Look, look, look (groaning). Look at that. Is yours bad too? Yeah. What if we like push cloth under it? Between the skin? (screaming) Argh!
– It can’t hurt more. – That’s way better, why
didn’t we think of that before? It’s way comfier.
(giggling) – I don’t know, it does
not even hurt a bit. – Still stuck to you though.
– Yeah, we can’t change that. – [Moon] Wait, while I scratch my nose. – (yelling) No! No, stop it, no! (handcuffs clanking) (yelling) Stop it, no!
(laughing) I nearly had it there. – [Moon] Yeah, yeah. (handcuffs clanking)
(Moon laughing) – You wanna play cards or something, ’cause I can’t play that. (Moon laughing)
Come on, let’s play cards. (grunting)
– [Moon] It’s your turn. (cards slapping on table)
– (smirking) Ha, ha, ha. I win again.
– How does that happen? You’ve, you said you’ve never
played that game before. You can see my cards? Oh, come on, you play alone then. Let’s play something else. That’s not fun if you cheat.
(cards slapping table) – Seriously, this is the most difficult and annoying challenge we’ve ever done. It’s like a big ball and chain attached to your ankle and you just
can’t do what you wanna do. It’s just so, but it’s ’cause
you use your hands so much. It’s even, I’d rather
have the ball and chain on my ankle. This is just–
– Thank you. Oh, you are lovely.
(Thomas laughing) (laughing) First, you say
I’m a big ball of metal, and then you say you
would prefer that to me. (laughing)
You’re such a lovely English gentleman. (screaming) And stop moving! – See what I mean, you see what I mean? – [Moon] I can hear,
(laughing) Thomas, no. This is the ultimate relationship test. If you’ve got like a boyfriend
or girlfriend or whatever, and you just want to test
to see if you’re meant to be together, just do this. – No, just don’t do it.
– Just do this! – Don’t do it.
– I’m serious, you’ve had (mumbles)
– You said I’m a ball of thingy on your ankle. I’m a ball of metal on your ankle. It was a metaphor. – [Moon] You meant it. (sighing)
I just give up. I feel like Bob Ross. (handcuffs clicking) Oh, you. (yelling) Thomas! – This is a stupid machine. – [Moon] I quickly had to film that. – You wanna go for a walk or something? – [Moon] No, I’m not
going out anymore, no! – Come on, it’s late and–
– No. – Okay, but it’s just so annoying. – [Moon] Thomas, please. – Can’t we go for a walk or something, just to get our minds off of it? – [Moon] I don’t want to. – I’m going for a walk. – [Moon] No, you’re not going for a walk. (yelling) Stop it, no! Stop it! – We’re not going for a walk. I’m not allowed.
(Moon grunting) – [Moon] Can you butter
the bread, please, Thomas? – This?
– Yeah. – You have to control the camera then. – [Moon] I need to, wait (grunting). Thomas.
– I can’t, I need two. Buttering going on the edge.
– You don’t need– You don’t need two, come on–
– (yelling) I need two! (laughing) (moaning) Oh. (Moon laughing) Not this again. – [Moon] (shouting) No! (yawning) – We just put a film on Netflix. It took us like an hour to
decide what we’re gonna watch. But we got there.
– Because you say no every time. Every time. – You say no to what I want to watch. – Every movie I suggest, you say no. – And every one I suggest, you say no. I’m just checking the
dispatch status on Amazon and the handcuffs haven’t
even been dispatched yet. It’s like, they’re still in the warehouse. I think Moon’s giving up hope. She hates me now. – [Moon] That video is
rubbish, why did I say video? (laughing) – What did you mean to say?
– Movie. (remote clicking) – Let’s go to bed. (yawning) Oy, I’m just so tired. I just want to get in my pyjamas and go to sleep really nicely. But, you won’t let me. You won’t let me. – [Moon] Don’t, just try it. I’m really tired now. Why did you turn (laughing) the light off? – I can’t sleep. (groaning) I can’t sleep. I just wanna roll over. I can’t ’cause of this. (whispering) I’ve seen
them do this in movies, I don’t know if it’ll work. (metal clicking) (Thomas grunting) This is so uncomfortable. Dude, this, my hand’s
not, can’t feel my hand, ’cause it’s like lifted up. (handcuffs clinking) (yelling) No, stop it! (groaning) – [Moon] Can you stop it please? Turn the light off, I can’t, stop it. Thank you. – It’s morning. Did you get much sleep? – [Moon] No. – Wanna roll over to the other side, my back’s in pieces. – [Moon] You’re the most
active sleeper I’ve– – (screaming) You are! – [Moon] This is the
worst video, (screams) ow! – Come over here, come here! (both screaming) – [Moon] I don’t like
complaining, but I hope, gosh. Let’s just sleep for
another hour or something. Please. (blow dryer whirring) (squirting)
(coughing) – [Moon] Can you come up a bit, please? How am I supposed to do that? – What’re you doing? (giggling) I’m putting my makeup on. – You’ve been doing it for like an hour. – [Moon] It takes a while. Just please, just lift your arm a bit up. (sighing)
It hurts. Just down a bit please. – (yelling) I can’t do this anymore! – [Moon] Ow!
– Ah, come on. – [Moon] Stop it.
– I’ve had enough. – [Moon] What’re you doing? (yelling) Thomas! Thomas, what’re you doing? (grunting) What’re you doing? – I got us into this,
I’m gonna get us out. (nervous laughing)
(saw scraping) (exclaims) Ah, yes!
(cheering) Yes, we’re free!
(laughing) – [Moon] Bye! (pounding instrumental music)


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Why not just mail yourself the keys via normal mail or have someone geocache your keys and send you a series of clues. And seriously you can't think of something to do while handcuffed to your girlfriend? Seriously???

Umm you were on the newes today lol, been watching for a bit. But hey thats rad. Coming from usa today.!!

So funny……….I think you should spend 24 hours with your hands taped together behind your back

Y'all need to work on being affectionate… Walking would have been easier/less painful simply by holding hands, sleeping cuddled up, and shower together. 11 days would have been a bit challanging, but there would have been a lot less "oww"s lol

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