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I Spent 24 Hours Living in the 90’s & It Was Totally Sweet Dude (Time Travel Challenge)

I Spent 24 Hours Living in the 90’s & It Was Totally Sweet Dude (Time Travel Challenge)

– Alright so before we get into this video I just want to let you know that I’ve already started
recording my next video. It’s gonna be a 24 hour challenge but I’m actually gonna livestream it I’m livestreaming it
and I’m live right now so make sure you go head on over there now I’m on Twitch, link in the top line of the description below
just head on over there you know I’ll be giving
shout outs and stuff Moon’s gonna be popping
in every now and again it’s gonna be real good, lots of fun for 24 full hours nonstop. And while you’re there,
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well I’d really appreciate it. So anyway let’s get on with
the video I’ll see you there. (dubstep music) Alright so I wanted to spend 24 hours stuck in the 90’s just using
90’s stuff in everything and to get me in the mood I’m already wearing a 90’s sweater. – [Moon] You look like
my uncle (laughs loudly). He always wore stuff like
that, look the jeans. – He must be cool. – [Moon] It’s like a time
travel isn’t it, Thomas. – That’s what we’re doing
we’re gonna time travel back to the 90’s using
only things invented and used in the 90’s for 24 hours. – [Moon] What about internet? I didn’t have it, it came late. – I’m allowed internet? – [Moon] No. – I didn’t have internet until 2000’s. – [Moon] We went to libraries, yeah. – I can’t use internet. Alright, that’s it, I’m not doing it. So 24 hours only allowed
to do things from the 90’s like TV’s and game consoles and stuff and mobile phones and stuff
as well, I don’t know. We’ve already bought loads of stuff later you’re gonna see all
that stuff but for now we’re gonna go to the shop, buy supplies and I’m only allowed to
buy food from the 90’s. It’s actually gonna be quite difficult like I know we want foods
and stuff from 90’s. – [Moon] Show us in the comments below what your favourite 90’s thing is. – Yeah, let us know in
the comments all your favourite 90’s stuff and
if you weren’t even born in the 90’s yet you must
know stuff about the 90’s and if not, you’re gonna learn
some stuff in today’s video. So we’re gonna go to the
shop, buy our supplies go back home and then
begin the 90’s 24 hours throwback session stuck
in the past time travel. If you know it make sure you
press the subscribe button down below and if you already subscribe make sure you press that
little notification button right next to the subscribe
button and you’ll be notified every time I upload a
video it’s as easy as that. – [Moon] Whoa. One take that’s it! – Oh, I need a break. – [Moon] You’re on fire. – I sent that only one. – [Moon] Let’s go, let’s go buy stuff. Buy stuff, let’s go. (footsteps clomping) – So we’re in the shop,
we’re obviously getting the food and the drink
but we found something haven’t we, Moon, we’ve gotta get we’ve gotta get this 90’s– – [Moon] 90’s, 90’s. – Typical 90’s Pokemon cards. – [Moon] Oh, I would
still buy ’em you know. – There are these new
ones that I don’t know. That’s an original one, isn’t it? – [Moon] It is, yeah, it is. – Hopefully we’ll get some
proper 90’s Pokemon in there. – [Moon] Go on, get ones up there. – Come on, let’s get some more. Oh potatoes are really 90’s. – [Moon] Why potatoes? – We always had them in 90’s. – [Moon] That’s not how it
works, Thomas, put them back. (laughs softly) – A potato– – [Moon] You need to
have typical 90’s things not things that existed since forever. – Cheese, a cheese was big in the 90’s. – [Moon] Thomas, that’s
the same, put it back. Don’t do you get it? – I’m struggling, I can’t
find what’s from the 90’s. I don’t know. – [Moon] Go sweet aisle, then. – Sweets, oh, Moon, 90’s
heaven, look push pops. I don’t know if this
is any other countries but here in U.K. this was
all massive, push pops rainbow drop, bubba bubba chewing gum. Oh, love hearts, oh fruit winders. – [Moon] Is it 2000’s or is it 90’s– – All 1990’s, loads of stuff, oh, Sunny D! So I’m trying to find a drink
that was made in the 90’s. Everything that you think, like Sunny D it was massive in the 90’s– – [Moon] Capri Sun. – Capri Sun, you’re looking it’s made in like 1922 and stuff like that. We can’t find anything! Like Monster was made in 2002
so then I thought Red Bull and Red Bull was made in 1980 something. I need, drink, bro, I need a– – [Moon] Water, water was there. – We found one, we found
one, J2O, what was it 19? – [Moon] 98. – 1998, J2O. (gasping) What’s that? I’ll get a different one. Moon, it’s not a party
without party rings. – [Moon] What you mean party? – Party rings, like little
biscuits with icing on, so nice. – [Moon] Why is that 90’s? – They were made in the 90’s.
– Oh, alright. – I’m not even joking
they’re my favourite biscuit. I have them all the time and I’m not even having a party you know? It just feels like a
party with party rings. – [Moon] Are you getting
sponsored by them? – I wish. Moon! – [Moon] Oh, they’re cute! – You was not a kid in the
90’s if you did not have these these were everywhere, these were like some veg and beans (mumbles). – [Moon] You English
one, you English ones. – Brings back memories, Moon,
brings a tear to my eye. – [Moon] A trip to memory lane, Thomas. (laughs weirdly) – I don’t know if these was
like invented in the 90’s but these things you could
get me the ice cream vans every kid went to an ice cream
van and got one of these. – [Moon] One’s missing, blue one. – Oh, blue one. – [Moon] Yeah. – How can they not do blue one? – [Moon] They were best one. (sighs disappointingly) – Alright so I’ve got
everything I can think of but I mean if I’ve missed
anything or if there was something in your country
not the U.K. that was massive then let me know in the comments below I want to know, let’s go do this thing and spend 24 hours in the 90’s I’m actually looking for– – [Moon] Thomas, dark clothes dark clothes for (mumbles)– – No, Moon, no we’re going, we gotta go I’m looking forward to this let’s go. Ready to see the 90’s room? – [Moon] Like your sign. – Do not disturb,
everyone remembers that S when you did it like that. Are you ready to enter the 90’s? – [Moon] I like your, your highlight. – Oh, thank you, I’ve got my hair gel in we’ve got highlights in but
you can’t see it very good but come on let’s go. Welcome to the 90’s. – [Moon] Oh my god (laughs softly). – All my posters. (laughs softly) We’ve got my TV and my video player. – [Moon] Where’d you got that from? Where’d you got that from, Thomas? – Oh, from the 90’s! – [Moon] And all the VHS,
look, how many is it? – Only 10– – [Moon] Is it a real one? – Yeah, yeah, it plays everything I got Super Nintendo, I
couldn’t get the really proper old one but we got a new remake but it plays all the old games. – [Moon] Look, Buffy and everything– – Britney Spears, Buffy,
I got Spice Girls. And all the gadgets, all
the toys, Tamagotchi– – [Moon] Oh I want that one– – We made a little mistake,
we made a little mistake. I got these headphones
’cause I thought they looked really cool and retro but it
turns out they’re wireless. – [Moon] Oh, that was not a thing. – We didn’t have wireless
then, I got the Walkman. I can’t use them with it. – [Moon] I got some plugin ones, I think. 90’s CD how many is it, whoa. – Like 100 songs on
there, all from the 90’s. We got the sweets and
we got the mobile phone. (gasps incredulously) Old Nokia! – [Moon] Oh, memory lane,
walk down memory lane. – And Moon, Moon, watch. – [Moon] Snake! That’s Snake two. – Snake two (laughs softly) snake! You can’t get any more 90’s than snake. Oh, Moon, 90’s heaven. – [Moon] That’s amazing. – Digby shouldn’t be here,
he wasn’t alive in the 90’s. I shouldn’t have a beard,
I was between the ages of zero and nine in the 90’s. – [Moon] (laughs softly) – This is where I’m gonna spend, come. (laughs softly) Oh, he stinks! – [Moon] Oh, he tooted again. – I’m gonna spending the
next 24 hours in here doing nothing but 90’s stuff which means no internet and the only thing is this TV is it analogue? – [Moon] Yeah. – Everything’s digital
now so we can’t even plug this in and get TV. – [Moon] Do the smart TV. – It is– – [Moon] Can we watch Netflix on it? – It was smart TV at the time ’cause it had video included. I’ve literally I’ve just got the games I’ve got plenty of DVD, not DVD’s VHS. – [Moon] Whoa, so many. – VHS, I’ve just been in found them. This should be easy, this should be easy. – [Moon] It should be amazing. – Should be the best
challenge I’ve ever done– – [Moon] Quite a challenge, I’m challenge! – Give me this, you go, Digby go, come on go, go, go, go, go, go. (door closing) Yo, I cannot believe how cool this room is I’m gonna keep it like
this when it’s done. (laughs loudly) It’s awesome I mean look at
those posters, just look. We got South Park, S Club 7, Spice Girls Britney Speakers, PlayStation,
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. We got Michael Jordan, we got Buffy Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Friends Christina Aguilera,
Eminem, Terminator two. Because Terminator one was in the 80’s and of course, Titanic. I cannot believe how cool this room is I keep saying it but I mean
I just it’s ’cause I mean it it’s awesome, look, I got
all my gadgets and stuff. I’ve gotta play this, I’ve got
to play the Super Nintendo. That’s gonna be the first thing I do. Okay, here we go. (mechanical churning) Oh, the black and white fuzz,
the black and white fuzz! (laughs loudly) I completely forgot about
the black and white fuzz. (button clicking) (light breathing) No signal, no signal, oh! Ooh (laughs loudly) and
why is it black and white? Why is it black and white, I mean 90’s I know it’s a long time
ago but TV’s weren’t black and white in the 90’s. There must just be a problem
with my little Nintendo thing. (video game music) (laughs softly) Yes, yes, yes! (coins clinking) (video game music) Oh, yes! (exaggerated yelling) (dramatic music) Yo, no joke I’ve been playing on the SNES the Super Nintendo for so long now for a good few hours I played,
first I played Super Mario I had a go on Street Fighter, oh god Street Fighter two I think it was. Played some Kirby, some Legends of Zelda Donkey Kong, so many
awesome classics on there I had so much fun, so anyway
I think I’m gonna eat some some snacks now, I’m gonna
start with the Push Pop. If you don’t know what it is
I think it’s like a lolipop where you pull out, I
have not had one in years. I think it’s like that, is that it you just kinda push your finger up. Mm, and then when you’re
done with it for a while you just go like this and
you put it in your pocket save it for later, I’ve
gotta open my Tamagotchi. (packaging crumpling) I think I just pull this out. (bell chirping) Oh, yes (laughs loudly) oh I’ve
gotta wait for it to hatch. I’ve gotta wait for the egg to hatch and then it turns into like an animal and then you’ve gotta feed it
and keep it alive and stuff. Trying not to let it die by feeding it and playing with it and stuff. Why do they still not do these things? Let’s open these Pokemon cards. Oh, it comes with the game things so the game thing, yeah,
yeah, comes with this one shiny, oh shiny, you never used to get half of this stuff with it. Okay, I think this is the
actual deck right here. Oh, energy cards, oh they’ve changed if you used to collect
these back in the day you’ll remember energy
cards were everywhere used to trade like 100
energy cards for one Pokemon. Loads of energy cards, I’ve
got like a trainer card oh potions as well, Exeggcute then he evolves into Exeggutor. Oh Sandslash where’s
he’s like an ice version. Trainer cards, those are trainer cards Ratata but it looks like completely new it’s like a whole new design. I got Exeggutor the non-shiny
and shiny version, no way. (cards shuffling) Whoa, oh this is awesome. It’s been like an hour and it’s
still not hatched, an hour! (door opening) – Moon! – [Moon] Thomas! – It says do not disturb! – Well, it’s food, how’s it going? – Look, look, look. – [Moon] What? – My Tamagotchi just hatched. – [Moon] It’s beautiful. – Did you see it? – [Moon] Yeah. – What shall we call it– – [Moon] It’s jumping around. – Toby. – [Moon] Not Toby again,
you name everything, Toby. – Toby, little Toby, oh
my smiley man, whoa, mm. – [Moon] Night. – Oh, so good, you want some? – [Moon] No. – You never had them? – [Moon] No, we don’t
have them in Austria. Not a thing. – Why’s that one look
like Benedict Cumberbatch? (laughs loudly) – [Moon] It really does! (laughs loudly) – Ooh, alright so I’ve
been playing some stuff and looking through my
Pokemon cards and stuff but now I think it’s
time to watch a video. Right now we have Netflix,
which is like livestreaming and stuff before that it was Blu-Ray. Before that it was just normal DVD. Before that, videotapes. I don’t know if you can see me there so like I’ve got Lady and the
Tramp here, old Disney film. (tape clanking) This was a videotape, look at that. Like this one, this one is
rewound back to the beginning because all the tape is this side sometimes people used to
hate it if all the tape was in this side ’cause
it means when you put the tape into the TV you
have to then rewind it all all the way back to the beginning and then you can play it (laughs softly) So many memories, these
are the tapes I’ve got. So let me know in the
comments if you’ve ever seen any of these before and let
me know what your favourite 90’s films are as well
so I’ve got Full Monty Songs of the South,
Brother Bear, Aristocats The Three Stooges, Chicken Run, Lion King Starship Troopers, Winnie
the Pooh, Bug’s Life Jungle Book, Lion King two, Beethoven 2nd El Dorado, Oliver &
Company, the Sound of Music Fairy Tale, Aladdin, Tarzan
and Lady and the Tramp. Pitch Black, Stigma, Jeeper’s Creepers Independence Day, Mulan, The
X Files, Babe in the City Black Cauldron, Bambi and Pinocchio. So many tapes, so many films here this is gonna be awesome
I got so much to watch who needs Netflix nowadays,
who needs Amazon Prime when you got a tape player watch this. You push your video into the video slot. (mechanical crunching) And then. (tape winding) A Bug’s Life comes on, is it on? Oh, yes, yes, Bug’s Life. I’m fast forwarding,
there always was adverts before the film started. Come on. (packaging crinkling) (crunching) I can’t believe, this is awesome. (crunching) ♪ A whole new world, a whole new world ♪ Oh, Aladdin is such a good film I’ve not watched it in
years, oh so awesome. Right, better rewind it. (tape rewinding) (mechanical crunching) Let’s watch Independence Day, Will Smith. (mechanical crunching) (cover snapping) People used to walk around
with these in their pocket. – [Moon] Yeah. (humming) ♪ Like that ♪ – [Moon] It’s just the way it is. (gasping) (feet sliding) – Oh, oh, it went off, no. – [Moon] See, I told you
not to move it to much! – What do I do? – [Moon] Nothing, leave it. – It stopped. – [Moon] Stop it, open it, close it again. – The CD stopped spinning. – [Moon] That’s it, and now you stop it. – No, Moon, I think I broke it! Oh, this game is so much fun,
I forgot how good it was. You have to just keep
beating all this stuff and you fill the screen,
it does sound a bit rubbish to be honest, if you
had this game in school you were the man. – [Moon] Mario Kart, Thomas. – Come on then, Moon. – [Moon] What do I have to press? – Two player. – [Moon] What am I pressing? – Whoa, this is awesome! – [Moon] Oh no, I can’t
film and do it, I can’t. – Put it down, put it down. (coins clinking) Yeah, I won! – [Moon] You not won,
there’s three rounds. – Oh, Super Punch Out, this
boxing game, two player. Oh yeah, Cola! Come on, Moon, it’s Super
Punch Out two player. – [Moon] What’s Super Punch Out? – Two player boxing, go, go, go! (door creaking) – [Moon] Thomas. – Huh? – [Moon] You want anything? (light switch clicking) (laughs softly) – Cup of tea, please. – [Moon] Cup of tea? – Yeah, this stupid
Tamagotchi keeps crying. – [Moon] Yeah, ’cause you
need to take care of it. – It’s like every 10 minutes needs food needs playing, it’s crazy. – [Moon] I’ll get you a cup of tea. Thomas wants a cup of tea. (tea brewing) (water pouring) (cup sliding) Oh (laughs incredulously)
it’s really good, oh. (knocking) Thomas? – [Thomas] Come in! (door squeaking) – [Moon] Hey, cup of tea. – Thank you, oh whoa, was that on before? – [Moon] No, no it changed
when I put hot water in. – Oh it like comes on? – [Moon] Other side too. Look you can tell it’s
not completely full. – It’s really cool, thank you, Moon. – [Moon] What you watching? – Pitch Black, is it? – [Moon] Never heard of it. – Vin Diesel I think. – [Moon] Bye! – Bye. – [Moon] Digby, come on. – Oh, I’m so bored man, I’ve
got Tarzan on over here. I’m just sick of watching films. Film, film, film, I’ve played a game I’ve played all the games
on the Super Nintendo entertainment system, I’m
working my way through the films. I’m sick of eating the junk food. I’ve listened to the songs on here. I mean, the Tamagotchi’s
winding me up so much there’s just nothing to
do, there’s nothing to do no internet, no WiFi,
no YouTube no Instagram no Twitch whatever you know
there’s just nothing to do. Just stuck in this room, I got my posters I got my TV, I got this
and I’ve done everything. I’ve done everything
I’ve been in here so long there’s nothing to do now. (groans loudly) There’s absolutely nothing to do. There’s nothing to do (yawns)
there’s nothing to do. It’s getting quite late so
I might just go to sleep or something soon, see
if I can finish Tarzan and then put another film
on and just leave it going and go to sleep. ♪ I will be here don’t cry ♪ (sheets crinkling) It’s bedtime, I don’t
know if you can see me. I’ve had to turn the light off I got no torch or anything, I forgot the only thing in here
that’s not from the 90’s is the camera I think Simon,
I don’t think Simon Says is from the 90’s but it was
really popular in the 90’s so I kind of got that
as well and the Bop-It the Bop-It game, I got tired so quick. I mean I really, really
enjoyed playing the games that lasted a few hours,
watching the films and stuff on the old tape
player it was really fun. And when Moon joined me,
that was good as well and eating the old snacks it was just it were all really, really fun but I mean what did people do in the 90’s what did people do when
there’s no internet? Like internet is everything
now, without the internet there’s nothing to do it’s so weird it’s actually so weird going for this long without the internet
shows you like how much you actually use it and
how much you depend on it. I’m not have my proper
mobile phone in here with me I’ve just had the Nokia in here with me and you know it’s good
for snake and that’s it. I’m gonna try and get some sleep now. My hair is actually solid it’s like a rock so much gel in, everybody
used gel in the 90’s. (laughs softly) I’m gonna try and get some sleep now and I’ll see you in the morning,
I’ll keep you updated. (knocking) – [Moon] Thomas? (door squeaking) Thomas. (light switch clicking) Thomas, good morning, Thomas. (laughs softly) (cable buzzing) Back in 2018, Thomas. – I done it. – [Moon] Yeah, you’re back. – No, Toby! – [Moon] What? – He’s dead. (dubstep music)


Just 24 hours?? Haha….we actually lived a decade of it and it was great. 80s was better….the special decade

The x files:


X is a letter


Letters are in the alphabet


I is a letter in the alphabet


I is the first word in Illuminati


First can mean one

The Illuminati has one eye


I was born in the wrong generation
Im a millennial
I wish I was born either in the 70s or the 90s but I guess there’s some pretty great things about the 2000s too

I had so many videotapes when I was a kid my childhood was the best but that's just my opinion cuz I had lots of happy memories.

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