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What’s up guys? Hi guys doing today believe it or not. I am starting my vlog very very late today It is currently almost 6:00 p.m.. Look I’ll even show you guys. It’s 5:40 8 p.m.. Right now I have not been feeling good all day long to be honest. I was not gonna vlog today I was just like you know what maybe I should just take the day off I’m not feeling good. It could have been the food that I ate last night that I told you guys He’s like really disgusting or it could just be me Just lacking sleep because recently I’ve been getting too much sleep, and I definitely felt like I needed it So I got my video up, and then I just ended up passing back out again, and I woke up a little bit ago But I guess it’s a perfect time I get the day started. What’s up girl? Yeah? Yeah, I know. We’re waking up on Sunset guys, whatever. No you are I’ve been up Yeah guys have not yet subscribed to this channel. Make sure to do so hit that subscribe button turn on notifications I do post every single day just so you guys don’t miss any videos that do go up if you guys remember yesterday We went over to Dr. Nazareans office, and she actually ended up zapping the stretch mark that was under my arm And she did sales would be a little bit puffy for the next couple of days until it ends up healing But this is what it’s currently looking like if you guys are interested It’s huge, but that should be pretty much banished by the time this is over obviously I might have to go back in for like one more time to completely get it away, but that’s sick technology is insane guys So based off of the title of this video you guys are probably very confused as to why it’s titled that way And I’m going to explain right now. So I’m just gonna read the title says you choose my clickbait Mandalas He actually thought about this idea last night And I thought it was genius like it’s so clever it involves you guys heavily as you guys know in my vlogs you sometimes make Jokes about clickbait because you guys make jokes about it in the comments section And I think it’s actually really funny. So what I decided I’m gonna do in this channel is let you guys choose what my clickbait is so pretty much what you guys have to do is set up like a title and then a description of the clickbait under it so you guys pretty much write out the title of how you think it would be write a Description of what exactly I have to do in the video and whatever One’s get the most thumbs up or I think it’s interesting that I could do I would choose that Clickbait and build a whole story around it for you guys in the vlog so basically some parts may be acting or some may be realistic it really depends on how the Clickbait is and then Obviously if you guys find any interesting ones as you’re reading through the comments hit the thumbs up button on them make sure you guys Show them love because the higher the top comment the more of a chance I’ll be able to see it and actually end up doing it I think this is a great way to involve you guys at my content as well because the whole storyline that I build off the Vlog is gonna be because one of you guys left that as a comment on my video and of course I will give you a shout out in the vlog for choosing my title and the description Of the content that should be in the video This is Gonna involve you guys Heavily so make sure you leave that comment down below and let’s try and get the ball rolling with this I think it’s Gonna be great Boy, I feel good Yo, what’s all over here, bro? What do you got you got hats hanging from the ceiling fan? Yeah, it’s cleaning here bro. You got some jack Daniels over here. That’s been sitting the sandwich that way for like the past month Yeah, I don’t like alcohol. There’s just something about alcohol that I just like I don’t care. I just really don’t care and that’s why I know, that’s why it’s like it. Yeah, this doesn’t get a drink you know it just it’s really funny for my stomach and I just Yeah, dude It’s definitely not something that I could do on like a daily basis even if I wanted to I feel like I’d puke my brains Out so much it would just make me not want to at all Yeah, hey, are you gonna? Do it remember you got a buck to squeeze I? Don’t know this thing is so weird, but it’s so cool Just like a like a yeah stress, but go outside real quick and see how the weather is out here. Oh it is beautiful It’s so nice. I need to get outside more often You merge slinky be Talking about merge if you guys have yet to check out the new merchandise that we just released yesterday It was our back to school line so we have folders. We have lanyards we have water bottles We have so many things if you guys haven’t checked it out Or it’s linking by oh go check it out over there and get it before it does sell out Here we go again. Yeah, this is the funniest thing is it You just don’t know where to expect them. Have to leave like right now. We have to get out of this door I just call this place. We are trying to get some other Foods I Gotta get new hoverboards, I told you this before I actually found the place where we originally got the hundred dollar hoverboards because if I try to order them online That’s maybe like at least 180 to 200 bucks so might as well get two Hoverboards for about the price that I’m gonna pay for one anyway And we just searched through like every single vlog to try and find out where we got those hoverboards at we finally found it So we to go to that place right now. They’re only open for another 15 minutes It’s about a two mile drive from here. So we have to rush come on girl We’re dirty lately literally got on the mic we gotta go we gotta go now You guys know that we wanted to horde rise and investment request mate Thanks Thanks Pete you too. Yeah, mine was Innocently token wait, no let me know says Lizzy’s Board was taken So I called there and the guy said if you can make it over here by the time like they’re about to close he’ll stay an extra couple minutes to Obviously get us the boards and everything so I’m just I’ll try my best to rush over there It says we’re supposed to arrive at 6:58 p.m.. It’s two minutes before they close. We should be good hoverboard ride tonight Everybody screenshot this right here. Oh and put it summate oh, no. No put a tomato next look at this dude Made it over here. What a couple minutes to spare So we got the hoverboards you got what colored you get what I got a blue one and lance got a gold one You’re riding the black one for the longest time yeah, I know because my wife was broken Here we go here. Let me move that fat girl quick. It’s around time it ever sighs Okay, we’re good Have a go, and we’re good to go awesome. So I just got everybody do hoverboards you guys are good now. Thank you Baby, let’s go Chris was just taking his hoverboard out of my car, and he ended up burning his leg on my exhaust You’re not gonna realize I can see it already a little bit, but you’ll see it a little bit It’s gonna be burned we get a bus. He’s all open and get them charging oh my God Do you guys see this right now? do you want to see what it looks like after theo ended up eating it he ate them guys look at this it’s everywhere Stop in the body. You’re too young. You can’t keep in your only say Guys, so I put out a tweet and if you guys go to my twitter and you retweet my previous tweet which brings you to This tweet, so if you guys are sweet this tweet, I’m actually gonna be following people back that do that so as an example Right now. I’m gonna go through and follow a bunch of you guys on here My phone is like lagging right now, but I’m gonna follow a bunch of you guys So if you guys do want to follow from me, all you’re gonna. Do just go over to my Twitter Which is just lance210 you guys can follow me on there hit the follow button retweet that tweet, and I will follow you Oh now we have boxes everywhere, bro Why is there only boxes in my apartment? Oh? You kicked me Yeah, I thought it was a box you kicked me, and it felt like a box And I went all the way back Alright Alright. Let’s go. Do you want to eat joooeeeeyyyy polly yeah, you wanna eat. No lizzy look at this mess that theo just made Theo did it I know I saw him the whole time Exactly Lizzy stop taking little boys. Tennis Balls I Don’t know what I just said let’s leave We got the new hoverboards. Yo I’m so hyped to ride this thing right now break it in got the gold hoverboard you’re not coming. Why aren’t you coming? Board Ride, Ro Adventure time, it’s Adventure time To ride my boy right just a brand new board tried to ride it look at this Look at this is not moving hold on I’m gonna straighten us out the board is like clipping onto the wheel you see that right there. Yeah, this sides loose It should be loose on this side too, but it’s not listen to how it sounds when I ride this thing The Fuck’s up with that Alright, whatever. We’ll break it in Chris Brand-New Boards Yeah, I can’t blow Our very very first board Ride back on the new boards We are gonna head out right now to go over to a place to get some food. We are all hungry right now I woke up pretty late today. I haven’t eaten much at all So I’m gonna grab food and then after that. I think I am actually going to be going to the gym I need to get a workout in for today. Just don’t go crazy on us this time all right? Bro, you’re not funny dude. I can’t roll with it No, I’m serious bro. Don’t the one thing I want to try my best my absolute best to do is make sure that I don’t get dog poop or even human poop on My board like it’s happen almost every single board. I had now he’s chasing me oh It’s funny is when me and Chris actually ended up hitting each other I know
It’s like the first time we just get our boards and we did that but it actually Ends up fixing my board like ever since we did that it hasn’t made that sound underneath anymore, I Feel like I’ll bust my ass about girls Yeah I’m not Gonna do it Oh bar boards are still gonna be working after this because we’re driving like a mile and a half right now to get where we? Want to go? So we just made it over here Can I get some food Lizzie was just order him and she had a list the entire time she was trying to say all these words I had s at the end and it was just like a Split decision, what else did you say? Which was like chocolate chip pancakes? No, it’s because I’m not used to her sounding about Eating I have a major stomach ache right now I don’t know if it’s from the food or maybe just I overate I am gonna go back home relax for a little bit then I still intend on going to the gym I want to get a good workout in so let’s find our way back home right now Hopefully her boards do not die in the process keeps trying. They’re free. I’m going quick as shit. He just stops I’m gonna end up banging in here. I’m gonna get you oh no. He’s going Alright, what are you sonic Sonic the hedgehog bro? How you go, so quick like I’m trying to catch up Look my kids beeping – there you go oh We’re going so quick right now. He’s gonna fall. You’re gonna fall. Oh Made it. I did. I swear. It looked like she was going – oh you just ate it, bro. It fell I just gave out on the couch oh ah They oh apparently 12 o’clock at night right now We’re gonna head out and go over to cody’s place right now and go to the gym. You ready for a workout girl Yeah, we need it Was clearly rushing out the door? Your feet are gonna be dirty. They’ll put your socks on before you go on my car man Oh, I thought you just locked me out of the car. I was gonna say So, how did I get in? Gym ready, you ain’t gym ready I? Know we’re going to the gym still getting them games But cody has been talking up a lot of hype about his like so amazing coughs that he has here I mean, I’m gonna be honest. I’m gonna be honest like it looks pretty dope as a coffee lizzy He’s been saying yo come over check out the new counts like he literally has said that so many times so Let’s let’s take the test Khloe’s like trying to dig at me right now. Chloe please sit down That’s pretty nice It is comfy oh, it’s comfier than ours Chloe Was living in my mouth girl only one person allowed to do that. That’s cody all right We just wrapped up the gin not too long ago. I think I’m gonna Mi like here I hope you guys enjoyed if you did please hit that thumbs up button don’t forget to turn on my post notifications I give notification shoutouts. Every single day to people to have my notifications turned on here’s today’s shoutouts of the day boom boom boom boom If you guys have not yet checked out the back-to-school March Mercy link and by over Virtually can buy all merch link, and I’ll give you back to overload plug plug plug other than that. I’ll see you guys tomorrow Do this guys are interested in any of our 210 merchandise Make sure to click the link down below at the very top description check it out over there Make sure to hit that subscribe button and turn on my post notifications And if you haven’t already make sure to check out yesterday’s video as well


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